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For anyone interested in a career that is both personally fulfilling, well compensated, and has a great market of job opportunities, the healthcare field has a lot to offer. Professionals in the healthcare industry show a high level of satisfaction with their jobs, and enjoy the day to day personal interaction they get with patients.

At Vista College, we have several healthcare education programs to choose from, like the Patient Care Technician Program, the Vocational & Practical Nurse Diploma, or training for a Veterinary Technology Associate of Applied Science or Dental Assistant Associate of Applied Science. These roles play a vital role in the healthcare industry and professionals enjoy helping people every day.

4 Fulfilling Careers in Healthcare

1. Patient Care

Whether they’re in a nursing home, a residential care facility, a medical center, or hospital, patient care technicians help everything run smoothly. PCT’s (Patient Care Technicians) assist doctors and nurses in their daily operations taking care of patients. The hands-on role can be a busy one, but PCT’s are rewarded by seeing the direct benefits of their work as patients heal, recover, and prosper under their care.

2. Vocational & Practical Nursing

Another role which involves directly caring for patients who are sick, injured, or disabled is vocational or practical nursing. These medical professional help to evaluate patients’ conditions, administer medication, and perform wound assessment and treatment, working with colleagues to ensure the best possible care. Whether you’re interested in taking care of the elderly in a retirement facility, caring for children and newborns, or working in other areas like pharmacology, there are tons of options are a vocational or practical nurse.

3. Veterinary Technology

For those interested in working with animals, working as a veterinary technician can be a fun and rewarding position. While there is a bit more to it than playing with puppies all day, a career in veterinary care lets professionals care for animals and provide humane, ethical treatment to animals in a diagnostic and research capacity.

On a larger scale, some veterinary technicians work with public health officials to stem the growth of animal-borne illnesses, a vital part of the animal healthcare practice. Students interested in a veterinary care career study elements like veterinary medical terminology, pharmacology, clinical pathology, anatomy, physiology, and how to assist with anesthesia and surgery. It’s an important role, and one with great opportunities for long term professional growth.

4. Dental Assistance

Dental care is a big business and dental assistants help with almost every aspect of the field. Dental assistants learn skills like fluoride application, coronal polishing, matrix band and rubber dam application, and infection control, helping patients enjoy a brighter smile, a better bite, and more comfortable teeth. They also develop strong patient relations skills from direct oral care and delivering instructions after dental operations. Becoming a dental assistant requires extensive dental care training but the career is well worth putting in the elbow grease.

To find out more about a future in healthcare, browse our programs in healthcare and contact a Vista College admissions representative today!

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