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Are you one of the many people with a true passion for being around animals? If so, you may have considered working in some type of animal-related career. The good news is that there are plenty of types of professions in which animal lovers can find great work, make money, and love every single day on the job.

Become a Vet Tech

A veterinary technician works in an animal clinic or emergency animal care facility. He or she is responsible for helping the veterinarian with the types of animals he or she specializes in, such as typical household pets like cats and dogs or more exotic pets like lizards and turtles. You would need to understand the physiology of the animals, as well as be able to gently and comfortably handle them.

Become a Veterinarian

If you thought about being a doctor, but you weren’t sure you wanted to work with human patients, why not consider a job as an animal doctor? Veterinarians have the opportunity to work with furry (and not-so-furry!) clients on a daily basis, as well as their owners. No two days will be the same when you’re a veterinarian, but you’ll have plenty of help thanks to your vet tech associates and other staff members. One note: Becoming a veterinarian takes numerous years of schooling.

Become a Guide Dog Trainer or Regular Dog Trainer

Do you have the ability to get dogs to listen to you? A career as a dog trainer either for guide dogs or regular dogs could be in your future. Trainers usually work with dogs and their owners to help the dogs safely learn commands. Dog trainers forge unforgettable bonds between their animal and human clientele. They may also be sought out as experts. Some dog trainers even work with Hollywood’s finest dog actors for TV shows and movies!

Become a Wildlife Advocate

Are you concerned about animals living in the wild? Is it important to you to make sure that animals living in forests, plains and deserts are being protected? A job in some type of wildlife advocacy agency could be an ideal fit for your passions. This is not typically a career that will bring a huge salary, but if money isn’t as important to you as doing the right thing for the animals you love, it may be precisely what will leave you able to say you truly love your job.

Become a Zookeeper

Yes, there is still a need for zookeepers! These are animal lovers to the extreme and must be excited to work with all different types of animals, from snakes to giraffes. You should be a constant learner and have a huge respect for animal kind. You may also be tasked with giving presentations as part of your role to teach others how to properly care for the animals in our world.

Become an Animal Cruelty Investigator

Animal cruelty investigators look into cases in which humans are abusing the animals in their care. These types of investigators must be ready to take action and remove animals when needed, as well as work with sometimes challenging humans. It can be a tough assignment, especially when animals must be euthanized due to their extreme neglect or abuse. However, you’ll know every day that you made the world a little better for the animals you were able to rescue.

Become an Animal Breeder

An animal breeder usually works with a specific breed of dog or cat to create litters of animals that are perfect for shows. Breeding has to be done very carefully to protect the health of the mating animals, as well as the health of their offspring. Additionally, breeders are required to maintain paperwork on their litters and to screen applicants for ownership. Reputable breeders who are well-known can make a living off of their love of breeding dogs or cats.

Become an Animal Shelter Manager

Does the thought of being the first line of defense for unwanted animals appeal to you? An animal shelter manager has the chance to make a difference in the lives of pets that have been abandoned or neglected. You’ll have to work with veterinarians, law enforcement officials and adopters as an animal shelter manager. You may also have to maintain certification to stay open as a non-profit agency.

If you love animals and want to be around them in your working life, remember that there’s always a career available for you. The animals you assist will be thankful!

Photo by Yvonne Lin

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