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Volunteering allows 80% of people to take better control of their health.

We spend so much of our lives caught up in personal matters — our careers, our educations, our relationships, fears and goals. While working toward degrees, juggling multiple jobs, putting in overtime for that next promotion, or raising families, the stress and responsibilities of everyday life can be all-consuming. It’s easy to forget to disconnect from ourselves when we’ve got so much going on. Occasionally, though, there’s something we can do to not only get out of our own heads but also gain a better perspective on life.

For those of us willing to spare the time, nothing can be more rewarding than the gift of helping others. You can contribute to community service and participate in the act of giving — without expecting anything back. Offering a small piece of ourselves to others doesn’t only benefit those we give to, either — it helps us feel happier, healthier, more driven and more meaningful:

  • 76 percent of volunteers believe the activity makes them feel healthier
  • 78 percent say volunteering decreases their stress levels
  • 94 percent say it improves their mood
  • 96 percent feel an enriched sense of purpose in their lives.
  • Volunteering even allows 80 percent of people to take better control of their health, including 25 percent who say it helps them manage a chronic illness

If you’d like to enhance your well-being, increase your self-esteem and satisfaction, decrease stress and depression, and engage in a full life that makes others’ lives fuller, think about how you can be a Lubbock, Texas, volunteer. Whether you’re looking to lend an occasional helping hand at a soup kitchen or shelter, make a long-term commitment to a student or senior, participate in facilitating a public event, or help build a better life for those in need, Lubbock is full of community service options to put you on the path to fulfillment today.

To help you get started, here’s a list of available volunteer opportunities in Lubbock.

American Cancer Society

Has cancer ever touched your life personally? Maybe you’ve had a friend or family member who suffered from the disease, or you know people whose loved ones have struggled. Then you understand how devastating the diagnosis can be and how difficult it is to brave treatment.

Consider expressing your empathy, showing support, and making life a little easier for those with cancer by volunteering with the American Cancer Society. You can drive patients to and from treatment appointments, work in the office, or contribute in any other way you can to the. Patients and their loved ones will be thankful for your impact.

American Red Cross

Are you passionate about health, certified in CPR, or experienced in any aspect of health and safety? Even if you don’t have any qualifications and want to help in any way possible, the American Red Cross is the perfect place to volunteer to express your concern and improve lives.

Volunteer in the office, teach health, safety and first aid classes, or offer your hand as a disaster worker to bring comfort, services, preparation, and assistance to families in emergencies. You’ll never feel more humbled knowing you’re providing relief to those in need.

Animal Sanctuary

Do you love animals? Does interacting with furry companions bring you joy and make you wish you could help every loving cat and dog in need of a home?

Jobs at the Haven Animal Care Shelter include: cleaning kennels, socializing kittens, providing attention to cats & dogs.

There’s nothing like the innocence, loyalty and affection of a purring lap cat or excited, tail-wagging canine to lift your spirits. These animals warm your heart and make you remember what’s really important. Give love back to these sweet creatures and help to improve their lives by volunteering to feed and care for them. Jobs at the Haven Animal Care Shelter in Lubbock include:

  • Cleaning kennels
  • Socializing kittens
  • Providing attention to cats and dogs who’ll become quick friends

Big Brothers/Big Sisters

If you’re looking to do something big, nothing can be more meaningful than making an impact in the life of a child. Boys and girls of all ages, backgrounds, and family conditions need positive role models. They offer support, build their confidence, provide a helping hand and a listening ear, have fun, and be true friends — and this can be you.

If you’re 18 years or older and want to make at least a one-hour weekly, one-year commitment to positively influencing a child, volunteer with Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Lubbock. Your time will make all the difference.

Catholic Family Service

If people are your passion and you long to lend a hand to improve the lives of those in need, invest your efforts with the Catholic Family Services. You don’t have to be religious to participate in the care and comfort this organization provides — just come with a loving heart and a dedication to giving. You can:

  • Help administer family life service programs
  • Assist with emergency situations
  • Interview clients
  • Assist with legalization and immigration services
  • Offer your time in the office

Anything you can do is a positive step toward making families happier and healthier.

Family Outreach of Lubbock

When it comes to nurturing and raising children, nothing is more important than a loving, caring, and attentive home with family. Caregivers should provide everything kids need — physically, mentally, and emotionally — to grow up healthy, feeling confident and supported. Unfortunately, not every child is lucky enough to be brought up in the environment they deserve.

You can contribute to making their lives better by preventing child abuse and neglect when you volunteer with the Family Guidance & Outreach Center of Lubbock. Participate in fundraising, mentoring, and more.

Girl Scouts

In a century where women can finally pursue every option and grow up to chase their goals and dreams, whatever they may be, it’s more crucial than ever to raise girls with strong self-images, communication skills, critical thinking, problem-solving, leadership, and imaginations. That’s what the Girl Scouts of America strives to develop in every young woman. Be a part of impacting their futures and driving their dreams by volunteering as an assistant, leader, or helper at Girl Scout events or for troops around Lubbock.

Nursing Homes in Lubbock

In the later years of life, sometimes it can get lonely, especially when people need to relocate to nursing homes and rely on others to provide for their needs and care for their health. No one should have to live without the constant comfort of close affection, even if their loved ones are far away or no longer around.

Bring smiles to seniors. Provide cheer with your presence, caring with your conversation, and even security by "adopting" a resident to show friendship.

You can brighten the lives of and bring smiles to seniors by volunteering to visit nursing homes in the Lubbock area. Provide cheer with your presence, caring with your conversation, and even security by “adopting” a resident to show friendship.

Habitat for Humanity

Getting caught up in work, responsibilities, and finances can sometimes mean we forget to be grateful that we have homes and the means to support ourselves. For some in Lubbock, even that opportunity is more difficult to come by, or a tragedy or emergency has prevented someone from maintaining a stable home environment or finding a way to get back on their feet. Offer a hand with Habitat for Humanity by:

  • Assisting in constructing homes
  • Contributing to the committee for work development
  • Helping with publicity and fundraising

Literacy Lubbock

For most of us, the ability to read and write is an advantage we take for granted in our everyday lives. It allows us to do almost everything we need. For those who weren’t taught to read when they were young, however, or who have had significant learning challenges or disabilities that prevent them from being skillful in interpreting language, literacy is a dream they’re waiting to develop. It’s a skill that could transform the quality of their lives.

Help them tackle this challenge by volunteering as a tutor for nonreaders and those who want to improve. Literacy Lubbock provides many programs to help people learn to read or improve their comprehension.

Meals on Wheels

Nothing is more comforting and satisfying than a hearty, healthy meal. Good food rejuvenates your body, energizes your mind, and offers some well-needed soothing when things are tough. Unfortunately, some people have difficulty purchasing, providing, or preparing the kind of meals they need to keep themselves healthy and make sure they meet their own needs.

But you can help — volunteering with Meals on Wheels gives you the opportunity to deliver food, kitchen, and garden help and other household assistance to those who need a hand.

Rape Crisis Center

Sexual assault is a devastating occurrence that can threaten the safety, stability, mental health, and life quality of victims and their families. You can help men and women who have been assaulted move forward during what may be the most difficult time of their lives.

Show your concern by volunteering at the Lubbock Rape Crisis Center, where you can:

  • Answer the 24-hour crisis hotline
  • Provide support services to all those affected by sexual assault and help them heal

You will start with a comprehensive 40-hour training.

StarCare Specialty Health System

Do you have an interest in or a knack for communicating with those who have mental disabilities? Provide a refreshing presence and a much-needed source of assistance for those who need it by lending your time and efforts to the Lubbock StarCare Specialty Health System.

Provide a refreshing presence and a much-needed source of assistance for those who need it by lending your time and efforts to the Lubbock StarCare Specialty Health System.

Volunteer opportunities include serving as:

  • Assistant care manager
  • Group facilitator
  • Secretary
  • Instructor
  • Provider of transportation

Every role and any time you can participate is important in bettering the lives and conditions of all the patients at the center.

Lubbock State Supported Living Center

For those with intellectual or developmental disabilities, persistently detrimental medical conditions, or serious behavioral issues, dealing with the ins and outs of daily life can be a struggle. That’s why Lubbock State Supported Living Center provides direct services and support to assist people in living their best lives and getting the opportunities they deserve. You can help by volunteering in:

  • Job support services
  • Recreation
  • Special events
  • Homes
  • Fundraising
  • Public relations
  • Administrative support
  • Workshops

Methodist Children’s Home

Are you serious about supporting children with home or family challenges and helping them obtain stable, rewarding loves with loving home environments? Provide personal care to young kids with poor family situations by serving as a foster care provider with Methodist Children’s Home.

While some children come from broken backgrounds or bad experiences with their birth families, every child deserves the care, comfort, and encouragement you have to offer. Help them cope with things that happened to them in the past and help them experience the promise of a better future.

Muscular Dystrophy Association

Kids and adults across Texas and the country live with muscular dystrophy, a degenerative condition that causes weakness, loss of muscle mass, and difficulty moving. For some, everyday activities like breathing and talking become an enormous challenge. Patients can even lose the ability to walk on their own.

While there is no cure, medications and therapy can make muscular dystrophy manageable. You can help participate in encouraging events like the Muscular Dystrophy Association’s Camp Happy or September telethon to brighten lives.

Ronald McDonald House

Families forced to endure the harrowing, heartbreaking experience of having a child with a serious illness, injury, or medical condition need assistance. The stress of making travel and accommodation arrangements to stay close to their kids during their treatments can take even more of a toll during an already-challenging situation.

The Ronald McDonald House allows families to stay close together during challenging times by providing families with a virtually cost-free place to stay near their hospitalized children. Volunteer to provide transportation, in-office assistance, cleaning, and cooking.

Women’s Protective Services

Domestic violence remains an issue some women deal with 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. To make sure all women have a place to turn to during a crisis, Women’s Protective Services provides 24/7 assistance to survivors, children, and families seeking safety. WPS offers a way to turn their lives around. You can help, too — donate or volunteer at offices and events today to show your support and dedication to saying “stop” to all forms of abuse.

To make sure all women have a place to turn to during a crisis, Women’s Protective Services provides 24/7 assistance to survivors, children, and families seeking safety.

Develop More at Vista College

Volunteering and giving to others feels fantastic, and it’s a crucial, caring way to put your life in perspective and build a better base of happiness, health, and fulfillment. To develop your personal goals and provide yourself with even more pride in your potential, think about furthering your education at our Lubbock campus.

With accelerated learning programs running every five weeks, hands-on learning in small, intimate classes, flexible scheduling, and the inspiration you need to succeed, we are dedicated to propelling you in your efforts to find a new career in a year or less. Like volunteering, your education will allow you to actively transform your life and yourself.

Find your personalized career path and begin preparation for an even more rewarding existence today. Visit us online to learn more about our specialized programs.

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