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From an early age, we are regularly posed with a life-shaping, purpose-driven question: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

For some of us, the answer to this question develops fairly naturally and seems obvious. However, in many more cases, uncertainly hinders us from confidently supplying an answer to this formidable question.

Determining what career to pursue upon first entering the workforce can be an undeniably daunting task. Or perhaps you’ve already started a career and have found you are discontent with your current path. If so, switching to a more suitable option can be equally as intimidating.

When the endeavor or thought of settling into a career proves challenging or frustrating, it is important to remember several others are in a similar situation to your own. Since so many people struggle to determine what career they would be most interested in pursuing, plenty of resources are available to assist others in their search.

One such resource that functions as an accessible and relatable option is career blogs. Many career websites exist solely for the purpose of providing personal advice, learned through experience, to those looking to start a career. Given the nature of career blogs, they are often engaging, easy to follow, and quite beneficial, especially to those who are overwhelmed by the thought of starting a career.

When seeking to either start or change your career, here are 25 must-read career advice blogs that can aid you in your journey. Beyond these, we would certainly recommend our Vista College blog as a career development tool, so feel free to sign up for email alerts that will let you know when new material is published.

  1. Brazen Life

Hosted by Brazen Careerist, Brazen Life functions as a lifestyle and career blog that targets ambitious young professionals. Brazen Life seeks to provide readers with edgy and innovative ideas that shed light on how to succeed in the changing work environment. Brazen Life offers more exciting, outside-the-box posts that differ from dozens of other careers blogs out there. Written in a conversational tone and with concise content, Brazen Life is one of the best career websites and a must-read blog for aspiring readers who are looking for succinct, engaging advice on a variety of topics.

  1. Business Insider Careers

Business Insider, an American business and technology news website based in New York City, has many writers who contribute to its blog, which also makes its topics quite diverse. With posts ranging from “How To Get More Done By Doing Less” to “21 Things You Should Do On Your First Day Of Work” to “10 Ways To Become Incredibly Charismatic,” Business Insider Careers offers something for just about anyone. Their sheer volume and credibility makes Business Insider Careers a must-read and one of the best career blogs for anybody looking to get a start.

  1. Career Attraction

Career attraction is an excellent career advice blog for anyone who feels stuck or unsure of how to pursue a particular career.

According to the website’s founder, Kevin Kermes, the goal of Career Attraction is to deliver “smart, actionable advice that gets results.” Career Attraction features a team of several career advice experts and authors of bestselling books. Built on the core premise that every career transition is as specialized as the individual who is undertaking it, Career Attraction is driven by a desire to go deeper with its readers to solve real problems that stand between them and success. Career Attraction is an excellent career advice blog for anyone who feels stuck or unsure of how to pursue a particular career.

  1. CareerBliss

With a strong emphasis on helping people discover happiness in the workplace and in their careers, CareerBliss specifically seeks to empower readers by enabling them to achieve bliss at work. Generally speaking, their posts are published under the title of “The CareerBliss Team,” so no one author is given credit unless they have a featured guest contributor.

The material is well written and insightful, and should be recognized as one of the best career websites for individuals who are searching for tips on job interviews and resumes, and are looking to change their career. Under their motto of “Choose Happy!” CareerBliss is poised to help anyone who is looking to improve their career.

  1. Careerealism

Founded on the belief that “every job is temporary,” and with the intent of helping people solve their career and job search problems, Careerealism strives to be known as a trusted resource for genuine career advice. In order to reassure its readers it is a reliable source, before publishing material, Careerealsim evaluates and approves all its contributors’ content to ensure that it is cutting-edge and relevant. J.T. O’Donnell’s company supplies excellent advice on networking, interview tips, resumes, the importance of social media, and so forth.

Careerealism is a great career advice blog for individuals who are looking for motivation to help them face various professional challenges and find a suitable job.

  1. Career Rocketeer

Created for go-getters, self-starters, and challengers of the status quo, Career Rocketeer seeks to aid those who recognize the need to refuel in their pursuit of career fulfillment. On the website, a Career Rocketeer is defined as “a passionate and self-driven individual who knows their worth and strives to attain it throughout their professional journey.”

Career Rocketeer’s mission is simple: to fuel the career success of its readers. The posts are conversational and informal, which makes this career advice blog the perfect source for motivated individuals who are searching for casual and insightful guidance.

  1. College Info Geek

Launched by Thomas Frank in 2010, College Info Geek has since developed into one of the best career blogs for college students. Dedicated to helping others build a remarkable college career and in turn an amazing life, Frank’s College Info Geek is focused on the notion of “winning at college.”

Frank communicates in a personable, casual manner that resonates well with college-aged individuals, and his confidence and friendly demeanor inspire his readers to learn study hacks, promote themselves, and pay off student loans. Many college students should find Frank relatable, which makes his blog an effective career advice blog for a younger audience base.

  1. Corporette

In 2011, Kat Griffin’s Corporette was named one of Forbes’ Top 100 Websites for Women. When Griffin recognized that young professional women in demanding careers needed some sort of wardrobe advice, she created a blog centered on fashion and lifestyle for “overachieving chicks” who needed to look professional but wanted to simultaneously appear fashionable.

When Griffin started the site in May 2008, she was a litigator at a Wall Street law firm. Now focusing on Corporette full time, Griffin tackles tricky workplace style questions such as what to wear to the office on the weekend or how to dress when you’re laid off and looking for employment.

  1. Degrees of Transition

Degrees of Transition emphasizes the importance of fearless self-leadership and accepting the inevitability of change that sometimes remains outside of our control.

Degrees of Transition was founded by Lea McLeod with an understanding that the process of transitioning out of college and into a career can be quite unnerving. Through her blog, McLeod emphasizes the importance of fearless self-leadership and accepting the inevitably of change that sometimes remains outside of our control.

McLeod sympathizes with the fact that self-marketing and promotion is new and often uncomfortable to young adults who are working on their professional personas. McLeod has helped numerous individuals build confidence in themselves and find careers, which makes her website one of the best career blogs.

  1. JobMob

Based out of Israel, JobMob operates under the motto of “all together now.” Striving to bring together job seekers from all over the world, the blog is filled with straightforward advice that is based on actual experiences. JobMob also makes it a point to factor in lots of humor (for instance, it has an entire post dedicated to “work fails”). Written and updated by Jacob Share, JobMob is an inviting and casual blog that appeals to a wide audience and has a wealth of excellent posts pertaining to job hunting.

  1. Kikolani

Kikolani is the blog of freelance writer Kristi Hines and is a particularly valuable resource to anyone who may be looking to gain more online traction. Hines is knowledgeable on the topic of online marketing and covers everything from content marketing to search engine optimization to social media to starting a WordPress blog. Hines has been featured in over 60 online publications and has generated a large following.

One interesting feature on Kikolani is Fetching Fridays, where Hines provides her readers with a weekly roundup of some of the best articles and web resources that she encounters. Kikolani is one of the best career websites for someone trying to develop a stronger online presence.

  1. Life After College

Operating under the tagline of “Wake up, live big, and love the journey,” Jenny Blake’s Life After College blog attempts to free people from falling into a state of complacency and sleepwalking through life. Blake is deeply committed to helping others discover what they are passionate about and encourages people to treat their careers dynamically.

Although she is an excellent blogger, Blake is also a well-known inspirational speaker, having spoken at several major universities and notable companies. Through her typically blunt, “kick-in-the-pants” encouragement, Blake makes her website one of the top career blogs.

  1. My Lifestyle Career

Contrary to most career websites, Nancy Collamer’s My Lifestyle Career specifically targets people who are looking for fun, fulfilling, and flexible ways to profit from their passions during their semi-retirement years. Offering advice on career reinvention, Collamer provides lifestyle-friendly income ideas for boomers who hope to continue earning an income after “retiring” from their full-time careers. Although this website certainly has more of a niche market, its unique focus on elderly individuals looking to redefine themselves makes My Lifestyle Career an excellent career advice blog.

  1. Penelope Trunk

The self-titled website of Penelope Trunk, who is also the co-founder of Brazen Careerist, has earned her a reputation for being brutal honest, transparent and controversial. Nevertheless, this has simultaneously earned her a reputation for being genuine and insightful. Operating under the tagline of “advice at the intersection of work and life,” Trunk often stresses the importance of leaving enough time for yourself and those you deem important. Although posts like her “Choose Sex Over Money” blog may be controversial to some, Trunk’s candid approach to writing has earned her a sizable following.

  1. Personal Branding Blog

Founded by Dan Schawbel, a managing partner at Millennial Branding, in 2007, Personal Branding Blog provides information on how to create your own personal brand. Recognizing the importance of Web 2.0, Schawbel and the Personal Branding Blog have made it a point to coach readers on how to gain a competitive advantage in the digital age. Since obtaining a job is all about selling yourself, Schawbel encourages people to remember they are the brand.

  1. Prolific Living

Farnoosh Brock’s blog, Prolific Living, aims to help its readers unlock their potential and have the courage to live it. Leaving behind a successful corporate career to pursue her goal of helping others lead a passion-driven life, Brock draws on her experiences to instruct her readers on how to trust their instincts and follow their dreams, even if that means earning less money.

Brock encourages her readers to really consider their life purpose and pursue meaningful work by listening to their hearts over the fear of disapproval from others. If you are looking to break free of stagnation and find inspiration to pursue a life of fulfillment, then this blog is a must-read.

  1. Social-Hire

Striving to provide its readers with the best job search and recruiting advice, Social-Hire has developed into one of the premier career websites. They are perhaps best known for their advice on how to use social media effectively in hiring or job search strategies. Armed with a thriving community of expert contributors and guest bloggers, Social-Hire boasts a large library of helpful career advice.

  1. The Branding Muse

Built upon a commitment to empower younger individuals seeking to take control of their personal brands, The Branding Muse provides readers with the resources necessary to start and build a professional online presence. Through its blog, The Branding Muse hopes to aid readers in communicating their value and attracting opportunities to help them succeed, build a network, and discover their passions.

  1. The Daily Muse

Founded in September 2011 by Kathryn Minshew, Alex Cavoulacos, and Melissa McCreery, The Daily Muse offers exciting job opportunities, expert advice, and a behind-the-scenes look at wonderful companies and career paths. Whether you’re discovering your passion, changing the path of your career, or seeking an executive position, then The Daily Muse has just what you are looking for. The thorough provision of career advice, book reviews, hiring tips, and so forth, make The Daily Muse a must-read career advice blog.

  1. Undergrad Success

Undergrad success is a must-read for anyone who would like to have a successful career and discover what they are most passionate about.

Undergrad Success, written by a wide range of contributors, provides readers with a vast library of no-nonsense advice and strategies to help individuals get interviews and receive job offers. Marketed toward college students and recent graduates, the site’s posts cover a wide range of topics pertaining to academic life, personal life, and professional life. Undergrad Success is a must-read for anyone who would like to have a successful career and discover what they are most passionate about.

  1. Water Cooler Wisdom

Initially launched in 2005, Water Cooler Wisdom was one of the first blogs to deal with careers. Written and maintained by Alexandra Levit, a former columnist for The Wall Street Journal, a bestselling author, an inspirational speaker, and an adviser to Fortune 500 companies and the Obama administration, Water Cooler Wisdom certainly comes from a credible source. By focusing on helping people find and succeed in meaningful work, as well as investigating trends regarding the future of careers, Levit prepares her readers for the market and provides them with a high-quality career blog.

  1. When I Grow Up

Written by Michelle Ward, When I Grow Up helps people transition out of “soul-sucking jobs” and into work that feels fun and enjoyable. From an early age, Ward wanted to be an actress and majored in musical theater at NYU. After singing across the country for a year, Ward realized that she wasn’t doing what she wanted to anymore, so she cycled through seven jobs in four years in search of “the perfect fit.” When she discovered that her passion was to help others determine their own career path, Ward decided to become a life coach, which led her to start When I Grow Up.

  1. Women On The Fence

Although Erica Diamond’s blog is specifically geared toward women and deals with topics pertaining to life, business and love, there are still great insights she provides to those who may be struggling with challenges linked to their career. Drawing upon both her own experiences and guest bloggers of varying backgrounds, Diamond inspires her readers to “get off the fence” and discover who you are. Perhaps that means quitting your job and enrolling in something completely different.

The next time you’re feeling inspired, or you just want to gain some extra knowledge, check out some of our favorite career blogs.

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