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Our Cosmetology program is designed to help you earn your certification and into a new role as a professional stylist in less than one year*.

The Cosmetology program offered at our campuses combines classroom instruction with real-world salon application. Our cosmetology training classes are small and focused. You will gain the skills, knowledge, and confidence you need to become a professional stylist during the time you spend at Vista College.

Many employers expect stylists to have a broad range of skills, although some look for stylists who specialize in certain areas such as applying makeup or preparing hair color. After gaining some practical experience, some stylists open their own salons, become beauty marking professionals, or write about the beauty industry professionally.

You’ll Learn How To:

  • Cut hair proficiently
  • Sterilize and sanitize equipment
  • Execute perms and use relaxers
  • Conduct salon business and retail sales


*Successful, Full-time enrollment is required to achieve stated completion dates.

Course # Course Title Credits
COS108TX Cosmetology Skills Fundamentals 1500

Cosmetology Skills Fundamentals


he Cosmetology certificate program is designed to expose students to the skills necessary for becoming licensed cosmetologists. The program focuses on preparing students for the state licensure exam and professional entry into the salon industry using both theoretical and practical instruction. Students are awarded Certificates of Proficiency upon completion of the program, including acquisition of 1500 hours to satisfy Texas state requirements. The course includes extensive instruction and practical experience in hair cutting, coloring and perming, customer service, personal appearance and hygiene, personal motivation and development, retail skills, client record keeping, business ethics, sanitation, state laws and regulations, salon-type administration, and job interviewing. The course is divided into pre-clinical classroom instruction and clinical service learning experiences: Pre-clinical Classroom Instruction: The first 300 hours are devoted to classroom workshops where students cover design principles, technical information, and professional practices. Clinic Learning Experience: The remaining 1200 hours are spent in the clinic area, providing students with the opportunity for practical experience

1500 credits
300 lab hours
1200 externship hours

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