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Jobs and Education for Moms
Calling all moms! Are you thinking about going back to school? Trying to find a way to manage being a parent, but also advance your career or learn new skills? Do you need to make money to support your family, but don’t think you can manage your family life and a job at the same time?

The information presented in this infographic may surprise you, if you’re a busy parent who wants to support their family or go back to college. With the rise of flexible degrees, online education, and companies who support a work-life balance, there are more opportunities than ever for moms who want to further their education or find a new career.

We studied data about a large variety of industries to identify some of the best jobs and trades for busy parents who want to support their families without sacrificing their time with their children. Working moms rated five industries as the very best for them: pharmaceutical, biotechnology, accounting, information technology, and telecommunications. These industries had some great perks, including work-life balance, growth opportunities, and high satisfaction. All five were also reported to have great pay, meaning moms have a better chance at contributing financially to their families.

For parents who only want to seek out work if it’s “worth it,” there are a number of careers ideal for women who desire high pay. A pharmacist, for example, makes an average of $97,000 per year. A systems analyst, despite not typically being a popular position for women, can also bring home around $65,000 per year!

One common concern that women and parents have is that they won’t have the time needed to devote to college or continued learning. They can’t leave their children or current jobs to go back to school, or can’t devote the amount of time needed to studying for four year degrees. However, there are a variety of online degrees or certifications that can be obtained in far less than four years.

For example, a degree in network administration can be acquired in less than a year’s time, without ever setting foot in a classroom, and can secure a position in IT very quickly. Health service administration degrees can be obtained in under two years, while an Associate Degree in Paralegal can be earned in less than 18  months. These are just a few of the popular online options that moms have when they want to go back to school.

It’s a fact that moms are busy, and concerned about the time that going to college will take away from their life or children. However, online education has made it more viable than ever for moms to obtain a degree, learn new skills, and make money for their families – all while effectively balancing their lives and staying happy.

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