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The 7 Best Careers for Busy Moms

Any experienced mom can tell you that successfully raising a child and caring for a home means using time wisely. It also requires perfecting the skills valued by most employers. Flexibility, persistence, paying attention to details, and thinking 5 steps ahead of everyone else are just some of the attributes busy moms share. The following careers can put your skills to good use while giving you the financial flexibility you deserve.

1. Fitness Training

If you’re a modern mom who couldn’t imagine starting your day without a workout, then fitness training could be a viable career path for you. You won’t need a degree in biology, unless that’s one of your goals. Earning a fitness training diploma is a great way to get started down this career path and helps you prepare for the National Academy of Sports Medicine’s Certified Personal Trainer Exam.

2. Online Fitness Coaching

If you’re not a people person, consider online fitness coaching. You and your computer will help customers achieve health goals using virtual tools. Best of all, you can set your own hours, assuring your ability to provide your family with the same attention they know and love.

3. Vacation Planning

Another exciting telecommuting option is virtual vacation planning. Although opening up your own travel agency is certainly an option, you can get industry experience by working for a hotel or hospitality group. Everything is accomplished over the phone or through email — expenses that may be tax deductible if your employer doesn’t reimburse for them. If you’re self-motivated and achievement-oriented, vacation planning might be the job for you. All you need is a quiet place to work, and reliable Internet and phone service.

4. Direct Sales

Do you love people and have tons of friends? Today’s direct sales markets include everything from skin care and housewares to jewelry and apparel. Forbes recently profiled a skincare product line sold exclusively through the direct sales model. Boosted by impressive before-and-after pictures and a robust social media selling platform, the brand is growing quickly — and all because of busy moms who took the leap into direct sales.

5. Bookkeeping

You may have majored in accounting, finance, or business management, but you’re not ready to return to a 70-hour workweek. Have you considered turning your business savvy into a new career that’s more family-friendly, such as bookkeeping, tax work, or insurance billing? Bookkeeping and tax work for small businesses are great ways to reenter the workforce comfortably, with topics you already understand. Plus, these jobs are often easier to find.

6. Medical Coding and Billing

If you have experience in billing, or accounts payable or receivable, medical coding and billing is another option. Although you may require training, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates that this career path will grow in popularity as more individuals purchase health insurance.

7. Entrepreneur or Office Manager

The idea of going back to work on your own power might be too overwhelming to consider seriously at first. Don’t be too quick to discount the knowledge your hard-earned expertise earned you. Years of keeping everyone in your family organized and on time might make you the perfect office manager. You could also consider opening your own business as a professional organizer, party planner, or personal assistant. You can earn a diploma in Business Administration in less than one year.

Is It Time to Go Back to School?

If your old career as an accountant didn’t satisfy your professional interests or make use of your personal strengths, it may be time to consider going back to school. Turn a love of computers and technology into a career as a network administrator. Or earn a business degree and fill the hole on your resume that has been holding you back for years.

If you have a dream that your education hasn’t prepared you for, why wait? Find your own career on your own unique path.

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