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Great Medical Office Jobs Are Out There. It’s Time to Make Your Move.

In today’s healthcare environment, doctors, clinics, and hospitals need professionals with the skills and focus to keep information flowing. When you train at Vista College’s online campus, you’ll learn the software, the organizational methods, and the medical basics—everything you need to be Day 1 Ready for in-demand Medical Insurance Billing and Coding (MIBC) jobs.

MIBC professionals play a key role in the day-to-day operations of a medical office or healthcare facility. Our accredited online MIBC program prepares you by focusing on the right skills. You’ll practice translating medical terminology into standardized codes. You’ll review proper patient and insurer billing. Our instructors lean on professional experience, giving you an insider’s view of an MIBC job, from the tasks of organizing and evaluating insurance claims to the day-to-day administrative duties.

If you like creating organization and structure, and can envision yourself in a medical office job, then MIBC training could be the next step in your career.

Because preparing for a career doesn’t stop at learning new skills, we provide personalized support for every graduate. Our online career services team can help with everything from job searches and networking to preparing for the first job interview. We’re here to help you succeed.

What You’ll Learn

Learn medical terminology and receive instruction in the basic concepts and procedures of filling out and coding health insurance forms and claims.

Fast Facts

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November 15

Course Length: 24 Months *
Class Hours:
Lab Hours:
Clinical Hours:

Campus: Online
* Based on successful, full time enrollment


Career Opportunities for Medical Insurance Billing and Coding Grads

Graduates from the program may seek employment in hospitals, urgent care facilities, clinics, insurance companies, home healthcare agencies, and pharmaceutical companies.

Potential Job Titles: Medical Insurance Billing and Coding Clerk, Medical Front Office Clerk, Medical Claims Processor, Insurance Coordinator, Medical Records Clerk, Eligibility Clerk, and Patient Service Specialist.

Why Online at Vista College?

The Right Skills for Real Jobs

Vista College designs its ACCSC-accredited online courses around the real skills that employers seek. We’re committed to getting you Day 1 Ready for jobs that are hiring today. Our Associate of Applied Science Degree in Medical Insurance Billing and Coding provides instruction in health information systems and software, as well as medical terminology and standards.

Course Title Credits
Medical Terminology 4.5
Medical Billing and Insurance * 4.5
Electronic Health Records 4.5
Anatomy and Physiology – Structural 4.5
Anatomy and Physiology – Internal 4.5
ICD Guidelines and Applications * 4.5
ICD Coding * 4.5
CPT Coding * 4.5
CPT Surgical Coding * 4.5
ICD Coding Applications * 4.5
CPT Coding Applications * 4.5
Comprehensive Coding * 4.5
Capstone Review * 4.5
Professional Strategies 4.5
Career Strategies 4.5
Computer Science 4.5
English Composition I 4.5
Contemporary Mathematics 4.5
General Psychology 4.5
Speech Communications 4.5

Medical Terminology


This course focuses on learning basic medical terminology through the study of root words, prefixes, and suffixes. Emphasis is placed on correct pronunciation, correct spelling, and the correct use of medical terms.

4.5 credits
45 theory hours

Medical Billing and Insurance


This course focuses on the tasks and the responsibilities of the medical biller and includes types of insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, worker’s compensation, and private insurance. Emphasis is placed on HIPAA, coding ethics, abuse, and fraud as they relate to medical billers.

4.5 credits
40 theory hours
15 lab hours

Electronic Health Records


This course focuses on the systems and processes for collecting, maintaining, and disseminating health-related information. Emphasis is on accurate maintaining of health records, documentation requirements, registries, indices, licensing, and regulatory agencies.

4.5 credits
45 theory hours

Anatomy and Physiology – Structural


This course focuses on the study of anatomy and the function of systems that support the structure of the human body. Emphasis is on the skeletal and integumentary systems.

4.5 credits
45 theory hours

Anatomy and Physiology – Internal


This course focuses on the internal anatomy and the functions of the human body. Emphasis is placed on the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

4.5 credits
45 theory hours

ICD Guidelines and Applications


This course focuses on the current ICD coding system with emphasis on the use of the ICD Coding Manual, coding conventions, and guidelines. Emphasis is placed on abbreviations, symbols, and the various types of instructional notes used in coding.

4.5 credits
45 theory hours

ICD Coding


This course focuses on expanded coding guidelines and the practice and application of coding protocols. Emphasis is placed on the demonstration of diagnosis coding.

4.5 credits
45 theory hours

CPT Coding


This course focuses on using the CPT and the HCPCS manuals for billing outpatient services. Emphasis is placed on procedural coding.

4.5 credits
45 theory hours

CPT Surgical Coding


This course focuses on outpatient coding for surgical procedures specific to each body system. Emphasis is placed on coding guidelines and extensive coding practice.

4.5 credits
35 theory hours
20 lab hours

ICD Coding Applications


This course focuses on completing applications that provide coding practice. Emphasis is placed on applying coding rules accurately.

4.5 credits
35 theory hours
25 lab hours

CPT Coding Applications


This course focuses on the application of procedural coding for outpatient billing services. Emphasis is placed on accuracy and ethical coding.

4.5 credits
35 theory hours
25 lab hours

Comprehensive Coding


This course focuses on utilizing all coding manuals. Emphasis is placed on coding practice and a review of coding ethics, fraud and abuse, and HIPAA regulations.

4.5 credits
25 theory hours
40 lab hours

Capstone Review


This course contains a comprehensive review of the roles and the responsibilities of a medical insurance billing and coding professional in order to prepare students for their certification exam. Emphasis is placed on demonstrating competency related to ICD, CPT/HCPCS, and surgical coding.

4.5 credits
25 theory hours
40 lab hours

Professional Strategies


This course focuses on the skills required to be successful in college and in your career. Emphasis is on time management, goal setting, and research techniques.

4.5 credits
45 theory hours

Career Strategies


This course is designed to study the personal and professional characteristics necessary for obtaining and maintaining suitable employment. The student will assemble a complete job seeking portfolio including resume and references, letters of application and appreciation, documentation of work and educational history, and demonstration of skills through examples of student work. Emphasis is on writing effective resumes, sources of job leads, techniques for successful interviewing, and the follow-up process in the career search.

4.5 credits
45 theory hours

Computer Science


This course focuses on various information and communication technologies. Emphasis is placed on how information systems are used to solve problems.

4.5 credits
45 theory hours

English Composition I


This course focuses on developing written communication skills with an emphasis on understanding the writing process, analyzing readings, and practicing writing for personal and professional applications.

4.5 credits
45 theory hours

Contemporary Mathematics


This course focuses on the treatments of sets, logic, number systems, number theory, relations, functions, probability and statistics.

4.5 credits
45 theory hours

General Psychology


This course focuses on human behavior. Emphasis is placed on biological foundations, the brain, sensation, perception, motivation, personality, learning/memory, emotion, states of consciousness, personality theories, cognition, life-span development, and applied psychology.

4.5 credits
45 theory hours

Speech Communications


This course focuses on human communication principles and theories embedded in a variety of contexts including interpersonal, small group, and public speaking.

4.5 credits
45 theory hours

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