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The Best Careers for an Introvert

Do you hate small talk? Do meetings with strangers make you nervous? When you pride yourself on your skills of observing emotions, you might be an introvert. Believe it or not, there are many jobs that are perfect for introverts — and they won’t require you to give yourself a social makeover.

Social Media Manager

Consider that social media is more about the appearance of extroversion rather than the practice of it. You can carefully craft every sentence, and in many cases, use images! Plus, you may not have to spend a lot of time making small talk and planning events with people in your office.


Row of books in a library
If you enjoy history, art, or reading, you’ll love working as an archivist. The archivist manages important documents and artifacts with care, organizes them, and stores them for safekeeping. This career is not only an important role for museums and libraries all over the world, but it also speaks to the introvert’s need for high standards.

Animal Care and Training Worker

If you enjoy spending time with animals, working in a veterinary office, shelter, kennel, or training facility might be the right choice for you. Not only can you spend time with various animals, but you may be able to help heal ailing pets and earn the overwhelming gratitude of owners everywhere! If you have a competitive streak, try finding a career in training. Horse training can be lucrative for individuals at the top of the profession. The good news is that the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts the animal care and training field will enjoy 15 percent growth through 2022 — much better than average.


If you are an introvert and have a natural ability for science and math, consider astronomy.
If you have a natural ability for science and math, consider astronomy. Although it’s an incredibly competitive field and usually requires a doctoral degree, you can spend your days (or nights) monitoring satellites, studying the atmosphere, and stargazing. Best of all? Astronomers’ salaries are an average of $96,000, which leaves you plenty of money to buy a telescope of your own.

Film and Video Production

You may not want to be the star or part of the supporting cast in a production. But if you enjoy film and television, you might enjoy working behind the scenes in film and video production. Imagine spending days creating clips that might appeal to audiences everywhere. Although the number of jobs in film and video production is not expected to grow as quickly as other fields, you can expect to earn a healthy income. The average film production professional earns about $51,000 per year.

Trades Careers

Were you once the kid who took apart and put back together your pen, phone, and computer? Working in a trade such as electrical or HVAC might be your gig. Tradesmen not only earn a comfortable income, but they also have their choice of work settings. Work for a small business or choose employment in a large factory, hospital, or other setting. You’ll have limited contact with customers, if there is any at all. Machinists, for example, earn over the average income at about $47,000 and BLS expects the field to see 17% growth. That means you’ll get better job security, too.

Graphic Designer

Love your computer? Love beautiful things? Graphic design focuses on visual communications versus in-person chit chat. From graphics and logos to templates and advertisements, everyone loves a thoughtfully designed web page.
There are plenty of exciting opportunities that are available to introverts — you just have to find the program that is the best fit for your skills and personality.

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