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Vista College Online Campus is not accepting enrollments in the Medical Administrative Diploma program at this time.

Please visit our Medical Administrative Assistant Associate of Applied Science program.

The Healthcare Industry Needs Support. Get the Right Skills Today.

Today’s growing healthcare industry means a new demand for good front-office jobs, including medical administrative assistants. These professionals are often the first person a patient encounters at a clinic, doctor’s office, or hospital. They’re welcoming and organized—taking appointments, transferring lab results, processing payments, and keeping the entire office or practice running smoothly. If you’re ready to start a new career in healthcare, our online career college gives you all the tools. Talk to us today.

At Vista College’s online campus, you’ll pursue a wide-ranging evidence-based program. That means that we’ve designed our online Diploma based on career results, so you’re Day 1 Ready for a new job. Learn the basics of anatomy and physiology, so you can speak the language. Get familiar with the software medical practices use, from calendar tools to insurance billing forms. Take your courses on virtually any device, on your time, making it possible to continue working while you complete your Diploma. You’ll have access to instructors with years of professional experience.

Graduates emerge ready to take the CMAA national certification exam—the final step before seeking a job. We here to support you through the home stretch, including test prep. And, because career preparation goes beyond classes and exams, our personalized career services focus on all aspects of career readiness, from finding the right jobs to resume building to interview prep. Talk to us about your goals. If you are ready for the challenge, we’re ready to help you meet it.

What You’ll Learn

In our online Medical Administrative Assistant program, you’ll practice appointment booking software, medical office paperwork processing, and transferring lab results. You’ll learn general terminology and get an understanding of medical practice expectations in terms of professionalism, patient relations, critical thinking, and adherence to ethical and legal requirements.

Fast Facts

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November 15

Course Length: 15 Months *
Class Hours:
Lab Hours:
Clinical Hours:

Campus: Online
* Based on successful, full time enrollment


Career Opportunities for Medical Administrative Assistant Graduates

Graduates of our online Medical Administrative Assistant Diploma program emerge ready to take the CMAA national certification exam, a requirement for many workplaces. Certified graduates can seek employment at hospitals, clinics, and doctor’s offices.

Potential Job Titles: Medical Receptionist, Office Assistant, Front Office Staff.

Why Online at Vista College?

The Right Skills for Real Jobs

The online campus at Vista College designs its courses around the real skills that employers seek, for jobs that are hiring today. Our Medical Administrative Assistant Diploma program is designed to prepare you for the CMAA exam, with skills and competencies including medical terminology, practice management software, and patient relations.

Course Title Credits
Medical Terminology 4.5
Medical Billing and Insurance * 4.5
Customer Service in Healthcare * 4.5
Introduction to Healthcare Systems * 4.5
Introduction to Healthcare Communications * 4.5
Foundations of Medical Administration * 4.5
Healthcare Electronic Records * 4.5
Anatomy, Physiology, & Pathophysiology * 4.5
Medical Law and Ethics * 4.5
Professional Strategies 4.5
Office Technology for Healthcare Assistants * 4.5
Career Strategies 4.5

Medical Terminology


This course focuses on learning basic medical terminology through the study of root words, prefixes, and suffixes. Emphasis is placed on correct pronunciation, correct spelling, and the correct use of medical terms.

4.5 credits
45 theory hours

Medical Billing and Insurance


This course focuses on the tasks and the responsibilities of the medical biller and includes types of insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, worker’s compensation, and private insurance. Emphasis is placed on HIPAA, coding ethics, abuse, and fraud as they relate to medical billers.

4.5 credits
40 theory hours
15 lab hours

Customer Service in Healthcare


In this course, students will practice and develop skills in professionalism specific to the healthcare field. Topics covered in this course include the psychology of patients, customer service in a diverse world, listening skills and effective communication techniques. Students will understand the factors that influence the perceptions of internal and external customers, and will be able to identify methods for practicing effective customer service in medical environments including applying knowledge in confidentiality and health information privacy.

4.5 credits
45 theory hours

Introduction to Healthcare Systems


This course provides an introduction to health care delivery in the United States through an evaluation of systems and theory. Topics of study include the types of professionals employed in health care, the institutions that provide services across the care continuum, and the effects of internal and external environments on the health care delivery system. Developments in the evolution of healthcare in the U.S. and changes in the current healthcare environment will also be examined.

4.5 credits
45 theory hours

Introduction to Healthcare Communications


This course focuses on the study and practice of communication as it relates to health professionals and patient outcomes. Topics include provider-patient interaction, team communication, and the diffusion of health information through public health campaigns. Students learn the basics of clear, purposeful, and compassionate communication across multiple channels to reduce errors and provide better health care delivery.

4.5 credits
45 theory hours

Foundations of Medical Administration


This course will explore the scope and dynamics of a career in medical administration and the skills necessary to be successful both in the Medical Administrative Assistant program and the profession. This course will emphasize professionalism, communication, and medical terminology. The importance of maintaining patient privacy and handling patient situations ethically and professionally will be developed. Students will experience an overview of medical assisting as a career, analyze job responsibilities of a medical assistant including patient interaction, communication, scheduling, and maintaining accurate patient records. Processing insurance claims is described, and students examine various bookkeeping systems. The importance of taking inventory is discussed, as well as the steps in making a purchasing decision. Students also explore specialized options for an administrative medical assistant.

4.5 credits
45 theory hours

Healthcare Electronic Records


Students in this course are exposed to the administrative tasks that occur in the front office of a healthcare facility. Topics covered include telephone skills, applications of the electronic health record (EHR), and creating and maintaining medical records

4.5 credits
45 theory hours

Anatomy, Physiology, & Pathophysiology


This course provides a basic overview of anatomy and physiology, with an emphasis on structure and function of the human body, to include an overview of all body systems.

4.5 credits
45 theory hours

Medical Law and Ethics


This course will provide students with an overview of the United States legal system and court process with emphasis on legal and ethical issues within the healthcare environment. Topics covered include fraud and abuse, patient privacy and confidentiality, and professional practice law and ethics.

4.5 credits
45 theory hours

Professional Strategies


This course focuses on the skills required to be successful in college and in your career. Emphasis is on time management, goal setting, and research techniques.

4.5 credits
45 theory hours

Office Technology for Healthcare Assistants


This course serves as an introduction to the necessary skills needed to operate a computer and function in a general healthcare environment. Students learn basic terminology associated with general computer operation and navigation. Topics covered include basic text editing, internet use and navigation, proper file management, and general computer navigation. In this course, students will learn how to utilize computer software to register patients, record accurate patient information, and enter insurance information into the Electronic Health Record (EHR). Students will also learn the essential skills needed to work with the patient schedule by scheduling appointments, cancelling appointments, tracking patients, patient privacy,and data security

4.5 credits
45 theory hours

Career Strategies


This course is designed to study the personal and professional characteristics necessary for obtaining and maintaining suitable employment. The student will assemble a complete job seeking portfolio including resume and references, letters of application and appreciation, documentation of work and educational history, and demonstration of skills through examples of student work. Emphasis is on writing effective resumes, sources of job leads, techniques for successful interviewing, and the follow-up process in the career search.

4.5 credits
45 theory hours

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