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Career Paths in Business Management

There’s a good reason that management is a popular major for college students around the world. Business management prepares you for a wide range of careers, from investment brokers to office managers to employment interviewers. The trick is choosing the right program, and tailoring your course load to reflect your natural interests and abilities.

Who Hires Business Management Majors?

Advertising agencies, manufacturing firms, hospitals, retailers, public relations firms, banks, and many other companies count on management majors to fill their ranks. That’s because management majors study a broad range of subjects, including business law, information systems, human resources, and operations management. Industries might sell differing products or services, but they all have to manage their resources and capital effectively. With a business management degree, you can get skills-based training that applies to all of these fields.

Did you know that small businesses employ more people than big businesses, and that small business owners are more likely to accumulate wealth? Majoring in business management is an excellent way to prepare yourself to open your own business. If you’re already working and are worried about taking time off to go back to school, you can even take business management courses online.

Online learning is booming, and a recent U.S. Department of Education report found that mature, motivated online learners are more likely to earn top grades than their brick-and-mortar student counterparts. If you’re serious about getting a business degree, online learning allows you to work and study at the same time.

Career Paths in Business Management

If you know you want to study business but you’re not sure what direction you want to head after graduation, there is plenty of time to decide. Business management degrees are incredibly flexible, so changing your area of focus is easy as your study — even after you begin working. Some options to consider include:

Insurance, banking, consulting, and financial services — Whether you’re interested in sales, financial operations, or human resources, a business management degree applies. If you’re a people person and you enjoy talking on the phone, try sales. If your comfort zone includes spreadsheets and formulas, try operations. If you love people but you don’t enjoy meeting quotas, consider human resources.
Environmental or charitable work — If you enjoy giving back to the community and making the world a better place, consider working at a business or nonprofit whose mission statement aligns with yours. This is a great way to use your management skills while also enjoying the satisfaction that comes with knowing your work is making a difference.
The manufacturing and industrial industries — Your management degree will help you work with professionals of many skillsets. For example, if working in an industrial setting is appealing but you don’t have a talent for working with your hands, a management degree can put you in the environment you enjoy as you utilize the skills and abilities you have.
Government work — If you live in an area with a large number of government jobs, your management degree can get you involved. Government jobs are easy to source, as they’re posted online. Application requirements are also clear. Note that some jobs may restrict applicants to residents of certain areas.
Staying in school — If you’re determined to make it to the top of your profession, consider staying in school. An associates or bachelor’s degree can springboard you to a masters in administration, finance, information systems, and other valuable programs.

Pick the Path That’s Right for You

With a management degree, you can choose from a lot of different career paths. For more information on management degrees that may work with your busy schedule, contact Vista College.

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