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10 things you learn in college

There are plenty of things you expect to learn when you attend a post-secondary school college to earn your certificate or degree. On the other hand, there are also things that you didn’t expect to learn — but do anyway.

Fortunately, most are beneficial to your life. In fact, some of the things you unexpectedly learn in college can literally change your life for the better. Here are the top 10 things we regularly hear from students:

#1 – You Learn What It Means to Have Freedom


A college environment fosters learning in all of its forms. It also fosters a sense of freedom that many students have never experienced prior to coming to college. Regardless of whether you attend a brick-and-mortar college or you take online college classes, you are in charge of your own destiny. This can be exciting!

#2 – You Learn How to Work With Different Types of People

From your instructors to your classmates, you’re exposed in a college atmosphere to people from all walks of life. These are people who may be your age or decades older. Some might have children, while others might already have degrees from other institutions. As you explore how to work with them, you’ll learn how to deal with different types of personalities.

#3 – You Learn Your Strengths

When you were in high school, you might never have been given the opportunity to study certain topics. In a college class, you could end up finding you excel in those areas. In fact, it isn’t uncommon for students to switch their majors or re-focus their courses after being exposed to new subjects. This is a direct reflection of them realizing they’re good at something they didn’t know they were!

#4 – You Learn How to Make Choices

In secondary school, choices are often made on behalf of students. In college, however, you get to make the choices. For instance, you choose which projects to prioritize. In high school, the priority might have seemed obvious — in college, the priority might not be so apparent. This means you have to think at a higher level to get all of your work accomplished on time and to the best of your ability.

#5 – You Learn How to Think Critically



You might never have been asked to think critically before coming to college. After all, most teenagers aren’t asked to make complex philosophical decisions or determinations. At an institute of higher learning such as Vista College, you’ll be constantly asked for your opinion, and that opinion has to be based on what you know or have learned. This will help you come up with strong arguments, helping you define your personal beliefs.

#6 – You Learn How Valuable College Is

Most college students — especially if they are paying for college themselves — quickly learn that college is highly valuable. By seeing what a privilege an education is, they take it more seriously, which results in better grades.

#7 – You Learn How to Visualize Your Career Success

As you start taking more and more core courses aimed at your desired degree or certification, you start to visualize your own career. The pieces start to come together, and you can literally begin to figure out how to make every class count toward your end goal. This can be propelled with the help of an advisor.

#8 – You Learn to Appreciate Education

Everything you learn in the classroom has applications in other areas of your life. This will not only enhance how you see your world, but it also changes the way you react to stimuli. Don’t be surprised if you start trying to teach everyone around you!

#9 – You Learn How to Accept Criticism

Some professors are easy to please. Others are very, very challenging. When you begin to accept criticism for what it is — constructive feedback — rather than view it emotionally, you gain powerful insight into how you can improve. This will also be tremendously helpful when you’re on the job and you get critical feedback during an annual review.

#10 – You Learn to Read More Thoroughly

In college, you’ll have to read and evaluate what you’ve read. You’ll soon learn how to annotate your books and ensure you can take what you need from the texts. This is critical reading, and it’s highly prized. It will help you more clearly understand everything that you read, from a newspaper to a book of poetry.

What will you learn when you attend Vista College? There’s no time like the present to find out! Contact us today for more information.

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