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Jobs requiring an Associate Degree in Business Administration are gaining popularity as the global marketplace extends its reach. The courses in this program can prepare you to pursue a rewarding and successful career in the modern global business environment. You can complete our Associate of Applied Science Degree in Business Administration program at several campuses located in Texas and New Mexico.

What Does a Business Administration Associate of Applied Science Involve?

  • Developing and executing marketing and advertising strategies
  • Analyzing business data to solve complex business problems and make strategic decisions
  • Applying finance and accounting to assess capital risk and reward
  • Communicating effectively in writing and verbally
Course # Course Title Credits
BA100 Business I 9
BA101 Management 9
BA102 Accounting 9
BA103 Business Law 9
BA104 Business II * 9
BA105 Computerized Accounting Systems * 5.5
BA106 Economics * 9
BA107 Business Computer Information Systems * 8
BA208 Human Resources Management * 9
BA209 Production and Operations Management * 9
BA210 Strategic Management and Implementation * 9
GE201 Introduction to College Mathematics 9
GE202 Introduction to Computer Science 4.5
GE203 Introduction to Psychology 4.5
GE206 English Composition I 4.5
GE207 English Composition II * 4.5

Business I


Business I is comprised of an overview of the nature of business including the goal of business and the study of economic systems. Students are introduced to major aspects of the business environment.

9 credits
90 theory hours



Management covers the concepts, terminology, principles, theories, and issues that relate to field of management. The course provides students with an overview of introductory management and organization of functions. Students are instructed in integrate behavioral and system approaches into the traditional analysis of business. Students are exposed to decision making and planning strategies while developing leadership skills.

9 credits
90 theory hours



This course covers basic accounting principles, the basic accounting equation, debits and credits, and analyzing transactions using T-accounts. It focuses on the completion of the accounting cycle and covers recording and posting transactions using journals and ledgers, adjustments, closing entries, and post-closing trial balances. This course provides the tools for the preparation of financial statements including Income Statements, Statements of Owners Equity and Balance Sheets.

9 credits
90 theory hours

Business Law


Business Law includes an overview of the types of laws such as Constitutional law, statutes, torts, criminal and contract law, and emphasizes the role of law in business and society including government regulations, consumer protection, environmental laws, worker health and safety, employment discrimination and other laws effecting business. Students are informed about the legal system as it relates to business.

9 credits
90 theory hours

Business II


Business II includes introductions to human relations, human resources, marketing, accounting, financial analysis and the financial system. Students also review and discuss business trends and events that will change the future business world.

9 credits
90 theory hours

Computerized Accounting Systems


This course is an overview of the functionality of integrated accounting software systems. Topics include step-by-step entry guidelines for financial transactions, generation and analysis of accounting reports, and production of financial statements.

5.5 credits
20 theory hours
70 lab hours



The course is designed to acquaint students with the workings of the economy. Students learn processes involving the economic systems, markets and completion, money and banking, production, income, and employment, economic activities and policies, and international economics.

9 credits
90 theory hours

Business Computer Information Systems


Business Computer Information Systems is designed to provide students with an understanding how information systems may be used to solve problems and make better business decisions. The role of information services in management, including current professional practices and methodologies, is covered. Emphasis is on the managerial and strategic aspects of information technology.

8 credits
70 theory hours

Human Resources Management


Human Resource Management covers the concepts, terminology, principles, theories, issues and regulations that relate to the field of Human Resources.

9 credits
90 theory hours

Production and Operations Management


Production and Operations Management incorporates engineered information driven activities of the supply chain such as communication, inventory management, warehousing, transportation, facility location, product service and support. With advances in technology and communications, the activities have been significantly altered and a need for analysis in a competitive environment focusing on supply chain management and manufacturing for competitive advantage has been developed. This becomes even more important due to product life cycles shrinking and competition becoming more intense.

9 credits
90 theory hours

Strategic Management and Implementation


The main objective of the course is to understand the functions and methods of strategic management. The subject matter focuses on business strategy, strategic objectives, strategic diagnosis, monitoring, and forecasting.

9 credits
90 theory hours

Introduction to College Mathematics


Introduction to College Mathematics covers basic math topics such as solving for whole numbers and equations, understanding proper and improper fractions, converting decimals and figuring percentages. Other topics covered include calculating simple interest, annuities, loan amortization, checkbook reconciliation, and business statistical problems such as mean, median and mode.

9 credits
90 theory hours

Introduction to Computer Science


This course introduces various information and communications technologies and explains how information systems are used to solve problems.

4.5 credits
45 theory hours

Introduction to Psychology


This course includes the study of the theories and concepts of psychology including the scope of psychology, biological foundations and the brain, sensation, perception, motivation, personality, learning/memory, emotion, states of consciousness, personality theories, cognition, life-span development, and applied psychology.

4.5 credits
45 theory hours

English Composition I


This course introduces students to critical reading and writing, research techniques, citation and documentation formats, as well as the use of correct grammar and sentence structure to communicate effectively.

4.5 credits
45 theory hours

English Composition II


This course builds on the skills learned in English Composition I. It develops written communication skills with an emphasis on the use of the writing process, the analysis of readings, and the practice of writing for personal and professional applications.

4.5 credits
45 theory hours

Vista College Business Administration Associate of Applied Science Degree Program

Vista College’s associate program in Business Administration will provide training in the subjects that are most relevant in today’s global marketplace. After you earn your Degree, you’ll have the tools and knowledge necessary to compete for an entry-level business administration position in organizations both large and small.

Whether you want to be your own boss or you’re eager to be in an administrative position in a corporate environment, our associate program in Business Administration can help you achieve your goals.

You’ll Learn How To:

  • Apply business theories to real-life situations
  • Develop organizational and departmental strategies
  • Manage projects, employees, budgets, and capital assets
  • Form strategic partnerships
  • Launch, manage, and grow your own business
  • Execute contractual agreements

Relevant and Cutting-Edge Topics:

  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Computer information systems
  • Strategic management implementation
  • Human resources management
  • Production and operations management

Business Administration Associate of Applied Science

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