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Human Resource Professionals serve as the liaison between employees and their bosses. Whenever problems arise, these individuals act as a buffer for grievances and focus on employee development.

If you’re considering an HR-related job, there’s good news: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of human resource managers is expected to increase by 13 percent between 2012 and 2022. In other words, HR is a growing field. And it’s one you should consider, particularly in today’s difficult economic climate.

An HR department performs various duties, including:

  • Conflict resolution. In any environment where people work together, it’s only a matter of time before coworkers get upset at one another for various reasons. Having a neutral employee to talk to and help resolve conflicts is crucial to success. That person acts as a moderator of sorts, helping employees compromise in a way that leaves them both satisfied.
  • Training and development. No matter the industry, employees need to be trained. On top of that, employees want to develop professionally when they get to a certain point in their careers. HR departments help facilitate that training and development.
  • Gauging employee satisfaction. The happier the employee, the more likely he or she is to do a better job. HR professionals can help determine how satisfied a company’s employees are collectively. Once that assessment is made, they can suggest ways to improve morale to management.
  • Hiring the best employees. HR departments can play a pivotal role when it comes to hiring new employees. No company wants to spend money, time, and energy training new hires who will ultimately not be a good fit. HR departments can screen employees prior to the interview process, ensuring that candidates are of the highest caliber.


Every department is essential when it comes to the success of a business. HR professionals are some of the most important employees in any company, attributing to their collective employment figure growth.

If you’re unsure of your career path and you have a passion for working with others, look into the HR field. Begin a career that is sure to be available in the next 10 years.

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