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The 7 Best Careers for Visual Thinkers

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Are you a creative thinker with a knack for remembering pictures but not words? Then you might be a visual thinker, or a visual-spatial thinker.

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If you’re struggling to choose a career, consider these visually-oriented jobs:

1. Construction Technology

If there was ever a job that required spatial reasoning and remembering images, it’s construction. Construction and architecture are the perfect blend of art and functionality. The ability to think three dimensionally is exceptionally important, but it’s not easy for everyone. If you have no trouble visualizing three-dimensional objects from multiple perspectives and you’re interested in building new things, construction technology is a career path to consider.

2. Graphic Design

If you’re not as hands-on enough for a career in construction, consider graphic design. Graphic designers create everything from logos to print advertisements to websites. If you see a website and immediately discover several ways to improve its appearance, message, and functionality, graphic design might be an exciting field for you.

3. Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering students working in a hands-on class.
Were you the type of kid who enjoyed taking apart your pen, clock, or anything else that had small parts inside? Mechanical engineering may be the field for you. Mechanical engineers design machines from roller coasters to rockets. If you like the sound of engineering but mechanics doesn’t appeal to you, there are other subsets of engineering to consider. Electrical, environmental, and chemical engineering are just some of the options you can choose.

4. Therapy

You don’t have to work in a technical field to find a rewarding, visually-oriented job. Visual and spatial learners excel at identifying nonverbal cues and are often able to sense how others are feeling without hearing any words. For this reason, visual thinkers often make superior therapists. Can you take the emotional temperature of a person soon after you see them, even if you haven’t spoken to each other at all? Therapy offers many different career paths, from massage therapy to emotional therapy or physical therapy.

5. Management Consulting

Visual thinkers are typically innovators who aren’t afraid to try something new. They are also able to intuitively understand the relationships between large numbers of variables, which makes visual thinkers excellent at strategy. Not ready to jump into consulting? Start with a business degree instead and work your way up to management.

6. Photography

Photography is one of the best mediums for visual thinkers. Just like authors write great novels with words, visual thinkers can capture a complex story with one shot. A talented photographer can capture a mood, an attitude, or a message easily. In a commercial environment, that skill is extremely valuable.

7. Interior Design

Interior design is a skill that comes easily to many visual thinkers. A well-planned home is functional, comfortable, and beautiful. Designers know that beautiful interiors are more than classic fabrics and an elegant sofa. Placing furniture and rugs, blending different fabrics and colors, and creating harmony from room to room are all the hallmarks of a thoughtfully designed home.

More Careers for Visual Thinkers

Of course, choosing a career takes more than figuring out whether or not you’re a visual thinker. You also need to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. If you have strong math skills, engineering may be a better choice than photography. If you have an artistic side, you’re probably better suited for interior design.

Other areas you can consider include filmmaking, fashion design, and advertising. Visual thinkers also make excellent chefs, surgeons, and air traffic controllers. Consider your capabilities, but make sure you find a career path that coincides with your interests.

CC Photos by Mike Rhode, Kris Krug and Penn State.

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