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Train in Essential Marketing Skills for Reaching a Digital Generation

The world is moving faster than ever, and businesses across the U.S. are finding they have only seconds to turn a casual consumer into a dedicated customer. With so much of our lives happening online, trained digital marketers are more important than ever to offer companies expertise in social media, digital strategies, and online ad platforms. They can craft a winning message, drive strong branding, run online campaigns, and deliver detailed analytics and reports. To meet this need in the marketplace, we’ve used evidence-based learning and extensive employer feedback to build a digital marketing program around the specialized skills companies seek to grow their bottom line. If you have a head for business and a creative streak, talk to us today about our Associate of Applied Science in Digital Marketing degree.

Our online program teaches the skills you need to get you Day 1 Ready for a new career. We want you to be able to step forward with the confidence, the knowledge, and the abilities to perform on Day 1 of an entry-level job in digital marketing across a huge range of possible organizations.

Skills and Concepts

Our Associate of Applied Science in Digital Marketing program is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges and focuses on the skills and concepts that employers look for in a candidate. Our courses cover topics like building a marketing strategy, managing social media channels, developing content, compiling performance reports, and reviewing conversion tracking. You’ll analyze real case studies and practice building and launching campaigns. Graduates emerge prepared to take the Google Ads Search Certification exam, which covers the creation, optimization, and management of Google’s powerful search engine marketing (SEM) tools and can give you an extra edge in the job search process.

Vista College online believes in our students as individuals, and making sure you succeed in your future goals is our top priority. That’s why we prioritize career readiness starting with your very first course, and we follow it up with career services like resume building, job search techniques, and interview prep. Our goal is the same as your goal: for you to walk out with an associate degree in digital marketing, ready to take on the world.

Fast Facts

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Course Length: 18 Months *
Class Hours:
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Campus: Online
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Career Opportunities for Graduates

With an associate degree in digital marketing, graduates may find entry-level employment positions in places like advertising agencies, marketing departments within small or large corporations, government offices, associations or non-profit enterprises, public interest groups, retailers, and more.

Potential Job Titles: Digital Marketing Specialist, Social Media Marketing Coordinator, Brand Coordinator, Digital Content Coordinator

Why Online at Vista College?

The Right Skills for Real Jobs

The online campus at Vista College uses experienced faculty and evidence-based instruction to design courses that prepare you for some of today’s fastest-growing careers. Our online Digital Marketing degree offers a range of courses that cover the fundamentals of marketing strategy, platforms, content, and analytics.

Course #Course TitleCredits
BMGT1453-OLeadership Principles 4.5
BMGT1454-OSmall Business Management 4.5
BUSG1451-OIntroduction to Business 4.5
ITNW1454-OIntroduction to Web Design 4.5
MRKG1450-OMarketing Principles 4.5
MRKG1451-OFundamentals of Digital Marketing 4.5
MRKG1452-OMobile Marketing 4.5
MRKG1453-OSocial Media Marketing Strategies 4.5
MRKG2451-OContent Marketing 4.5
MRKG2452-OSEO, SEM & Acquisition Marketing 4.5
MRKG2453-ODigital Public Relations & Crisis Communication 4.5
MRKG2454-ODigital Analytics 4.5
POFT1450-OProfessional Strategies 4.5
BUS102Business Communications 6.5
POFT4451-OCareer Strategies 4.5
COMM1451-OOral Communication 4.5
ENGL1452-OComposition I 4.5
MATH2452-OCollege Math 4.5
PSYC2452-OPsychology 4.5
SCIT1450-OIntroduction to Environmental Science 4.5

Leadership Principles


Student’s examine individual, group and organizational behavior as it affects performance and productivity in the workplace. Through the course, they will explore issues such as diversity, leadership, teamwork, motivation, employee development, ethics, decision making and problem solving toward the goal of improving interpersonal effectiveness on the job. Mastery of course outcomes will be demonstrated through the completion of an application project.

4.5 credits
45 theory hours

Small Business Management


Students are exposed to practical information such as site selection, managing personnel, merchandising, buying, pricing, financial management, store security, and information systems. Students will be able to describe the skills required to manage a small business and will solve common small business challenges. Students will utilize the principles of market research and other tools learned to analyze opportunities and consumers’ responses.

4.5 credits
45 theory hours

Introduction to Business


This course focuses on the fundamentals of business in an increasingly global society and serves as an introduction to business terminology, business concepts, business environments, business systems, business strategies, and current business issues. Topics include the business environment, business ethics and law, entrepreneurship, global business, management, and marketing.

4.5 credits
45 theory hours

Introduction to Web Design


This course provides a working background knowledge of how to create and edit websites using various web management platforms. The goal of this course is to provide the student with the ability to understand basic web design including html, and analyze a site to ensure it is secure and update to date. This course also helps students optimize website for SEO and enables them to make edits and upgrades to a site as needed.

4.5 credits
45 theory hours

Marketing Principles


Students in this course study the interacting business activities designed to plan, price, promote, and distribute want-satisfying products and services to present and potential customers. Students learn the process through which organizations analyze, plan, implement, and control programs to develop and maintain beneficial exchanges with target buyers. Pricing strategies, place and promotion tactics, and the importance of product creation to meet customer needs are explored.

4.5 credits
45 theory hours

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing


6 The focus of this course will be to learn and apply digital marketing strategies that will deliver immediate value to any organization’s communications and marketing department. This course will give students the tools necessary to provide an organization with digital marketing support, insights on branding and digital publishing best practices across multiple digital platforms including website, social media, and email marketing will be applied.

4.5 credits
45 theory hours

Mobile Marketing


This course will familiarize students with mobile platforms, applications, UX (user experience), UI (user interface design), mobile marketing strategies and tactics. As consumer interaction with goods and businesses is rapidly changing, students will be presented with opportunities to learn about the evolving mobile marketing landscape including apps.

4.5 credits
45 theory hours

Social Media Marketing Strategies


In this course students will learn the skills to provide an organization with social media support across multiple platforms. The course covers the social media marketing fundamentals, including guiding students through the creation and implementation of an impactful social media marketing strategy.

4.5 credits
45 theory hours

Content Marketing


In this course students will focus on the core components used to create a successful content marketing strategy. Students will demonstrate how to create and distribute contents to attract, acquire, and engage diverse target audience on digital platforms.

4.5 credits
45 theory hours

SEO, SEM & Acquisition Marketing


This course will explore the fundamentals of content marketing coupled with search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM) and acquisition marketing (referral, organic and paid inbound marketing). Students will learn how to analyze results from search marketing efforts and optimize for growth of their digital strategies.

4.5 credits
45 theory hours

Digital Public Relations & Crisis Communication


This course will prepare digital public relations and marketing professionals to lead the communications on behalf of their organizations should a crisis arise. Professionals today must have an understanding of potential threats to data and security, online customer monitoring, and responding to potential threats and crisis. This course prepares students to proactively author prevention and response strategies and prepares students for crisis response. Additionally, this course covers some modern digital PR best practices that will serve students in their marketing and thought-leadership responsibilities.

4.5 credits
45 theory hours

Digital Analytics


This course will allow students to analyze their digital data in order to optimize their marketing strategies to achieve strategic goals at the organization. It will prepare students for understanding, collecting and interpreting digital analytics on several online platforms for better organizational decision making.

4.5 credits
45 theory hours

Professional Strategies


This course focuses on the skills required to be successful in college and in your career. Emphasis is on time management, goal setting, and research techniques.

4.5 credits
45 theory hours

Business Communications


This course is the study of communications in a business environment. Topics include: establishing credibility; interpersonal and team communication; difficult conversations and communicating across cultures; effectiveness and readability; communication tools and social media; types of business messages; and reports and presentations.

6.5 credits
45 theory hours
45 lab hours

Career Strategies


This course is designed to study the personal and professional characteristics necessary for obtaining and maintaining suitable employment. The student will assemble a complete job seeking portfolio including resume and references, letters of application and appreciation, documentation of work and educational history, and demonstration of skills through examples of student work. Emphasis is on writing effective resumes, sources of job leads, techniques for successful interviewing, and the follow-up process in the career search.

4.5 credits
45 theory hours

Oral Communication


In this course, students learn the process of transferring oral and non-verbal meanings and the techniques that help to remove communication barriers. Emphasis is given on how to effectively develop and make oral presentations. Mastery of course outcomes will be demonstrated through the completion of an oral presentation.

4.5 credits
45 theory hours

Composition I


This course provides a general introduction to the principles of writing. Students will develop quality writing skills and knowledge of grammatical structures, including punctuation and spelling, through practice in writing and revising. Students will develop a research paper by gathering, summarizing, synthesizing and explaining information from various sources, while engaging in the writing process through multiple drafts and collaborating with peers through giving and acting on productive feedback.

4.5 credits
45 theory hours

College Math


In this course, students review contemporary mathematics,including basic math applications such as decimals, percentages, fractions, proportions, rates, units of measurement, finance, and probability.Students will apply these mathematical concepts to everyday life.

4.5 credits
45 theory hours



This course introduces students to the psychological study of human behavior as it applies to daily living. The course includes social psychology, development through the life span, psychological disorders, and therapies. Students are exposed to concepts of conditioning, learning, thinking, memory, motivation, emotion, and stress.

4.5 credits
45 theory hours

Introduction to Environmental Science


Students in this course will gain an understanding of ecological principles and how to handle environmental problems such as water use, solid waste management, global warming, energy use, and conservation of irreplaceable natural resources. Students are exposed to environmental challenges and conversation techniques,in order to be conscientious stewards of nature and agents for a healthy and sustainable community.

4.5 credits
45 theory hours

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