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What Comes After Day 1 Ready: How Vista College’s Continuing Education Can Help Future-Proof Your Career

At Vista College, we pride ourselves on providing evidence-based learning that will get you Day 1 Ready to start your new career. We stand by this goal because we think it’s important that our graduates walk out of our classrooms not just with a piece of paper, but with real, applicable skills that can lead them to success.

But we also recognize that your first day on the job is just one momentary point in time, and your career? Well, hopefully, that will last for many, many years. But in order to do that, you need to keep your knowledge up-to-date and your skills on point. You may need to expand your education into new topics and subject areas. You may need to apply for or renew certifications and licensures. There are a lot of possibilities and opportunities out there.

And that’s where we come in. Vista College isn’t just here for you while you’re getting your degree or diploma. We’re also here for you in the weeks, months, and years afterward as your goals grow and change. It doesn’t matter where you graduated or where you got your original training — Vista College is proud to offer you a wide range of continuing education options to help you expand your career.


We have courses available in:

Build on your core healthcare knowledge with topics like family roles and communication, death and dying, electronic health records, EKG technician, fall prevention, geriatric considerations, infection control, pain management, stress management, nutrition, phlebotomy, diabetes and stroke nursing care, skin management, radiography, and more.

Add to your skills as a tradesperson with classes that combustion and fuel efficiency analysis, heat pump technician, video security system technician, HVAC fundamentals, and Texas tow truck operation.

But that’s only one aspect of our continuing education platform. We also offer certification and compliance courses through StateCE. Maintaining your state licensure and requirements can be tricky, especially when your life is already a busy balancing act of work and personal obligations. Our StateCE programs are a flexible, fast-paced, online way to keep your licensing up-to-date, no matter what state you live in. We have courses in insurance, private security, cosmetology, HVAC and electrical, radiology, and more.

On top of all that, Vista College provides a full array of additional courses you can take, either for continuing education or even just personal development. We’re talking about dozens of different classes in business, computer applications and computer science, health and fitness, hospitality, information technology, construction, arts and design, legal, language and writing, and even externship programs to help you gain additional real-world experience.

All of these continuing education options offer the same combination of classroom and hands-on learning and are held to the same high standards as our diploma and degree programs. The only difference is where you are at in your career.

You want to expand your knowledge so you can advance your job prospects?

Vista College continuing education can help you with that.

You need continuing education courses to update your state licensure?

Vista College continuing education can help you with that.

You want additional certifications to bolster your resume?

Vista College continuing education can help with that, too.

We’re committed to taking all our expertise, all our passion for practical, evidence-based education, and turning it into specialty training that makes continuing your education quick, stress-free, and flexible enough to fit into your life.

We are a higher education provider not just for your first class or your initial walk across the graduation stage. We’re here for you as your career and goals grow, change, expand, and become something even better than where you started.


If you want to know more about how you can benefit from these short-term, flexible classes, contact Vista College continuing education.

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