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The medical field is constantly expanding to meet the growing demand for quality health care services. As a result, the need for highly trained professionals to fill these roles is on the rise. However, it’s not just clinical roles that need an influx of new personnel. Many behind-the-scenes jobs are required to keep the medical profession flourishing. If you are interested in entering the healthcare field in a non-clinical capacity, a bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration could be the perfect avenue.

What Is Healthcare Administration?

Healthcare administration is a vital part of keeping the medical field functioning. Between hospitals, nursing homes, and doctor’s offices, there is no shortage of facilities requiring daily management. Healthcare administration professionals are responsible for ensuring that a facility runs smoothly.

A typical day as a healthcare administrator includes tasks like overseeing the budget, supervising employees, finding ways to improve patient care, and making sure the facility is operating efficiently. If there’s a need for employee training or budget adjustments, the healthcare administrator is typically the person in charge. It’s a challenging position with high responsibility — and the potential for immense personal reward.

Explore Popular Careers in Healthcare Administration

A bachelor’s degree can lead to many different healthcare administration career options. Wondering what you can do with this degree? Explore some of the most popular career paths for graduates:

  • Office manager: Medical office managers are responsible for overseeing operations and running the day-to-day needs of a facility, including staff supervision.
  • Administrative assistant: Administrative assistant roles are common entry-level positions for graduates looking to build a healthcare administration career. This title typically involves helping to run the operations of an office, including tracking inventory and helping to distribute supplies.
  • Human relations personnel: If you love working closely with people, you may be drawn to an administrative career in healthcare. Human relations personnel offer vital support to medical professionals, assisting with everything from employee benefits to job training.
  • Health insurance specialist: Many new graduates discover that one of the best careers in healthcare administration involves health insurance. Specialists become the bridge between patients and insurance agencies, unpacking the complexities of insurance verbiage and ensuring that medical cost claims are reported accurately.
  • Community support manager: Community support managers help hospitals create sustainable educational programs that enhance community health. Most professionals entering the field find that a bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration is an asset — and typically a requisite — for this position.

Where Can You Work With a Degree in Healthcare Administration?

Considering a career in healthcare administration? Let’s take a look at where this degree could lead you. Besides considering careers for healthcare administration majors, it’s also important to look at where you could potentially spend your days working.

Healthcare administration professionals often work in:

  • Hospitals: From entry-level jobs to leadership positions, plenty of opportunities to work behind the scenes exist in clinical settings.
  • Government: Several government sectors and agencies focus on public health, insurance, and healthcare planning, creating a high demand for qualified professionals.
  • The private sector: Many businesses intersect with the healthcare field by providing services, supplies, and insurance. If you’re interested in consulting or providing specialty services, healthcare administration could prepare you to apply for jobs in a private business capacity.

Earn Your Healthcare Administration Degree Online at Vista College

At Vista College, we offer a robust Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration degree online. Our bachelor’s degree program empowers aspiring healthcare administration professionals to gain the valuable experience and practical skills needed to enter a growing field. Earn your degree with the convenience of a flexible online structure and prepare to apply for a diverse array of jobs in the medical field.

Ready to learn more? Reach out to our team today to take the next step toward your future.

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