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Business administration touches on several different areas. For professionals to remain competitive in the global marketplace, they will need to be able to not only solve problems and minimize risk, but also identify and capitalize on opportunities as they arise. A big-picture awareness of the macroeconomic trends which affect an industry is essential, as is both critical thinking and other skills such as:

  • Applying business theory and management skills to real-world scenarios
  • Setting objectives and shepherding projects towards their objective
  • Developing meaningful working relationships with partners and stakeholders
  • Understanding the basics of marketing, accounting, and business law

You’ll Learn How To:

  • Run a profitable business on your own or be a meaningful contributor to a larger organization
  • Develop well thought-out business and marketing plans
  • Use research and analytics to your advantage
  • Understand the basics of corporate finance, accounting, ethics, and business law
  • Understand the impact larger economic trends can have on a business
  • Get the most out of the people you work with

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