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In less than one year*, our program will take you through classroom instruction and real-world practical experience that employers are looking for. You will learn about how to work with dental equipment such as x-ray machines, how to prevent cross-contamination, understand the scope of oral hygiene and common oral problems like gum disease, and how to optimize the patient experience.

Our Dental Assistant Diploma program focuses on:

  • Safety and procedural compliance in the dental industry
  • Equipment sterilization
  • Documentation of patient medical records
  • How to maintain the comfort of patients during all levels of invasive dental procedures
  • Knowing the roles of co-workers and assisting them.

After completing the classroom learning component of the program, you will experience your externship in a dental office environment, furthering your learning in real-world situations with networking opportunities.


* Based on successful, full-time enrollment

Course # Course Title Credits
DA100 Introduction to Dentistry 7.5
DA101 Dental Sciences 9
DA102 Practical Infection Control 6
DA103 Dental Materials 6
DA104 Preventive Dentistry * 6
DA105 Dental Radiography * 6
DA106 Dental Office Management * 6
DA107 Dental Procedures * 4.5
DA211 Dental Assistant Externship * 6

Introduction to Dentistry


Students are instructed in the history, ethics, legalities, duties and responsibilities of the dental health team; knowledge of professional organizations; and proper conduct and grooming of the dental assistant. Students also will be exposed to the basic theories of psychology which enable the dental assistant to gain a better understanding of the dental patient and dental health staff.

7.5 credits
60 theory hours
30 lab hours

Dental Sciences


Students receive instruction in general anatomy and physiology principles of all body systems. The anatomy of the head and neck, as well as the face and oral cavity will be covered in depth. Oral embryology and histology as well as the formation of teeth are discussed. Methods of dental charting and common oral diseases will be covered.

9 credits
90 theory hours

Practical Infection Control


Students will be instructed in the basic concepts of microbiology and the relevance of sterilization. OSHA Regulations (including the hazard communication standard and how compliance is accomplished) will also be emphasized.

6 credits
30 theory hours
60 lab hours

Dental Materials


Students will be instructed in the fundamentals and properties of various dental materials such as irreversible hydrocolloid impression materials and dental cements, and manipulation of gypsum products, discuss final impressions for crown and bridge along with other cosmetic reconstructive procedures. The student will be exposed to the proper uses, applications and the safe handling procedures according to OSHA compliance and the FDA for dental amalgam, and composites, cements, bases and liners.

6 credits
30 theory hours
60 lab hours

Preventive Dentistry


Students will be instructed in Philosophy of Preventive Dentistry. The course provides students with the knowledge necessary to understand the importance of oral health, identifying dental caries, methods for caries intervention, identifying periodontal disease, preventative dental techniques, nutrition, and oral pathology.

6 credits
30 theory hours
60 lab hours

Dental Radiography


Students will be instructed in dental radiology, radiographic equipment and safety protocol, dental film processing, radiographic techniques, legal issues, quality control, infection control, and the foundations of extra-oral and intra-oral radiology.

6 credits
30 theory hours
60 lab hours

Dental Office Management


Students will be instructed in telephone etiquette and communication, guidelines for better interpersonal relations, methods for effective appointment control, dental bookkeeping systems and practices, business writing and techniques for collecting.

6 credits
30 theory hours
60 lab hours

Dental Procedures


This course is an introduction to dental operative procedures, charting, instrumentation, infection control, care and maintenance of equipment and utilization of dental materials. The student will become familiar with the function and use of various instruments and accessories used in the dental office.

4.5 credits
90 lab hours

Dental Assistant Externship


Students learn from hands-on dental assisting experiences in clinical, laboratory, and administrative duties. The externship is completed in a dental office, under the direct supervision of a licensed dentist. The externship program has been designed to provide the student with supervised practical work experience. Externship is for students who have completed classroom training and is a requirement for graduation. Externship hours vary and may be scheduled from 20 to 40 hours per week.

6 credits
180 externship hours

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