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9 Flexible Jobs That Pay Well But Don’t Require Years of College

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Do you want a career that pays the bills while leaving you with the time and energy to enjoy your life? Maybe you want a satisfying and well-paying job that still lets you indulge in hobbies, travel the world, or raise a family. After all, there’s no point in earning good money if you don’t have the time to enjoy it as well.

Luckily, there are jobs with flexible hours, good earning potential, and high rates of satisfaction. These jobs don’t even require many years of school, so you can get started on your career — and your new life — without delay.

Best Jobs for Moms

Moms already have the toughest job in the world. Why would they sign up for a career that requires years of training and inflexible schedules that get in the way of family? Here are four jobs that are great for moms:

1.  Financial Planner

Moms know all about finances, whether they’re paying the family bills or paying out allowance money. With business training from Vista College, you can land a job in an office or launch your own accountant business, helping others with bookkeeping, financial planning, and taxes.

Financial planners and accountants can work from home, freelance, launch their own businesses, or work for large corporations such as banks. If you decide to go into business for yourself, you can set your own hours and decide where you work. If you choose to work for large financial intuitions, you’ll enjoy the benefits and vacation time these larger companies tend to often offer.

The pay is something you can raise a family on, too. Employment in this area is expected to grow 15 percent through 2026.

Best Jobs for Moms: Financial Planner, Mompreneur, Beautician, and Personal Trainers

2.  Mompreneur

If you’re looking for one of the best jobs for moms that has no earnings ceiling and lots of flexibility, it’s hard to beat the life of an entrepreneur. Plenty of moms are already finding success with opening and running their own business. According to Womenable, in 2014 there were over 9.08 million private women-owned businesses in the United States. These companies generated over $1.4 trillion in revenues and employed over 7.8 million employees (not including the owners of the businesses).

Women entrepreneurs have one of the most flexible jobs by any standard. They can enter any field they want, as well as choose their own hours and place of business. Some decide to launch a business by offering services such as writing, web design, or life coaching. Some moms decide to develop their own products — anything from safety gear and baby food to jewelry and tech gadgets — and sell them online.

Entrepreneurship is one of the most flexible jobs because business owners get to choose how much time to put into their own company. Some outsource most of the work while others are more hands-on. Either way, moms who launch their own businesses do not have to worry about the glass ceiling — there is no limit to the earnings possible with this job.

To give yourself the best foundation for your new career, consider taking the Business Administration Diploma program. You will learn the best ways of running a business. In less than one year, the program is designed to teach you the basics of working for someone else or working for yourself.

3.  Beautician

Cosmetologists and beauticians help make other people feel beautiful. This is one of the best jobs for moms because it can offer a lot of personal satisfaction and flexibility. Beauticians can work from home or out of a salon, and they generally set their own hours. They can also earn more by choosing to specialize in services for weddings and special events. Beauty experts are needed in every town and in every community, so there is always room for these workers.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in this job is expected to grow by 13 percent through 2022. There is always a demand for beauty professionals, in small towns and large cities all over the country. If you are interested in this rewarding career, you can get started with a Cosmetology Certificate from Vista College, which can prepare you for your career and certification exam in less than one year.

4.  Personal Trainers

If you are a fit mom, becoming a trainer can get you access to one of the most flexible jobs that pays well and offers plenty of personal satisfaction. Personal fitness trainers can lead exercise or fitness classes, motivate students, and work as one-on-one trainers. It can be very satisfying to watch clients get healthier and happier over time. Another benefit is personal trainers also get to stay fit on the job!

In 2014 the median pay for fitness instructors was $34,980 per year. Trainers who work for themselves and offer one-on-one training, however, can make many times that amount. As everyone becomes more aware of the importance of health and fitness, there is an increased demand for fitness professionals. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, employment in this area is expected to grow 8 percent through 2024.

Fitness trainers can choose how much or how little they want to work. They can also choose where they work, from fitness centers and exercise studios to country clubs and resorts. Someone who is an independent trainer can decide which clients to take on, so there is plenty of flexibility.

Jobs That Pay Well and Have Flexible Hours

Jobs That Pay Well and Have Flexible Hours: Legal Professionals, Massage Therapists, and HVAC Specialists

When most people think of flexible hours, they think of jobs that don’t pay well. But you don’t have to put in long, exhausting hours at the office to take home a nice paycheck. Just check out these three jobs with flexible hours and good earning potential:

1. Legal Professionals

Paralegals and legal assistants help attorneys prepare documents, keep paperwork organized, and research information. The median salary for this job depends on your experience, location and the practice you are working for. Employment for paralegals and legal assistants is expected to grow 15 percent through 2026.

When most people think of paralegal or legal assistant work, they imagine long hours in a law office. Many paralegals and legal assistants, though, can work remotely on their computers from their homes. Some also work on an as-needed basis when attorneys need more help in their office. This offers plenty of flexibility when it comes to hours.

Getting started as a paralegal requires a Paralegal Associate Degree. This can be completed in about 70 weeks. Training for paralegals and legal assistants covers office skills, legal writing, and various basic types of law, such as family law, contract law, and civil litigation. Together, these skills can help you become an important asset to any attorney.

2. Massage Therapists

If you’re looking for flexible jobs that pay well, consider working as a massage therapist. Employment in this field is expected to grow 23 percent through 2022 — much higher than employment in other fields. Specialized massage therapists and those working for themselves or in upscale facilities can expect to earn much more than the median salary.

Massage therapy can also be a very satisfying career. These professionals manipulate tissue muscles to relieve stress, help patients heal from injuries, and provide relaxation. Massage therapists often work in very relaxing settings and are typically able to set their own hours. Some massage therapists even travel to their client’s offices or homes. They also have even more flexibility in how much and how often they work.

3. HVAC Specialists

Mechanics and installers of heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration equipment can often set their own hours. Many work as independent contractors, starting their own businesses. Since every home has an air conditioning and heating system, there is quite a lot of work for HVAC professionals and plenty of room to launch new services.

Wages in this field are also good. Employment in this field is expected to increase 22 percent through 2022, making it a strong career choice. With demand for HVAC specialists growing, workers in this field will be able to demand competitive salaries.

You can get started in this field quickly. Training programs can take less than a year. If you’re interested in having an HVAC business one day, consider an HVAC Associate Degree Program. This program, which takes only about 80 weeks to complete, covers basic HVAC professional skills. It also helps you develop and hone your management and business skills.

Jobs That Offer Plenty of Time Off

Jobs That Offer Plenty of Time Off: The Military, Construction Laborer or Supervisors, and Electricians

Who wants to spend more time at the office? Most people look for careers that allow them to live life to the fullest, whether that means traveling or spending time with family. Luckily, there are plenty of jobs that won’t require endless work weeks:

1. The Military

If you want to make a difference and are looking for jobs with the most time off, you might want to take a look at the military. The U.S. military provides a range of jobs, from engineering jobs to management and legal work. There is also the option to become a fighter pilot, infantrymen, or other specialized military worker.

Since the military is demanding work, the U.S. military service offers plenty of time off. Typical leave (time off in the military) is 30 days per year. There is also leave available for emergencies and health concerns.

There are other benefits, too. Room and board as well as travel are typically covered in the military. This means your military pay goes further. After you are discharged, you have the option of buying a house with a guaranteed home loan. Men and women in the service can enjoy special education benefits, including free training and coverage of some college costs.

Some colleges even make special arrangements for military students. Vista College, for example, recognizes many military benefits and offers flexible classroom experiences for those who are enlisted. Military Admissions Representatives help students make the most of their education and classroom experiences.

2. Construction Laborer or Supervisors

Construction can be a seasonal job, especially when it comes to outdoor projects. For seasonal construction workers, there may be weeks or months of time in between jobs.

When a project is underway, supervisors, laborers, and others on a construction site might need to work full time. They may even put in overtime to complete the project. Bad weather, however, can mean impromptu time off. Once a project is done, workers may get time off before another job begins. In addition, about 23 percent of construction laborers can set their own hours to an extent because they are self-employed.

To get started in the construction industry, you can pursue the Construction Management Associate Degree Program or the Construction Technology Diploma Program at Vista College. Both prepare students for a range of career opportunities. The diploma program can be completed in 40 weeks, and the associate degree can be completed in 70 weeks. Either way, there is little delay in starting your career.

3. Electricians

Electricians install, maintain, and manage electrical systems and electrical equipment in homes, at utility companies, and at businesses. Median pay for an electrician was $54,110 in 2017 and about 9 percent of electricians that year were self-employed. This flexibility and the good pay means that electricians are able to — and can afford to — take some vacation time.

Electricians are always in demand. Some choose to launch their own services or business, which gives them plenty of control over work hours and scheduling. Someone who runs their own electrical service business can outsource the work to other employers and take the amount of vacation time they need.

The Vista College Electrical Technician Diploma offers the technical skills and knowledge needed for a career as an electrician. It also teaches students the business and customer services skills they will need if they want to launch their own business.

Which Flexible Job Will Give You Your Best Life?

You can get a diploma or a degree to get started on your new career in less than a year. Your new life awaits!

Whether you’re a mom looking to balance your work with your family, or you want to enjoy life and a good paycheck without burning out early, there are many flexible jobs that pay well and give you the time to pursue your dreams and passions. In many cases, you can get a diploma or a degree to get started on your new career in less than a year. Your new life awaits!

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