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The nursing field is full of diverse specializations and unique opportunities for both personal and professional growth. A faster-than-average demand rate has created a promising job outlook for many nursing professionals. Currently, there is a shortage of 400,000 RNs needed in the United States.  However, even with so many job opportunities available, it does not mean just anybody can step into the field. There are still a number of key skills necessary to be a nurse and advance in your career. Here, we will explore the top must-have nursing skills that will help you stand out.

Essential Clinical Skills Needed to Be a Nurse

What skills do you need to be a nurse? First and foremost, in order to earn your certification and become a registered nurse, you must complete education and clinical practice at a certified institution. This degree will teach you a number of technical skills needed to begin working professionally. These essential skills and experience will include, among others:

  • Clinical experience
  • Advanced cardiac life support
  • CPR
  • Acute care
  • Critical care nursing
  • Patient and family education
  • Case management

You can develop these at the nursing program of your choice. In addition to technical capabilities, what personal skills are necessary to be a nurse? Let’s dive in.

1. Confidence

Nurses bear a huge weight of responsibility when it comes to administering proper care to their patients. Nurses must act quickly, work independently, and make important patient care decisions. Self-doubt can cause you to slow down in critical situations and second-guess your choices. In order to excel, confidence is among the most important skills needed for a nursing career.

2. Critical Thinking

If you are wondering how to advance your nursing career, critical thinking skills are absolutely at the top of the list. Critical thinking is the ability to quickly assess a situation and make on-the-spot decisions in order to determine the best solution. As a nurse, your job will be filled with problem-solving in high-pressure scenarios. This is exacerbated by the limited time and resources many nurses handle.

You can hone your critical thinking skills by assessing information, identifying programs, troubleshooting with your team, and staying informed about the latest health care findings.

3. Attention to Detail

With so many details on your plate, an attentive eye is among the most necessary skills to be a nurse. Between documenting patient charts, listening to symptoms, and administering the right medication at the correct time, you will have to manage countless details at any given moment. One small mistake can have serious consequences. Whether you are naturally detail-oriented or you need to fine-tune your organizational skills, paying attention to the small things will help you advance your career in nursing.

4. Communication

As the go-to person between patients and health care providers, nurses will lean heavily on their ability to communicate well. You must balance concise, logical communication with a calm and compassionate bearing. Learning how to communicate effectively — including adapting your strategies to the unique patients and families in front of you — will undoubtedly help you advance in the nursing field.

5. Empathy

If you are questioning how to advance a career in nursing, empathy is a must. Nurses are often thrust into the role of helping patients navigate the confusion and barriers of a health care system. They may become an advocate and voice of reason for patients. In order to provide excellent care, strong nurses can demonstrate empathy that helps their patients feel seen and understood.

Develop the Skills Needed for Success at Vista College

We offer several nursing programs with a short wait time for enrollment and flexible class schedules. Small class sizes and a hands-on learning approach help prospective nurses develop the skills needed to advance in their nursing careers. Our accelerated learning approach means you could earn your degree and train to start seeking a new job in less than a year.

Vista College’s US Nursing Career Opportunities program allows those residing in Mexico to train and develop skills needed to become an RN in the US and obtain a work visa. You’ll learn practical skills, obtain a nursing certification, and work with our job placement team to find a position in the US.

You can also browse our Vocational Nurse diploma and Practical Nurse diploma programs to learn more. If you have any questions, feel free to request the specific information you need!

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