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Only about 20% of millionaires inherited their wealth.

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When you look at the success of millionaires, it’s important to remember that they were once your age, too. They had to pick a college, choose their educational track, and then go off into the real world and make something of it. And it’s safe to say that if you’re now a millionaire, you’ve made something of your college degree.

But what kind of education sets you up for such success? Many people attribute family wealth, luck, or plain genius as what it takes to become a millionaire. That’s not actually true.

About only 20% of millionaires inherited their wealth. It’s not all about the luck of the draw. With hard work, focus, and a goal to succeed, you can get a college education and achieve millionaire-status.

At Vista College, we want to help you achieve these goals. With the support of our programs, staff, and myriad options of how to earn your diploma, you’re set on the path to success. We can help you start the process of making your dreams a reality.

Importance of a College Education

A college education opens doors to different types of jobs, careers, and opportunities. Surrounded by challenging professors and fellow students, college is the kind of place to learn about yourself and what you’re studying. Your environment sparks questions, curiosity, and exploration.

You gain so much more than a diploma through a college education. It’s a strong foundation to start your professional life. College graduates tend to have the following advantages:

  • Higher Pay. Typically, those with a college education earn about twice as much as those with a high school education. A post-secondary degree means you have more education in a certain field, meaning you’ll know and be able to do more than someone without that degree.
  • Critical-Thinking Skills. When you get a college education, you’ll be challenged intellectually in every class and assignment. This will drastically refine your ability to think critically. You will be able to look at problems or situations from an objective perspective and weigh your options and choose the best one for you. This will help you as you search for a job and start to build your career.
  • Better Chance of Employment. You will have access to more types of jobs with a college education. You’ll also look better to employers because you will advance problem-solving and analytical skills. Many entry-level positions seek out college graduates because the company wants their employees to have these skills and because the job requires them to. With a college education, you’ll be more prepared to face challenges at work head-on.
  • According to Career Profiles, there’s a better chance of getting health insurance from employers. Other benefits include paid vacation, retirement matching, and travel compensation.
  • Keeping Jobs. People with college degrees tend to have more security with their jobs because employers want their employees to have a college education. Knowing you were able to graduate college means you’re reliable, smart, and will bring value to their company.
  • Overall Satisfaction. Because a college education opens doors to more opportunities and access to a wider variety of jobs, higher pay, good benefits, and security, this leads to more people feeling fulfilled and satisfied with their job.
  • Social Aspect. Between class discussions, talking with peers, and meeting with professors, your social skills will improve and flourish in a college setting. Along with essay assignments, your communication and writing skills will sharpen and tighten so your message will get across in a clear and concise way. When it’s time for cover letters and interviews, you’ll already know how to communicate effectively.

A college education is more than taking some classes for a piece of paper. You’re bettering yourself and exploring what’s out there. You’re laying the groundwork for your future.

Types of College Degrees

There are different kinds of degrees with unique specifications you can earn.

  • Associate Degree. A person with an Associate Degree can go into a Bachelor’s program or head into the workforce. Usually an Associate Degree takes two years to complete.
  • Bachelor’s Degree. Formally knows as Baccalaureate Degree, this is a four or five-year program. Students can get a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree.
  • Graduate Degree. Earned after two or three more years past the Bachelor’s Degree, Graduate Degrees can be a Master of Arts or Master of Science.
  • Professional or Doctorate Degree. These are for students who want to work in medicine, law, or other professional fields and take about three or more years to complete. They typically require students to have a Bachelor’s or Graduate degree before beginning this track.
  • Joint Degree. Combining a Bachelor’s with a professional degree allows students to get their degrees in less time. Students can start graduate level classes typically in their fourth year.

What Kind of Degrees Do Millionaires Have?  

Knowing how much a college education does for you, there’s still the question of which ones have high earning potentials.

Many of the degrees millionaires pursue are in science, technology, engineering, and math — also known as STEM — fields. These degrees lead to typically well-paid careers, and they take time, effort, and diligence to complete.

1. Engineering

A common major for millionaires, engineering has many different branches that one could study. These majors require a strong background in math and science. They demand a lot of hard work, critical thinking and acute attention to detail. You can choose from so many different directions with engineering and focus on the problems you want to solve.

    • Chemical: These engineers can work in multiple markets like paints, medicines, and plastics because everything is made up of chemicals. They can also be heavily involved with keeping track of our environment and inventing technologies that are safer for it.
    • Mechanical: Anything that has a mechanical process needs a mechanical engineer. You could invent a better car or any other means of transportation or you could develop air conditioning systems — the options are endless.
    • Civil: This one is heavily involved in infrastructure. From structures like bridges, buildings that can survive an earthquake, and even highways, civil engineering focuses on making people’s lives better through improved infrastructure.
    • Electrical: If you’re interested in generators, robotics, or developing better communication systems, look at electrical engineering. You could help formulate and test these solutions to improving electrical systems.
    • Aerospace: Aerospace engineers work to develop, test, and invent new kinds of air and spacecraft, rockets, and missiles.
    • Biochemical: Working closely with the environment, biochemical engineers seek to keep water and soil clean. They help to improve lives of people and animals.
    • Computer: Now that so much of our lives involve a computer for work or personal use, we’re going to need engineers to make the best systems and designs best suited to our needs. Computer engineers aim to fix problems and improve our computer technologies.
    • Architectural: They design buildings and the systems that make it work. They aim to make buildings efficient and improve quality of life. Usually part of a team, architectural engineers work in close collaboration with construction workers to make sure everything is functioning correctly.

2. Economics and Business

This major studies market and research analysis. You’ll learn about financial markets and economic models that drive them.

If you’re interested in charity work, people with a degree in economics could work for not-for-profit organizations and help with marketing and fundraising. If you’re passionate about helping people, animals, the environment, or another cause, this degree will allow you to work with those organizations. You’ll be able to use your education for a good cause, and you’ll be doing something that’s meaningful to you.

      • Master of Business Administration (MBA): While this is more of an advanced degree than a job, with it, you’ll work closely with entrepreneurs and help them with their businesses. If you have an MBA, you can be eligible for management roles in companies across industries and identify areas in the business that could be improved.
      • Finance: It makes sense that a major about handling money would help you make a lot of money after college. You’ll be trained to know about bonds, analysis, and investments.
      • Accounting: While this is another job working with money, accounting has a few differences from finance. Accountants could work handling taxes, keep track of a company’s funds as a bookkeeper, and give financial advice. Additional jobs could be auditor, consultant, or secretary.
      • Computer Sciences: You’ll learn how to improve computers and solve problems through writing software, programs, and develop websites. With so much focus on Internet and technology, computer sciences are set to work in fields like Information Technology, Information Systems, and Software Engineering.
      • Political Sciences: This major encompasses more than those who wish to run for office and have a political career. They can work in government, be a lobbyist, or go into journalism. People interested in current events and what’s going on in national or international politics should consider pursuing this career.
      • Law: Studying the law takes a lot of focus and analytical thinking, but offers many job opportunities. You could use your law degree to become a lawyer, barrister, or arbitrator. But there are other avenues you might not have previously considered. Other jobs could be a law professor, legal recruiter, and even work for the F.B.I.

Why Choose Vista College to Pursue Your Degree?

We’re dedicated to starting your educational journey. We offer programs to get you trained and ready for the future. There are engaging and significant careers in this economy and we want you to be prepared to jump right in after you graduate.

We understand that balancing life, work, and school is tough. That’s why we offer flexible schedules to accommodate you if you cannot follow a traditional schedule. There are Day and Night schedules that you can choose from so you can make the best path for your future.

Your time is valuable to you. Our classes start every five weeks and there aren’t months of waiting for enrollment so you can start immediately.

The cost of college is one of the biggest restrictions people struggle with and this keeps them from their education. Our skilled Financial Aid advisors will meet with you and help you develop a plan that’s feasible and fair so you can focus on your education. We’re here to support you and go step-by-step through the financial aid process. Our Financial Aid page lists our services and also has links to grants, scholarships, and loans to help you get started.

We have many campuses, including an ACCSC-Accredited Online Campus. Our ground campuses are located in the Southwest. We have schools in Amarillo, TX; Beaumont, TX; El Paso, TX; Lubbock, TX; Longview, TX; College Station, TX; Killeen, TX; Las Cruces, NM; and Fort Smith, AR. Our online campus provides easy access if you want to complete your education quickly and from the comfort of your own home.

We also have an excellent and attentive Career Services Department, who will work with you and help you take the next step after college. We provide help with preparing for a job and we will meet with you and explore options that could potentially lead to your dream job.

Writing resumes and cover letters can be intimidating, but don’t worry. Our Career Services offers help with how to make your resume and cover letters professional and tailored so they work the best for you.

Are you nervous about future interviews? You can have practice interviews with Career Services. You’ll also get tips and advice on how to prepare for a job interview and how to navigate the interviewing process.

Many of our students have found success, and we’re excited to help you succeed, too!

Our Programs 

Our programs are designed to get you trained for a career in less than a year. Whether it’s at a campus location or online, we have accelerated programs so you can get your education and start finding your career.

We offer programs to educate you in the following fields:

      • If you want a career in caring for people, we offer many programs so you can earn diplomas like: Medical Assisting, Medical Lab Technician, Vocational/Practical Nurse, and Medical Insurance Billing and Coding.
      • Our business programs are designed to give you the knowledge you need to succeed in this field. You can earn a Business Administration Diploma, Business Management Associate of Applied Science or a Business Management Accounting Associate of Applied Science.
      • Interested in computers and their interworking systems? Our programs will educate you about Information Technology. You choose from the following three programs: Information Systems Security & Assurance Associate of Applied Science, Information Technology Diploma, or Information Technology Associate of Applied Science.
      • Do you have a passion for the law, the justice system, and want to help others? Our legal programs, Criminal Justice Associate of Applied Science and Paralegal Associate of Applied Science, will help you prepare for a legal career.
      • Trade and Vocational Training. Teaching real skills through hands-on learning and plenty of practice will allow you to enter the world with expertise in your field. A few of our programs, such as our Construction Management Associate Degree, Industrial Maintenance Mechanic Diploma, Cosmetology Certificate of Proficiency, and others, offer vocational training.

Vista College is ready to prepare you for a career by providing you access to a strong education. We do all we can so you have as many options as possible to explore your interests.

Don’t keep your future on hold. Call us today and start your path to success!

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