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5 Free Sources for Resume Templates

The resume is the key to the front door of any job you want, and yours has to be sparkling. However, formatting a resume can be tricky. Choose one of these 5 free sources for resume templates instead, and focus on the content of your document — not its spacing.

1. Resume Genius

ResumeGenius Logo
With a name like Resume Genius, how can you go wrong? Opt for a template that’s ready to go, or use Resume Genius’s Free Resume Builder software and create your own. You can also learn more about choosing a font, margin sizing, and paper guidelines. You can even find resume samples and cover letters, too. Resume Genius also provides free how-to guides for cover letter writing. You’ll also learn how to write a thank-you note.

2. Hloom

Hloom offers 279 professional resume templates in traditional, creative, and contemporary styles. Some templates use a chronological format, and others use a functional format. Some use both. Hloom also offers free samples, resume formatting, and building options. Need to write a resume in German? Hloom can help you there, too. Download Hloom’s Resume Writing Guide eBook and start your journey to the job of your dreams.

3. Instant Resume Templates

Instant Resume Templates
Need a resume for an upcoming academic position you’re excited about? How about a first resume for a high school student, or one for an older worker or senior member of management? Instant Resume Templates has your needs covered. View thumbnail templates in an easy-to-use website that makes choosing and downloading easy. Instant Resume Templates also provides letter-sized and A4 templates for easy mailing. If you can’t find a resume that suits your needs among the 186 available on Instant Resume Templates, build your own using the free resume builder. Like Resume Genius and Hloop, you’ll also find free resume formatting and samples.

4. Resumizer

Resumizer Logo
Resumizer offers free resume templates, cover letters, reference pages, free business cards, and everything you need to present yourself professionally. Resumizer also lets you focus on one section at a time when building your resume, which makes the process less overwhelming. Check out the resume tips guide and directory, which can help you identify buzzwords and see what professionals in your industry are saying. Using buzzwords in your resume can help you pass initial employer screening.

5. Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office on different devices
Microsoft Office is the standard bearer for everything documents. Office makes resume templates available for free, in addition to calendars, household organizers, credit card payoff calculators, college course managers, sales trackers, personal budgets, PowerPoint presentations, invoices, surveys, timelines, and more. If you can create it in Word, Excel, or Powerpoint, then chances are there is a template for it. Although you won’t get the hand-holding you’ll get on other free resume template websites, you will have access to basic documents you’ll need in the future.

Resume Writing Tips

Writing an effective resume means making the most of every word. It also means scrupulously checking and rechecking for information accuracy, spelling errors, and format inconsistencies. Most job seekers should keep the resume to one page, and use the cover letter to highlight important experiences and qualities that didn’t make the cut. Write a thank-you note immediately afterward and reference the conversation you had in the note. If you had more than one interview, write more than one note.
Finally, always tell the truth on your resume. Although the temptation to stretch the truth may be strong, losing a job opportunity over a foolish lie could cost you money and your reputation. You’ll also lose any chance of being considered for a future position, which is important if it’s a company you really like.

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