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Taking care of your hair to keep it healthy is the best way to grow long hair naturally.

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Ready for a fresh look? Staying on top of the current cosmetology trends is an excellent way to explore a new look, whether you want a new hairstyle, a trendy manicure or fresh color. The following trends continue to rise when it comes to hair and makeup.

Long, Luscious Locks

Long hair is always on-trend, but many women are going even longer than normal. Many runway models are sporting extra long locks, as are celebrities who can’t get enough of the extra long look. Many people are focusing on smooth, straight, glossy locks with these longer styles.

How can you get those long locks? Taking care of your hair to keep it healthy is the best way to grow long hair naturally. Here are some ways to help your hair grow well:

  • Go in for trims of the frayed ends regularly. These regular trims keep your ends healthy and fresh while minimizing the amount of hair you need to cut to remove the split ends. By cutting less off the ends, your hair stays longer to reach your hair goals faster. Salons by Vista College offers affordable haircuts, so you can keep up with your regular trims to keep your hair healthy.
  • Eat healthily. Taking care of your body on the inside makes everything healthier, including your hair. Eating a balanced diet gives your body plenty of the vitamins that could support faster hair growth. If your diet has room for improvement, focus on increasing your intake of healthier foods and see how it affects your hair.
  • Handle with care. It’s tempting to scrub your hair aggressively while shampooing, but that rough handling is not healthy for your hair. Drying your hair roughly with a towel can also cause breakage. Be gentle with your hair and try drying it with an old t-shirt instead, which can help keep it strong.
  • Use deep conditioning masks. Periodic deep moisturizing improves the health of your hair so that it can grow efficiently. Apply specialized hair masks, oil treatments and other conditioning products on your hair.

If you don’t have the patience to let your hair grow out on its own, one quick solution is to get hair extensions. These sections of hair look natural and blend in with your real hair when done properly. Trained students at Salons by Vista College can transform your short or medium hair into the long, flowing look that is so hot at the moment.

Embellished Braids

Braiding hair is nothing new. What is growing in popularity is embellishing your braided hair. One popular option is to integrate metal rings into the braids. Think of it as jewelry for your braids. Many celebrities have donned this look recently, including Rita Ora, Shay Mitchell and Katy Perry. The rings make appearances on a variety of braid styles.


If you find yourself having major brow envy, microblading could help you achieve the full brow look you’ve dreamed of having. The latest craze is to keep your brows natural and even a bit untamed rather than having razor sharp shaping. Filling out your brows with microblading can help you nail that natural look. The microblading technique uses tiny micro needles to add pigment to your top layer of skin, creating a filled-in look. The results last roughly two years, making this a semi-permanent solution to your thinning brows.

If you don’t want to spend the money on microblading, you can use brow powder to make your brows look full. It takes a little more work since you’ll have to do it every morning, but it’s an affordable, needle-free option. However you achieve the look, remember to avoid the sharp, unnatural look.

If your brows need a little shaping, Salons by Vista College offers waxing services. You can get your eyebrows in the shape you want with an affordable price tag.

Unique Lip Looks

Previously, the go-to lip look was highly defined with sharp edges created by perfect eyeliner. That look takes some serious practice to create and maintain throughout the day. The lip trends are loosening up a bit and becoming bold.

The lip trends are loosening up a bit and becoming bold.

Check out these trendy lip styles:

  • Blurred lines: Crisp lines to create the perfect lips are a thing of the past, according to some stylish people. The forecast for lips includes a lot more blurring to create an imperfect look. That means you can skip the lip liner during your makeup routine. Creating diffused edges helps you achieve the blurred look. A cotton swab is an easy way to help soften the edges of your lipstick. Add extra lipstick in the middle of the lips to further enhance the effect.
  • Ombre lips: The ombre style made its way through hair, home décor and other facets of life. Now, it’s making an appearance on lips, and it’s anything but subtle. This blended look is popular with reds and oranges, making a bold look on the lips. One way to achieve the look is to use a bold red lipstick around the edges of your lips. Fill in the rest of the lips with a bright orange hue. A glossy finish gives the ombre lips an even bigger pop. Another way to achieve the look is to put a dark lipstick on top and a light lipstick on the bottom. Smack your lips together to blend the colors slightly.
  • Glittery lips: Who doesn’t love glitter? Some people love it so much they’re incorporating it into their makeup. Glittery lips are popular right now, pushing once popular matte lipsticks out of the way. You can apply glitter directly to your lips after applying color. Another option is to purchase a glittery lipstick that already has the sparkle added.
  • Glossy lips: If glitter isn’t your style, opt for glossy lips instead. The reflective finish on glossy lipsticks is the growing trend instead of previously popular matte lip color. This look works with most colors, so it’s a versatile trend no matter what hue you normally choose.

Pucker up with a new, bold look to stay on trend in the lip department. Experiment with the different trendy styles to find one that fits your personality.

Bling Nail Designs

Forget subtle nail color. The rising trend is to ramp up the bling on manicures. From shiny finishes to dazzling decorations, nails are meant to stand out, according to the trendsetters.

Some of the popular ways to make your nails stand out include:

  • Chrome nail color: If you follow the trends, you’ll be able to see yourself in your fingernails for the time being. Chrome nail polish that creates a mirror effect is becoming very popular.
  • Gemstones: Nail art is nothing new, but a newer trend is to glue gemstones onto your nails for a 3D nail art effect. You can use gemstones that you find in craft stores for a simple version of the look. Topcoat holds smaller pieces onto the nails, while larger pieces may need nail glue.
  • Orange nails: Just like other cosmetics, orange is a stylish option for your nails. It has a bold look that stands out. The orange hue matches the season during the summer. In the winter, orange nail polish is an easy way to fend off the winter blues.
  • Ballerina nails: Changing the shape of the nails themselves is another way to jazz up your look. Ballerina nails, also referred to as coffin nails, are gaining popularity. This style features a long nail that tapers toward the type. The nail has a flat top rather than the traditional rounded look. Ballerina nails offer a distinct look, yet the shape is subtle and sophisticated enough to work in various professional settings.

Painting your nails can be time-consuming and challenging. At Salons by Vista College, we offer nail services, including gel lacquer and nail art. It’s the perfect way to get trendy bling filled nails while pampering yourself with a mini spa day. If you prefer a more subtle approach, we can handle that as well.

Messy Curls

Forget spending hours achieving perfect, even curls. Many women are leaning toward uneven, messy curls for a more natural look. Lots of volume is also popular with the messy curl look. Don’t shy away from pumped up uneven curls and waves.

Many women are leaning toward uneven, messy curls for a more natural look.

Ashy Balayage or Blorange Color

The hair color of the moment is a very trendy aspect of cosmetology. While the classic colors will always remain popular, new hues pop up each season for the adventurous and trendy.

Silver has been a trendy color in recent years, as has the balayage technique. The latest trends seem to combine those two in an ashy balayage look.

If you’re not ready to go gray, another popular color right now is one that is described as blorange. This is a combination of blonde and orange. It’s a great way to brighten your look while doing something different with your hair.

Whether you’re ready for a trendy color or you want to stick with the classics, Salons by Vista College offers a number of color services. Go for an all-over color or change your look with highlights and lowlights.

Clean, Sustainable Beauty

Going green isn’t just a trend around the home. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of what goes into the products they use, including cosmetics and beauty supplies. This push toward clean beauty with sustainable products is transforming cosmetology trends.

Many healthy and beauty companies are trending toward natural ingredients without lots of chemicals and additives. Consumers also want to buy from companies that focus on sustainable production methods to minimize the impact on the environment.

Face Masks

Another growing trend is the use of facial masks. Many people are looking for various types of face masks, including the popular charcoal mask, to improve skin quality. One trend within this category is to apply different types of face masks to different areas of the face, depending on the type of skin in that area. You might apply a face mask to control oil in your T zone for example. If part of your face is dry, you can apply a special mask that supplies intensive moisturizer to that particular area.

Pamper yourself with a skin treatment at Salons by Vista College. We offer affordable facial options that can improve your skin’s look and health.

Bold Eye Looks

Eye makeup is also transforming. The trends show more bold looks around the eye instead of subtle looks or smoky eyes.

Current eye makeup trends include:

  • Underliner: Just when you perfected the cat eye look on your upper lids, the trendsetters throw the emphasis below the eye. Those on top of the cosmetics trends are adding bold underliner to their makeup routines. Bright colors are popular for the under-eye area. Start with something subtle, and work up to a more bold look under your eyes.
  • Sunset eyes: This trend focuses on orange as a way to create a bold eye look. Warm-toned orange hues top the list of choices for the look.
  • Metallic looks: Matte eyeshadows are slipping in popularity. Instead, eye makeup is taking on a shinier, brighter look. One way to do this is by applying a metallic eye shadow, such as a bronze color, to your eye area. Bright colors are also popular, including blue and purple. Pair multiple colors together on the eyelid to create a watercolor effect for another trending option.

However, you interpret the changes in eye makeup, bold is the name of the game.

However, you interpret the changes in eye makeup, bold is the name of the game. If you’re a little uneasy about going so bold, start by choosing a color you wouldn’t normally wear, such as blue. Work up to bolder looks as you get used to the brighter look.


Most women have embarrassing stories about bangs, whether you cut them yourself or you chose bangs when everyone else was going long. It can be difficult to keep up with the latest on the bangs situation. Are they in? Are they out? Should you go subtle and wispy or in-your-face?

According to the cosmetology trends, the current preference is to go for the bangs. Blunt cuts featuring sharp angles are all the rage, so expect to see bold, blunt bang styles going forward.

As far as the rest of your hair goes, you can still count on the bob and the lob to remain stable hair trends. What’s changing about the look is the bluntness of the styles. Current trendsetters are choosing blunt looks with hair all the same length instead of softening the cut with layers.

Natural Look

While bold colors and glittery accents are all the rage, others are going the opposite way, showing up with a natural look. Natural doesn’t have to mean skipping your makeup completely. Many cosmetics have a natural look, so you can get the coverage you want while keeping your look toned down.

One way to achieve this more natural approach is to cut down on contouring. While heavy contouring was once the popular trend, many people are easing up on contouring significantly. This can simplify your makeup routine and give you a natural look.

Get Help With Your Favorite Trends

Find your new look at Salons by Vista College.

Which cosmetology trends appeal to you the most? Whether you’re looking for a new hairstyle or color, want to shape up your brows, need a fresh look for your nails, or want a new makeup routine, Salons by Vista College offers the services to help. Trained students provide you with the services you want at a fraction of the cost of other salons. Perfect your trendy look with our manicures and pedicures, facials, makeup application and waxing. Our hair services include perms, cuts, styling, color, hair extensions and braiding. Find your new look at Salons by Vista College.

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