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Cities in the great state of Texas are growing faster than those throughout the rest of the country. One reason so many people choose to move to the Lone Star State is to advance their career in one of the growing industries Texas has to offer. As the fifth-largest city in the state, El Paso continues to grow in both population and employment. As the job market expands, we understand current and prospective students seek a quality education which translates into successful employment.

For those who feel uncertain about which academic programs or career pathways to pursue, we’ve gathered a list of 10 career fields in El Paso that are growing. Discover which opportunities you may be interested in or contact a member of our administration to learn more about academic programs which align with these career fields.

1. Healthcare

With more and more people moving to El Paso, healthcare facilities need assistance in treating the medical needs of this diverse population. This growth isn’t exclusive to Texas, either. As the baby boomer generation ages, the frequency with which older Americans need to seek medical treatment will increase as well. El Paso is home to many amazing medical centers, like the El Paso Children’s Hospital, the Sierra Medical Center, and the only area Level 1 trauma unit at University Medical Center.

There are plenty of positions available in the healthcare industry, especially for healthcare practitioners, nurses and administrative staff. As the need for qualified healthcare professionals continues to grow in El Paso, Vista College offers a variety of programs on the El Paso campus which are designed to help students successfully transition into a fulfilling career in the healthcare industry, including:

  • Medical Assisting diploma and Associate of Applied Science Degree in Medical Assisting: These two academic pathways present students with a diverse curriculum which blends classroom instruction with laboratory training and hands-on experience. Those who complete either program will be able to administer injections, measure vital signs, record and file medical records, and assist physicians, nurses, and other medical professionals on a day-to-day basis.
  • Medical Insurance Billing & Coding diploma and Associate of Applied Science Degree in Medical Insurance Billing & Coding: MIBC programs are ideal for those who seek employment in the healthcare industry that does not directly interact with patients. Graduates of our MIBC programs will learn how to carry out health information management tasks which require accurate organization and professional discretion.
  • Associate of Applied Science Degree in Medical Laboratory Technician: Lab technicians play a vital role in the healthcare industry, and full-time students can be prepared for a career as a qualified technician in as little as 18 months. Our curriculum covers all of the necessary disciplines a medical lab technician is required to know, such as clinical chemistry, blood banking, and immunology.
  • Vocational Nurse diploma: For those who want to enter one of the four most-sought-after careers in El Paso per KVIA, our Licensed Vocational Nurse training program prepares men and women for this growing industry. Our classes prepare students to pass the NCLEX-PN and transition to any number of nursing roles in the private or public sector.

2. Dentistry

Although it is part of the healthcare industry, dentistry is a highly specialized career option which is becoming one of the top-paying fields in El Paso, Texas. The baby boomer generation will increase the need for dentists and hygienists in the coming years, particularly those specializing in cosmetic dentistry.

Dentistry is a highly specialized career option which is becoming one of the top-paying fields in El Paso, Texas.

Vista College offers students interested in earning a rewarding career in the dental hygiene industry the opportunity to progress through the Dental Assistant diploma program. Full-time students can transition from the traditional classroom environment into an externship in a local dentist’s office within a single year. Throughout your course of study, you’ll gain knowledge and experience which have immediate application in a healthcare career specializing in oral hygiene. The curriculum at Vista College provides a thorough exploration of the roles and responsibilities of a dental assistant, including lessons regarding:

  • The correct use of dental tools and equipment.
  • All current procedural and safety compliance required in the industry.
  • Interpersonal skills to help calm and comfort patients.
  • Correct documentation of patient medical records.
  • How to assist the dental team administratively and during patient examinations.

3. Education

Education is a keystone in the foundation for our community’s future. When dedicated individuals are passionate about imparting knowledge to others, everyone in society benefits. As El Paso’s beautiful families continue to grow, our city will require teachers and administrators who have progressed through their post-secondary academic careers.

At Vista College, we understand the importance of quality education and applaud all those who enter into the education sector to help brighten the minds of tomorrow. Helping people learn and grow offers rewards that are almost impossible to quantify. Educators perform a laudable and enjoyable service to the El Paso community.

4. Food Preparation & Serving

Everyone needs to eat — that’s an indisputable fact. As KVIA’s fourth-fastest-growing career in El Paso, Texas, food service personnel play a vital role in local tourism. The city hosts over three million visitors annually, and those people need to eat. The food industry is not only limited to restaurant or bar service. Food service personnel are necessary in schools, hospitals, correctional facilities, and hotels, among other capacities. Roles within the food preparation and service industry include:

  • Banquet Manager
  • Baker
  • Executive Chef
  • Pastry Chef
  • Wine Steward
  • Sous Chef
  • Fry/Sauté Cook
  • Bus Person
  • Pantry Cook
  • Beverage Manager

5. Office & Administrative Support

Office and administrative support positions are the fastest-growing jobs in El Paso, according to KVIA. Employees working within these roles are typically on the front line of the business, helping the company to organize and execute important daily tasks. Some jobs available in this industry include financial clerks, customer service representatives, bookkeepers, tellers, secretaries, dispatchers, and administrative assistants.

A Business Administration diploma from Vista College is a great way to gain knowledge and insight into the business world. Through hands-on training which presents you with real-world problems and scenarios, you’ll learn how to create and carry out marketing strategies and sales campaigns, lead successful project teams, recruit and develop employees, and manage company funds and assets.

6. Sales & Marketing

Commerce keeps the city of El Paso moving from day to day, and the sales and marketing industry is a great field for goal-oriented graduates who want to enter into one of the fastest-growing careers in the region. From marketing to managing, positions are available throughout the spectrum of sales. Purchasing managers, marketing managers, and sales managers all rank in the top 10 highest-paying jobs in El Paso. Some business will require those in these positions to have completed college coursework in business administration.

Purchasing managers, marketing managers, and sales managers all rank in the top 10 highest-paying jobs in El Paso.

Vista College provides students aspiring to enter into the sales and marketing sector with a foundation in business administration. Our Associate of Applied Science Degree in Business Administration program helps students achieve their goals by teaching them how to:

  • Manage and grow a business
  • Develop strategies for managing budgets and employees
  • Form strategic partnerships

7. Law

It should come as no surprise lawyers are among the top 10 highest-paid jobs in El Paso, according to Zippia. As our laws and legislature continue to evolve, the need for sufficient legal representation becomes an invaluable resource. There are many opportunities for careers within the legal and criminal justice systems. In fact, positions in the justice system on the local, state, and federal levels are some of the most sought after in El Paso. From corrections and law enforcement to legal aides and judges, your options are limitless.

If you aspire to move into the legal industry, Vista College can help. We offer students two programs in which they will develop their knowledge and skills for career opportunities within the justice system. An Associate of Applied Science Degree in Paralegal can prepare you to seek a career in law in as little as 70 weeks. In this degree program, you’ll learn how to perform sound legal research, quickly and accurately transcribe legal statements, draft contracts and outline legal documents.

For those with an interest in the law enforcement realm, our criminal justice associate degree program will offer you a solid foundation to build on. Throughout your coursework, you’ll be exposed to criminal law, interpret criminal behavior, and analyze crime scene evidence. This program provides the groundwork for transition into roles within both the private and public sector.

8. Statisticians

Students and graduates who enjoy analytical thinking and a heavy application of mathematics are in luck. Positions as a statistician are among the fastest-growing jobs in the United States and the second-fastest-growing job in Texas. Statisticians spend their days collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data. The data they derive is then presented with a plan of how to solve a specific problem facing a public or private entity. This role is applicable in nearly every industry, including healthcare, government, research and development, marketing, and education.

Graduates with a bachelor’s degree may be able to obtain an entry-level position. Those with a higher post-secondary degree like a master’s or Ph.D. may be able to begin their career as a statistician at a higher level.

Computer and information systems managers are among the top 15 highest-paying jobs in the state of Texas, according to Zippia, and 17th in the city of El Paso.

9. Information Technology

We are surrounded by technology, and as we integrate more of it into every aspect of our lives, we’ll look to trained IT professionals for support. Computer and information systems managers are among the top 15 highest-paying jobs in the state of Texas, according to Zippia, and 17th in the city of El Paso. Some benefits of a role in IT include engaging work involving problem solving, exposure to the latest technologies and systems, and the ability to work remotely. With changes constantly occurring in the IT field, you need a solid foundation in information systems and technology. Vista College is ready to prepare you to seek to enter into the IT field with three programs, including:

  • Information Technology diploma: A Diploma in information technology lays the groundwork for a variety of entry-level IT positions. You’ll learn how to provide exceptional technical support to clients and customers, gain a thorough understanding of computer hardware and software, develop technical solutions, and integrate systems.
  • Associate of Applied Science in Information Technology: The AAS Degree program prepares you to meet the advanced IT demands of countless organizations across the globe. Some roles you could fill include database administrator, IT tech support, and network systems administrator. In this program, you’ll learn how to design infrastructure and manage all aspects of network and non-network computers.

10. Wind Turbine Service Technicians

The fastest-growing occupation in the United States is wind turbine technician, and it is also the fastest-growing career in the state of Texas. These individuals perform a valuable service as our society attempts to create renewable energy through advances in wind turbine technology. Also referred to as windtechs, these trained technicians monitor, maintain, and repair the turbines which convert wind into electricity. They will also collect and prepare data for analysis.

Many windtechs need some post-secondary schooling to obtain a position, though most of them receive on the job training from their employer regardless. Because of the focus on electrical maintenance, an Electrical Technician diploma from Vista College can give you the technical foundation you need to succeed as a wind turbine technician. Upon completion, you’ll know how to connect circuits, wire systems which are up to code, and diagnose solar voltaic.

The Fastest-Growing Careers in El Paso Offer So Many Amazing Opportunities

El Paso offers a rich cultural experience for residents paired with an incredible number of growing fields. There is something for everyone in this city, whether you are interested in a service-oriented path or you prefer working with data.

El Paso offers a rich cultural experience for residents paired with an incredible number of growing fields. Contact Us.

Vista College is committed to helping every one of our students reach their goals by providing them with the educational foundation they need to transition into one of the best jobs in El Paso, TX. If you are interested in pursuing a career in healthcare, information technology, business administration, or one of the other top-growing careers in El Paso, take the first step by exploring the programs offered at Vista College’s El Paso campus today. You can call us at (866) 442-4197 or contact us online to request more information.

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