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As you invest in your college education, you may be wondering what the future looks like for your desired career or field. Are a majority of those working your “dream job” happy? What are the opportunities for growth? What kind of knowledge, classes, or on-job experience is required to obtain a specific position in your field?

In this infographic, we explore some popular positions in the fields of healthcare, business, technology, specialty trades, and law. These positions range from entry-level administrative assistants to police officers and IT managers. Each position is evaluated on the basis of its required skills, prior experience, and opportunities for advancement.

The data we evaluated to produce this infographic also shows the percentage of males and females typically employed in each position. Additionally, each job has a satisfaction rating assigned to it. None of the positions presented had a majority of dissatisfied workers. Three had overall reports of high satisfaction: HR manager, administrative assistant, and corrections officer.

When you’re researching potential careers in your field of choice, it’s always a good idea to examine data like this – especially if you’re uncertain about the exact job you want to hold. This kind of valuable information will give you the opportunity to make better, more informed choices about your classes and the kind of special training you may pursue while you are still in college.

For example, if you are pursuing a business degree, you may want to find a position that has high satisfaction, and aren’t very concerned about being promoted or moving into a higher level position. Looking at our infographic, this would indicate that either an administrative assistant or human resources manager role would be ideal for you. Administrative roles require reading and writing skills, while HR roles require the ability to communicate and negotiate effectively – so knowing which is right for you may affect your choice in online classes or on-campus learning.

Even if you have aspirations beyond a career in law or business degree, you may still want to attend college to obtain important skills and learn general trade information to get you started. As you’ll notice at the bottom of our infographic, even some of the most successful people in the world started with a college degree. Who would have thought that Ray Romano was an accounting major?

With a better outlook on your desired career, and the opportunities each position presents, you’ll be able to make smart decisions about your choices both in and out of college. So now that you’ve read this infographic, which career do you think is right for you?

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