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Are you considering shifting gears and moving into a new career path? Whether your future goals have changed over time, you have developed different interests, or you are just ready to switch things up, convenient online programs make changing careers easier than ever.

Before taking the plunge and handing in your resignation, you should consider some critical factors. Follow these six steps for a successful career change to set yourself up for a positive move.

How to Make a Successful Career Change

Whether you are new to your field or hoping to make a mid-life move, changing careers is often filled with both excitement and uncertainty. It can be scary to leave the known behind and embark on a new journey in a different field. If you are wondering how to successfully change careers, make sure you cover these six steps.

1. Consider Why You Want to Change Careers

Assess your current level of job satisfaction, including the aspects you like and dislike about your current position and industry. Evaluate whether these factors are tied to your current job, workplace, or line of work. Thinking through these factors will help you determine exactly why you want to change — and help you avoid selecting an alternative career where you will face the same struggles.

2. Choose a New Career

Now that you have decided you want to change careers, it is time to determine your next path. This phase will involve research — and plenty of it. Start to brainstorm career alternatives, and research factors such as job outlook, typical salaries, and advancement potential.

3. Create an Action Plan

With a specific alternative career path in mind, it is time to nail down the details of your action plan. Identify your goals and ideal timeline. This plan will help to shape your milestones along the way, allowing you to set deadlines for handing in your resignation, applying for a program, and consulting with your employer. You can break these major milestones into smaller daily or weekly tasks to keep the process moving smoothly.

4. Give Your New Career a Try

Planning for how to change careers? Avoid losing yourself in the weeds of research and forgetting one critical step — getting practical experience. Find ways to gain some expertise through volunteering, working part-time, freelancing, starting your own project, or shadowing a local professional.

5. Nourish Your Skills

One of the most crucial steps for a successful career change is building a relevant skill set. If you are switching into a related career, your preexisting skills may be transferable. However, if you are making a wildly different transition, you may need to develop new abilities to pave the way to success. Consider taking advantage of any in-house training your company offers or spending your free time learning key career skills.

6. Consider Taking Online Classes for Career Change

Position yourself for the highest chance of success by enrolling in a relevant educational program. Depending on your career goals, doing so may involve a Bootcamp or short course — or it could entail going back to school to earn an entirely new degree. Spend some time researching the typical educational requirements for your new aspirations, and look into options near you.

Wondering how to change your career with online courses? A digital education medium is often the most popular route for career switchers. Online programs offer the greatest flexibility, which is particularly important if you will need to keep working full-time while studying. Studying online does not require relocation to a particular area, which means you can stay local throughout your studies. As a result, you will be able to gain the qualifications you need on your own terms and with reduced risk.

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At Vista College, we offer an array of online programs designed for your flexibility and convenience. Earn a quality degree from a highly regarded and fully accredited institution, paving the way to your position in a brand-new field. Our online options range from a variety of healthcare programs, business administration and leadership, bookkeeping, and internet technology support. If you are wondering how to make a successful career change, our online programs may provide an effective solution.

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