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Fast Growing Jobs for Military Veterans

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The job market changes so quickly it can be hard to keep up. Jobs that were popular just a couple years ago, are now becoming obsolete. Other jobs are being taking over by machines and robots. Whether you are just beginning your military career or ending your career, it is important to keep an eye on some of the fastest growing jobs for military and veterans.

Whether you have a knack for business or technology or medicine or anything else, knowing the trends can be helpful so you aren’t left behind. While most of these jobs will require a degree, some will also require you to be certified as well. These can range for technology certifications to insurance or medical certifications also. Knowing the trends in the job market is one thing, knowing how to get the job you want is another.

Going Back to School

If you need to complete your degree, get an advanced degree or get a certification, you need to research that as well. All of that will take time and money. So if you want a job as soon as you ETS, know the requirements and plan accordingly. If it is going to take you two years to finish your degree, you’ll want to start planning for that as soon as possible. If a certification takes you 6 months to finish, perhaps you can look at saving that for your last 6 months in service. One advantage to that is the knowledge will be fresh in your head.

If you need to finish your education after you ETS, don’t worry. You still want to plan ahead and finish as much as you can before you ETS. But, you can also apply to jobs while you are earning your degree or certification. Letting employers know that you are almost finish and will be complete by time the job starts usually is enough for some employers. However, if you ETS and it is still going to take you another year or two to compete your education, that will put you a bit behind. If you are going for something in the technology sector, what your studying now may be obsolete in a year or two. So always plan ahead.


Once your education is done and you are ready to start job hunting, another item you have to consider is location. While you may want to go back to your hometown or off to the mountains or somewhere tropical, the job you are looking for may not be there. Picking a location is key, especially if you want to start a family or be close to your family.

The bigger cities will always have the most jobs and most opportunities. However, they are also more expensive in terms of cost of living.

The bigger cities will always have the most jobs and most opportunities. However, they are also more expensive in terms of cost of living. Everything from rent, groceries and insurance will go up. So that is something else to consider. Also, take into consideration money you have saved or will need to save to get started. You may need a deposit on an apartment or house. You may need to fix your car or get a new one if you will have a long commute. These are all things to consider when looking an applying to jobs.

Best Careers

In your search for the top fastest growing careers, doing a quick Google search will bring up a ton of lists. These lists seem to change every year, but the general top jobs remain close to the same. Head over to and then have a list of the fastest growing 30 jobs in America. In this list you will find everything from engineers, network systems, dentist, therapist, software, financial advisors, and much more.

This list can change slightly per website, but you get the general idea. If you want a stable, high paying career with benefits, you are going to have to aim high. Long gone are the factory jobs and working at a car plant. You will need technical skills as well as business skills to succeed in today’s job market.

If you don’t already have the education or skills to get one of the best growing careers out there, Vista College is a great place to go to complete your degree. They have online degree programs in everything from business, healthcare, technology, legal, and even trade. Many of the programs they have offer military scholarships. They also accept VA education benefits.


Let’s take a look at some of the fast growing careers and how Vista College matches up. In business some of the jobs that are growing are; financial examiners, compliance offers, and personal financial advisors among others. Vista College can help you get into one of those careers with degrees in Business Administration, Business Management & Project Management.

The average salary for those with a business degree can vary. According to, careers as a financial analyst have a broad pay range.  Beyond finance, there are a number of other jobs in businesses as well. There are operations, accountant, human resources, international business, banking and much more.

The pay for each of these jobs depends on your experience, company size, location, bonus or commission and your degree. If you have a Master’s degree, you can expect to earn even more as well. Some of the top cities for jobs in business are in some of the bigger cities in the U.S. Cities like New York, Houston, Atlanta, Dallas, and Chicago. While you can find a job in business practically everywhere, the bigger companies and perhaps better jobs will most likely be in the bigger cities.

Information Technology

Jobs in tech or information technology are booming. If you want job security and a job just about anywhere in the world, technology jobs is something you should explore. Some of the top jobs in technology can range from network systems, computer software, tech support, web developer, web designer, cyber security and many more. Vista College has you covered with degrees in Information Technology and Information Systems Security.

Some of the top jobs in technology can range from network systems, computer software, tech support, web developer, web designer, cyber security and many more.

Careers in technology can vary greatly. You can work on hardware and setting up networks. You can protect those networks doing network security. You can build apps for mobile devices. You can work in artificial intelligence. You can also work in cyber security trying to stop threats from rouge nations. Most of these require a solid foundation in computer science.

For hotspot tech locations, obviously Silicon Valley is the number one spot. You will find just about every major tech company in this area. 90% of the jobs you see will be in this area. You will find plenty of high paying jobs with great benefits and perks. Keep in mind, the cost of living is extremely high. In fact, it is the highest in the U.S. and among the highest in the world.

Other places you can look for tech jobs are in Austin, Texas, New York, Boston, and Washington D.C. among others. Keep in mind, in places like Austin, your money will go a lot further than California or New York. One of the great things about working in technology is the amount of freelance and remote work that is out there.

Being a highly skilled web developer or designer can land you plenty of opportunities.  If you insist on living wherever you want or being mobile, this could be the perfect industry for you. Some of the biggest companies in the world offer freelance or remote opportunities.

With remote jobs, you may have the opportunity to earn a regular salary, get benefits & vacation, and be part of the company, just from home. With freelance work, you have the chance to work anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection. However, you would be considered a contractor not an employee in most cases. With that, you would not get benefits or any other job related perks. The work might not be as consistent as you would like either.

Health Care

Another career path to consider is in the medical field. While doctors and Surgeons are the highest paid in the medical field, not everyone needs or wants to become a doctor. If getting into the medical field is something you are interested in, Vista College offers a number of programs for you to choose from. They offer everything from degrees, diplomas and certificates.

While doctors and Surgeons are the highest paid in the medical field, not everyone needs or wants to become a doctor.

Some of the programs they offer are medical assisting, medical information, dental assistant, massage therapy, medical insurance, and healthcare administration. There is something for everyone to begin a career in the medical field. These courses will also help prepare you for some of the best growing careers in America.

These careers consist of home health aides, medical scientist, physician assistants, skin care specialist, dental hygienists, dental assistants, physical therapy assistants, and much more.  You can find healthcare jobs all over the country. This list by ZipRecruiter, highlights some of the best cities for jobs in healthcare.

Some of the cities include Phoenix, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, Tampa, and San Francisco.  The average salary in the medical field can vary greatly. Nurses can also have very flexible schedules, including weekends only.

The top paying jobs are of course doctors and surgeons. These careers take much longer to get started and you will rack up the student loan debt. On the other hand, you’ll be rewarded with a high paying job and signing bonuses and other potential bonuses as well. Being a doctor is not as simple as it sounds. There are a number of specialties that you can choose from. Some specialties pay more than others.

For example, you can be an eye doctor, dentist, ear doctor, family doctor, pain management specialist and more. While most of these jobs you will make at least six figures, there are other jobs where you can make millions. Being a surgeon is as top of the line as it gets.  Even a surgeon has different specialties. You can be a brain surgeon or an eye surgeon and so on.

With that said, you don’t want to choose a career for money. You have to pick something that you are passionate about. You have to pick something that you won’t mind doing for the rest of your life. Depending on your age when you get out of the military, that will make a difference. If you are in your twenties or thirties, you will have your whole career ahead of you. If you get out in your forties or older, you will be close to retirement age.

If you pick a job just for the money, chances are you will be unhappy at some point. While it is becoming the norm to change careers multiple times, it would be best to limit that. Another point to remember is, some of these jobs and degrees are only a starting point. These will help you start your career. However, once you begin your career and start to advance and learn more about your industry, you’ll also pursue more education.

Getting an advance degree is the next step in your career. While it may not be needed for some jobs, it will most likely be a requirement for a management or director level role. Not to mention a bump in pay. This career guide can also be used for your family. If you have kids or a spouse who wants to go back to school or start school, they can follow this information as well.

ith content that is geared towards the military and veterans, Vista Military is a great resource for you and your family.

For your kids, their opportunities will continue to change as time goes on. Depending on their age they could be part of jobs that aren’t even available yet.  No matter what stage you are at in your military career or your MOS, staying up to date on the latest job trends will give you an edge over your peers.  With the job market as competitive as ever, you will need every edge you can get. Something as simple as having a plan and sticking with it, can make all the difference.


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