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In Logistics, Efficiency is Everything.
Drive Performance—and Your Career—with our Online Associate Degree.

If you work in logistics and are looking to advance your career, enroll in Vista College online campus’s Logistics and Operations Management program. We designed this ACCSC-accredited online career program through extensive employer feedback, getting you Day 1 Ready to step into a new role in today’s changing shipping and warehousing environments. Plus, you can complete this online degree program on virtually any device and continue to work full time.

Learn to analyze and solve productivity, efficiency, quality management, and sourcing challenges, all while collaborating with your larger team, which may extend around the globe. Whether you’re angling for a promotion, or looking to pivot toward a new career, this online associate degree program provides the critical skills and knowledge you need. You’ll have access to experienced instructors, who have years of professional experience in the field.

Because career preparation goes beyond classes and exams, our personalized career services focus on all aspects of readiness, from finding the right jobs to resume building to interview prep. Talk to us about your goals. If you’re up to the challenge, we can provide the tools.

What You’ll Learn

In our online logistics and operations degree, you’ll solve real-world challenges, including improving efficiencies in logistics, procurements, distribution, and sourcing. Courses also address managing relationships with stakeholders, and a systems-level awareness of performance.

Fast Facts

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October 11

Course Length: 24 Months *
Class Hours:
Lab Hours:
Clinical Hours:

Campus: Online
* Based on successful, full time enrollment


Career Opportunities for Logistics and Operations Management Graduates

Graduates of our online Logistics and Operations Management Associate of Applied Science degree could find opportunities to advance in their current jobs or pursue entry-level jobs in today’s shipping and warehousing environments.

Potential Job Titles: General Logistics/eCommerce/Warehouse Worker, Customer Service Representative, Management Trainee, Dispatcher, Scheduler, Expeditor, Merchandise Buyer Assistant, Logistics Clerk, Operations, Traffic, Driver,

Why Online at Vista College?

The Right Skills for Real Jobs

The online campus at Vista College designs its courses around the real skills that employers seek, for jobs that are hiring today. Our programs are designed to provide instruction in the fundamentals of supply-chain performance, distribution, logistics, and project management.

Course Title Credits
Computerized Accounting 4.5
Introduction to Project Management 4.5
Principles of Management 4.5
Introduction to Business 4.5
Business Ethics 4.5
Global Supply Chain Management 4.5
Fundamentals of Distribution Center Management 4.5
Materials Management 4.5
Principles of Purchasing 4.5
Current Supply Chain Management Issues 4.5
Negotiation 4.5
Business Logistics 4.5
Spreadsheets 4.5
Professional Strategies 4.5
Career Strategies 4.5
Computer Science 4.5
English Composition I 4.5
Contemporary Mathematics 4.5
General Psychology 4.5
Speech Communications 4.5

Computerized Accounting


This course focuses on the relationship between accounting and information technology. Emphasis is placed on how application software is used to perform accounting tasks, maintain records, prepare reports, analyze reports for a business entity, complete projects, and apply the components of general ledger accounts.

4.5 credits
15 theory hours
65 lab hours

Introduction to Project Management


This course focuses on methods for planning and controlling projects. Emphasis is placed onproject management concepts and models, critical path analysis, time/cost benefit analysis, and resource utilization.

4.5 credits
45 theory hours

Principles of Management


This course focuses on the concepts, terminology, principles, theories, and issues relevant to the field of management. Emphasis is placed on various theories, processes, and functions of management as well as on the integration of behavioral and systematic approaches into the traditional analysis of business. Additional topics include decision making, planning strategies, and leadership skills.

4.5 credits
45 theory hours

Introduction to Business


This course focuses on the fundamentals of business in an increasingly global society and serves as an introduction to business terminology, business concepts, business environments, business systems, business strategies, and current business issues. Topics include the business environment, business ethics and law, entrepreneurship, global business, management, and marketing.

4.5 credits
45 theory hours

Business Ethics


This course focuses on ethical issues, the development of a moral frame of reference, and the need for an awareness of social responsibility in management practices and business activities. Emphasis is on ethical corporate responsibility.

4.5 credits
45 theory hours

Global Supply Chain Management


The course focuses on international and national purchasing or sourcing. Emphasis is placed on the advantages and the barriers of purchasing internationally and nationally, global sourcing, procurement technology, and purchasing processes.

4.5 credits
45 theory hours

Fundamentals of Distribution Center Management


This course focuses on the physical distribution and total supply chain management. Emphasis includes warehouse operations management, hardware and software operations, bar codes, organizational effectiveness, just-in-time inventory, and continuous replenishment.

4.5 credits
45 theory hours

Materials Management


This course focuses on the concepts and principles of materials management including inventory control and forecasting activities.

4.5 credits
45 theory hours

Principles of Purchasing


This course focuses on the purchasing process as it relates to such topics as inventory control, price determination, vendor selection, supply chain management, and ethical issues in purchasing.

4.5 credits
30 theory hours
30 lab hours

Current Supply Chain Management Issues


This course focuses on the relevant and changing topics in the logistics management field. Emphasis is placed on group projects, interaction with local industry, class lecture, and case studies.

4.5 credits
15 theory hours
60 lab hours



This course focuses on the theory and techniques of negotiation. Emphasis is placed on analysis of the negotiation process, preparatory activities, the stages of negotiation, and reaching and implementing an agreement.

4.5 credits
45 theory hours

Business Logistics


This course focuses on a systems approach to managing activities associated with traffic, transportation, inventory management, warehousing, packaging, order processing, and materials handling.

4.5 credits
45 theory hours



This course focuses on skill development in concepts, procedures, and application of spreadsheets. Emphasis is on spreadsheet terminology and concepts, calculating data using formulas and functions, creating and modifying workbooks, inserting graphics, generating charts and reports, and how to create and use special functions.

4.5 credits
15 theory hours
60 lab hours

Professional Strategies


This course focuses on the skills required to be successful in college and in your career. Emphasis is on time management, goal setting, and research techniques.

4.5 credits
45 theory hours

Career Strategies


This course is designed to study the personal and professional characteristics necessary for obtaining and maintaining suitable employment. The student will assemble a complete job seeking portfolio including resume and references, letters of application and appreciation, documentation of work and educational history, and demonstration of skills through examples of student work. Emphasis is on writing effective resumes, sources of job leads, techniques for successful interviewing, and the follow-up process in the career search.

4.5 credits
45 theory hours

Computer Science


This course focuses on various information and communication technologies. Emphasis is placed on how information systems are used to solve problems.

4.5 credits
45 theory hours

English Composition I


This course focuses on developing written communication skills with an emphasis on understanding the writing process, analyzing readings, and practicing writing for personal and professional applications.

4.5 credits
45 theory hours

Contemporary Mathematics


This course focuses on the treatments of sets, logic, number systems, number theory, relations, functions, probability and statistics.

4.5 credits
45 theory hours

General Psychology


This course focuses on human behavior. Emphasis is placed on biological foundations, the brain, sensation, perception, motivation, personality, learning/memory, emotion, states of consciousness, personality theories, cognition, life-span development, and applied psychology.

4.5 credits
45 theory hours

Speech Communications


This course focuses on human communication principles and theories embedded in a variety of contexts including interpersonal, small group, and public speaking.

4.5 credits
45 theory hours

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