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Great medical office jobs are out there. It’s time to make your move.

As the healthcare field grows, so has the need for fast, accurate, secure recordkeeping. In fact, the BLS predicts an 11% increase in medical records technicians through 2026. Medical insurance billers and coders (MIBC) understand health information systems, and how to correctly process electronic records. Hospitals, clinics, doctors, and even third-party contractors are always looking for professionals with the right training. If you’re looking for a new career in healthcare, and prefer an office setting to working with patients, there has never been a better time.

Talk to us. At Vista College, we’ve designed a COE-accredited medical billing diploma program that gets you Day 1 Ready in as little as 13 months*, focusing on the skills employers need. You’ll emerge from our program with real experience under your belt. Our instructors are professionals from the field who give you hands-on instruction in the latest software systems and best practices. You’ll also receive externship placement for valuable on-the-job experience. Your medical billing and coding classes equip you with everything you need to seek entry-level billing and coding or medical office administration jobs.

Because career preparation goes beyond classes, Vista College’s personalized career services focus on all aspects of career readiness, from finding the right jobs to resume building to interview prep. We even offer exam preparation and pay fees for your certification. If you are ready for the challenge, we’ll give you all the right tools.

*Based on successful full-time enrollment

What You’ll Learn

Learn the basics of medical office administration and concentrate on medical billing software. Speak the language, with courses in anatomy, physiology, and medical terminology. You’ll cover procedures for organizing, evaluating, coding, and processing insurance claim forms for billing.

Fast Facts

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April 19

Course Length: 13 months *
Class Hours:
Lab Hours:
Clinical Hours:

* Based on successful, full time enrollment

Career Opportunities for Graduates

Graduates of our MIBC diploma program are equipped to seek entry-level health information jobs at hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices, and other healthcare facilities.

Potential Job Titles: Medical Billing and Coding Clerk, Medical Receptionist, Medical Claims Processor

Why Vista College?

The Right Skills for Real Jobs

Vista College designs its healthcare programs around the real skills that employers seek, getting you Day 1 Ready for jobs that are hiring today.

Course Title Credits
Medical Terminology 6.5
Anatomy & Physiology 6.5
Computer Applications 6.5
Medical Insurance 6.5
Managing Medical Office Procedures 6.5
Practice Management and Electronic Health Records * 6.5
Diagnostic Coding * 6.5
Procedural Coding * 6.5
Medical Insurance Billing and Coding Capstone 6.5
Medical Billing and Coding Externship * 6.5

Medical Terminology


This course introduces students to the medical terminology, symbols, and application of the language of the medical and healthcare fields. Terms are covered as they relate to body structure, function, and disease, with the main focus being placed on the medical vocabulary and construction of terms using word roots, prefixes, and suffixes.

6.5 credits
45 theory hours
45 lab hours

Anatomy & Physiology


Upon completion of the course students will have acquired an overview of the anatomical structures and physiology of the human body. Each body system is discussed in terms of major anatomical structures and functions including how each system participates in homeostasis of the body. In addition, the course covers selected major pathologies, diagnostic procedures, and treatment methods.

6.5 credits
45 theory hours
45 lab hours

Computer Applications


This course focuses on Microsoft® Office applications and how they are used in business. Topics include: business documents, tables, graphics, and templates; spreadsheets, worksheets, and data; using formulas and functions; charts and tables; databases and tables; data relationships and queries; creating, editing, and delivering presentations.

6.5 credits
45 theory hours
45 lab hours

Medical Insurance


The course introduces students to the role of an insurance billing specialist and the common types of insurance coverage found in the United States. Taking on the basics of health insurance documentation, claims, and payment postings found in most outpatient settings. The course reviews the most commonly encountered third party billing options, including; Blue Plans, private insurance and managed care plans, Medicare, Medicaid and state programs, TRICARE and Veteran's Healthcare, Worker's Compensation, and Disability Income Insurance and Benefit Programs. Students have hands-on experience processing and auditing simulated medical insurance claims.

6.5 credits
45 theory hours
45 lab hours

Managing Medical Office Procedures


This course takes students through the basics of managing front office procedures, written communication in the medical office,fraud, abuse, and compliance, as well as other legal and ethical aspects, standard safety, and health management in the medical office. Students simulate the medical office procedures through completion of daily tasks.

6.5 credits
45 theory hours
45 lab hours

Practice Management and Electronic Health Records


The course takes students through the basics of managing medical records, common medical office practices of the back office billing, coding, and collections, healthcare technology requirements and applications, and the processing of medical office reports. Students simulate the medical office procedures through completion of common tasks used in practice management and electronic health record software.

6.5 credits
40 theory hours
50 lab hours

Diagnostic Coding


The course provides students with an overview of diagnostic coding and reporting guidelines as outlined by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the National Center for Health Statistics, and the Department of Health and Human Services using the International Classification of Diseases. Students learn how to use the diagnostic coding manual and apply knowledge of chapter specific guidelines for encounters in multiple settings, including, hospital admission. Students have hands-on application in coding manuals and electronic coding software.

6.5 credits
45 theory hours
45 lab hours

Procedural Coding


The course provides students with an overview of physician coding and reporting guidelines using the Current Procedural Terminology manual and the Healthcare Common Procedural Coding System manual. The course covers an in-depth explanation of the sections found in the manuals, and then following a body system approach to allow students to practice procedural coding. Emphasis is put on correctly coding Evaluation & Management, modifiers, and surgical procedures. Students have hands-on application in and CPT and HCPCS coding manuals and electronic coding software.

6.5 credits
45 theory hours
45 lab hours

Medical Insurance Billing and Coding Capstone


This course presents the student with the opportunity to gain experience from an online internship for medical coding. The virtual multi-specialty medical clinic simulates the work experience each student needs to be successful in the field and assists the student in creating a customized portfolio for sharing with prospective employers. Students also prepare for the National Health Career Association, Certified Biller Coder Specialist exam.

6.5 credits
40 theory hours
50 lab hours

Medical Billing and Coding Externship


Students learn from hands-on experience in medical administrative duties. Students are required to complete 180 hours of supervised training in the administrative aspects of a physician’s office, clinic, insurance office, or hospital setting. This course gives students the ability to obtain work experience and become familiar with all aspects and duties of a medical insurance billing and coding representative

6.5 credits
10 theory hours
170 externship hours

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