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El Paso, Texas landscape

With a population of 565,000, El Paso is the fifth largest city in Texas and is one of the state’s emerging urban centers with a growing economy. The cost of living in El Paso is considerably lower than the national average. Local job opportunities are boosted by over 70 Fortune 500 companies in the city.

Some of the most sought-after jobs in El Paso are with the city’s major employers such as the United States Army’s Air Defense Center at Fort Bliss. The federal government also provides a large number of El Paso’s most desirable jobs. Some of the best jobs in the city are at these large employers, while a few are in places you might not expect.

Here are the five most sought-after jobs in El Paso:

1. Be Your Own Boss as a Massage Therapist

Health care is one of El Paso’s fastest-growing economic sectors, but that doesn’t mean just doctors and nurses. Alternative health providers such as massage therapists are increasingly important for physical therapy and recovery. They help patients work through a variety of injuries and health issues.

Massage therapy is particularly appealing for dependents of active duty members stationed at Fort Bliss — it’s a portable career that you can take with you if your family is relocated.

A career in massage therapy typically begins with training in the field. Vista College offers a Massage Therapy Diploma and Certificate that can help you get started.

2. Help People as a Nurse

The aging population in El Paso and in America as a whole will cause major growth in health care for years to come. El Paso hospitals like the Sierra Medical Center, El Paso Children’s Hospital, and University Medical Center — the only level 1 trauma unit in the area — need capable, qualified staff to maintain their level of service.

Nursing may not always be an easy job, but you’ll never have to wonder if you’re working towards a greater good. There’s also a wide variety of different fields and medical departments within nursing. You’ll be able to find the type of environment that’s best for you.

Vista College offers a Vocational/Practical Nurse Diploma program to help advance your career in health care. As a nurse, you’ll always know that you are making a difference.

3. Teach El Paso’s Best and Brightest as a University Professor

The University of Texas is one of the finest higher education institutions in the country. As a university professor, you have a large amount of control over your teaching and research schedule. You also have the freedom to pursue your scholarly interests. Working with young people every day is refreshing and will keep you feeling energetic and enthusiastic about learning — even as you advance in the profession.

Becoming a university professor requires a large investment in your education. However, if you’re willing to stay in school long enough, you could be rewarded by living the life of the mind.

4. Keep Your Neighbors Safe by Working in Criminal Justice

Many of the best jobs in El Paso are provided by the federal government. One of the area’s largest employers is the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). Working to uphold the law and to slow the crippling effects that drugs have in our communities can be tough. However, it puts you on the right side of justice. Working in criminal justice for an urban setting has its difficulties and rewards. The proper training can prepare you for work in a variety of environments.

Vista College can get you started in the field of criminal justice with the Criminal Justice Associate of Applied Science program.

El Paso’s growing economy is providing a variety of job opportunities for those looking to start their career. Combining a steady income with a career you enjoy is possible with the right combination of education and ambition. El Paso and Vista College are great places to start.

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