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5 Jobs for Military Moms

You’re a devoted military mom and spouse committed to staying at home and raising your kids. But you also want to — or need to — earn income to contribute to your household finances. What options do you have that provide you with a flexible schedule, fulfilling work, and nice pay to boot?

There are plenty of options, but you must first carefully consider which jobs will work for your unique circumstances as a military mom. As an armed forces wife with children to raise, you know jobs that are highly flexible and allow you to work from home are the best fit for you.

Choosing a job with incredible flexibility doesn’t mean you need to select something that is boring or something to simply tide you over. There are challenging and rewarding career options which will also allow you the flexible hours and convenient location you need.

Work-from-home and flexible jobs are some of the best jobs for military wives, and there are many great options available that fit these characteristics. However, these types of jobs are highly sought in the job market.

When the market you want to work in is highly competitive, you must find a way to give yourself a distinctive advantage. One way you can equip yourself for success is to obtain specialized training in the field you have chosen by receiving an education from an online or on-ground campus.

Vista Military offers programs that can prepare military moms just like you to land a job that’s best suited for the unique life you lead as a military spouse. Here are our top five job recommendations for military wives — all can be supported through enrollment in one of our specialized training programs:

1. Medical Billing and Insurance Coding

In certain situations, it’s ideal for military moms to work from home. One field that can provide that flexibility is medical billing and insurance coding. As a work-from-home mom in this position, there’s a good chance you’ll have a say in the number of hours you work and when you work these hours.

As a work from home mom in medical billing and insurance coding, there's a good chance you'll have a say in the number of hours you work and when you work these hours.

The responsibilities of working in medical billing and insurance coding vary from employer to employer. Day-to-day responsibilities could include analysis, organization, and evaluation of health insurance claims. You could also be responsible for the coding, which enables diagnoses, procedures, and surgeries to be billed accurately.

The median yearly salary is $34,160 for a Medical Records and Health Information Technician, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). This pay could fluctuate if you choose to work part-time, you work from home, or if you choose to obtain a diploma of Associate of Applied Science degree. The job growth in this field is also expected to grow faster than average.

At Vista College, there are two program options available for military moms who are interested in seeking a job in medical billing and insurance coding:

While enrolled in either of these medical insurance billing and coding programs, you’ll have some general education courses in addition to classes relevant to your field, such as:

  • Medical terminology
  • Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Medical office procedures
  • Pathology

2. Massage Therapist

Are you especially handy? And we’re not talking about whether you’re great with a hammer or screwdriver. Do your hands have that magical touch that can relax and heal?

If you have a special interest in helping others achieve greater health and wellness while still maintaining the flexibility to work your own hours or even from your own home, being a massage therapist may be the right choice for you.

Massage therapists use their specialized training in massage to help people manage the stress in their lives, improve circulation, and recover from sports or work-related injuries. The types of massages a therapist performs include prenatal massages, Swedish massages, deep-tissue massages, and more.

Massage therapists use their specialized training to help people manage the stress in their lives, improve circulation, and recover from sports or work-related injuries.

As a massage therapist, the environment you work in may vary. Some individuals choose to work for an employer in a traditional place of business, while others pursue the necessary licensure to work out of their home. Some massage therapists even choose to travel to their clients. The flexibility this career provides is an important aspect in jobs for military spouses. Just remember, in your state, working from home as a massage therapist may require you to obtain a special license or insurance.

Your pay as a massage therapist varies according to the work you choose, the number of hours you work, and the location in which you work. The median annual salary for a Massage Therapist is $37,970, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and the job growth outlook for a massage therapist is much faster than average.

Students enrolled in the Comprehensive Massage Diploma and Certificate program at Vista College receive intensive classroom learning and real-world experience over the course of the program. You can complete the program in less than a year.

Coursework for students enrolled in the Comprehensive Massage Diploma and Certificate program at Vista College includes:

  • Human anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Health
  • Hygiene
  • Kinesiology
  • Business practice
  • Ethics

The Comprehensive Massage Diploma and Certificate program is the first step toward your new career as a massage therapist. It provides you with the skills and knowledge necessary to perform therapeutic massages to provide relief in an often stressful world.

3. Virtual Assistant

As a military wife and mom, do you find you love to work with computers? If so, a career as a virtual assistant (VA) could provide you with the challenge you’re looking for. Working as a virtual assistant also provides you with the flexibility to pick your own schedule while working from home.

Virtual assistants have a multitude of responsibilities, and they may work for more than one client at a time. Generally, their responsibilities include office duties such as composing emails, data entry, or creating website content. Some virtual assistants may have the pleasure of performing creative work as well, including design work or composing blogs for a company’s website.

The hourly pay as a virtual assistant starts right around $15 an hour.

According to PayScale, the hourly pay as a virtual assistant starts right around $15 an hour, but the potential for a salary increase is incredible. Virtual assistants with experience and a diverse client list to match can make as much as $60 an hour. The VA job outlook is promising for those who are willing to take time and be patient while they build their reputation as a stellar virtual assistant.

To be prepared to seek a career as a virtual assistant, you must have advanced knowledge of computers (especially Microsoft Office), excellent communication skills, and a basic knowledge of business finances and best practices.

Upon completion of our Business Administration Diploma program, which can be completed online, you’ll be equipped with marketable skills. Coursework topics in this program include:

  • Business law
  • Business finance
  • Computer information services
  • Microsoft Office programs and applications
  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Administrative skills
  • Management and leaderships skills

The Vista College Business Administration Diploma is available currently available at five Texas campuses, one New Mexico campus, and online.

4. Cosmetologist

If you’re looking for a career path that’s a good fit for creative military moms and offers the ability to work from home, consider starting an in-home salon as a certified cosmetologist.

Women who find themselves drawn to visually beautiful, colorful, and stylish things may find working as a hair stylist is a great fit for them. With the proper licensure and certification, hair stylists can accept clients in their own home and set their own hours.

According to data gathered by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay for hair stylists is $22,770 per year. Your pay varies based on the training you’ve received, the services you choose to offer, and how many hours a week you plan to work. Additionally, as you gain experience and grow your clientele, you may be able to increase your rates over time. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts an average job growth percentage for hairdressers in the coming years.

In every state, hairdressers are required to obtain a license which is specific to their state. The only way you can become a licensed hair stylist is by completing a state approved program at an accredited school.

As an accredited college, Vista College can prepare you to seek a career as a hair stylist through completion of our Cosmetology Certificate of Proficiency. This program is comprised of small and focused classes, which take place at an on-ground campus. While enrolled in this program, students take classes covering:

  • Equipment sterilization and sanitation
  • Treatments
  • Perms and relaxers
  • Colors and bleachers
  • Facials
  • Manicuring
  • Pedicuring

You can complete the program in less than a year and can begin taking the next steps needed to pursue state licensure.

5. Personal Fitness Trainer

Do you have a passion for encouraging others to live a healthy lifestyle? Do you love to be physically active? If the answer is yes to both questions, then a career as a fitness trainer could be a great fit for you as a military spouse.

As a fitness trainer, you’re often able to control your own schedule — a great perk you need as a military mom and spouse. Job responsibilities vary based on your interests and unique career path, but typically fitness trainers work with individuals developing a fitness plan, or they teach group classes at a fitness club.

As a fitness trainer, you're often able to control your own schedule - a great perk you need as a military mom and spouse.

Fitness trainers who have the proper licensure for their state make a median yearly salary of $31,720, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, your compensation can increase with additional certifications and training in more specialized areas of fitness. The job growth is this field is expected to be right on par with the average of about 13% over the next 10 years.

Fitness trainers with a nationally-recognized certificate are more likely to be successful. At Vista College, our Personal Fitness Trainer Diploma program prepares graduates to take the exam for the National Academy of Sports Medicine’s Certified Personal Trainer certification.

Our program, which takes place at an on-ground campus, can be completed in as little as 30 weeks. You will take courses in:

  • Anatomy
  • Business
  • Exercise essentials
  • Fitness assessments
  • Leadership
  • Nutrition
  • Physiology
  • Sales

Graduates will leave our diploma program with the knowledge and skills to train, motivate, and empower clients to become more fit and make healthy lifestyle changes.

Take the First Step Toward Your New Career By Enrolling at Vista College

These fields are all strong choices that fit well with the demands of military life. With their flexibility, potential for being home-based, and availability for training and education, they’re viable career fields for you as a military mom.

There are unique skills and talents you can contribute to the job market, and there are many jobs which can accommodate military moms. Jobs for military spouses should be flexible, but they should also provide new challenges and opportunities for professional growth. Fortunately, we have many programs offering just that.

Year-Round Campus Options

At Vista College, we understand life as a military spouse and a mother is always changing. You need an education option which provides flexibility of location and schedule. This is why we provide multiple online and on-ground campuses, so you can select a program which best fits into your life — instead of working your life around your school schedule.

We offer programs beginning every five weeks, year-round, and we expedite the enrollment process so you can start classes as soon as possible. We take pride in our small class sizes, which allow teachers to spend more one-on-one time with each student. This helps students succeed even more in their chosen career paths.

Financial Aid and Lifetime Job Search Assistance

As a mom with a family to provide for, you may feel concerned about the cost of returning to school. However, there are many financial aid options available for students who meet the right criteria. Contact one of our Financial Aid Counselors about the different options available for funding your education.

Upon completion of any of our programs, Vista College graduates are entitled to lifetime job search assistance. The professionals in our Career Services Department are available to guide you through the process of creating a resume and cover letter, and they will help you create a plan for a job search in your chosen career path.

If you’re ready to take the first important step on your new career path, contact us today. Our admission representatives can help you find answers to any of your questions about our online and on-ground campus programs. They can also guide through the admissions and enrollment process to help you embark on your new career.

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