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The United States has long been lauded as a land of opportunity. This holds true today, with America’s huge global workforce showcasing a long-lasting international allure. One big reason why the U.S. remains a popular relocation destination? The broad range of available job opportunities for immigrants in the U.S.A. While the immigration process is complex and challenging, immigrants find work in virtually every industry in the country.

Here, we will explore the top careers in the U.S.A. for immigrants. If you are considering making the move yourself, these popular fields may give you a place to start the search.

The Process of Moving to the U.S.

Living and working in the U.S. long-term requires obtaining a visa. There are several different types of work and residence permits available depending on your situation. Individuals from abroad can choose to seek permanent residence in the form of a green card or request a temporary non-immigrant H1B work visa through a U.S. employer.

Top Career Opportunities for Immigrants in America

Current job opportunities for immigrants in America swing wide across the spectrum. Workers from abroad embark on careers across every field and position imaginable, bringing incredible growth and diversity to the country. If you are hoping to pursue a move across the border, consider these popular jobs in the USA for immigrants, based on data compiled from the Census’s American Community Survey.


Roles in nursing, health care support staff, and administration are a major draw for immigrants. In fact, approximately 19 percent of employees in this field hail from abroad. Health care practitioners and technicians also constituted a hefty international base, with 15 percent of doctor positions filled by immigrants. Vista College’s US Nursing Career Opportunities Program was designed to help those living in Mexico interested in a nursing career in the US take the next step.

“There are several things that excite me about this program,” said Vista College CEO Jim Tolbert. “First is we are solving a monumental problem for the US – a critical shortage of nurses in the US. The second is we are providing incredible opportunities for Mexican nurses by giving them a chance to earn money, as nurses, far in excess of what they could earn in Mexico. This is an opportunity to not only improve their lives, but the lives of their entire families.”

Social Services

If you are looking into solid jobs for moving to the U.S., consider a role in social services. The social services sector is comprised of approximately 10 percent immigrant employees, with professionals making a difference in relief agencies, community organizations, non-governmental organizations, and government-led social work.


The global nature of business makes it a popular field for immigrants considering moving to the U.S. More than 10 percent of business operations in the country are led by immigrants working in areas like analytics and software.


If your background or passion centers on education, you will find plenty of opportunities to put your skills to good use. Approximately 11 percent of educational roles in the U.S. — from teachers to librarians and administrators — are filled by workers from abroad.


One of the biggest industries offering career opportunities for immigrants in the U.S.A. is the life, physical and social sciences field. Roughly 21 percent of this workforce is comprised of immigrants who are applying their talents and expertise to shape the future.

Construction and Maintenance

With 35 percent of construction and maintenance jobs filled by immigrants, this profession is a highly popular career choice for those moving to the U.S.

Explore Career Training Opportunities at Vista College

At Vista College, we recognize the incredible benefits our international students and workforce offer. We aim to make it as easy as possible for our community to bring their talents to the U.S. if they wish. Our RNMX Continuing Education program is geared toward helping students in Mexico train to become RNs in the U.S. through online coursework and job placements.

Our fully-accredited Vocational Nurse diploma and Practical Nurse diploma programs offer further opportunities for both domestic and foreign students to train for a fulfilling career in the nursing field. If you are an international student looking to build a career in the U.S., our programs can help prepare you to apply for jobs in a field filled with opportunities. Explore our diploma programs and contact our team today with any questions!

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