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A Day-in-the-Life Student Perspective: Meet Elena Huerta From Vista College Online

There are a lot of articles out there about why you should go back to school to get your diploma or degree, but there aren’t many that address one of the biggest follow-up questions: how to fit school into the already-busy lives that so many adult students are juggling. That’s why Vista College is starting a new series where actual real-life students share what inspired them to go back to school and how they are making it work for them.

 Meet Elena Huerta, a student at Vista College’s online campus. She took a few minutes to sit down and answer some questions about her life and her education experience.


Where were you in life before you enrolled in school? What job(s) and/or responsibilities did you have?

Before enrolling in classes, I was not able to apply to many jobs since a lot of them required the minimum of at least an associate degree in order to apply for management or supervising positions.


What made you decide to enroll?

I decided to enroll for two reasons: to further my education and to open up more options to apply to better job positions. These decisions have been long overdue for myself, and I wanted to show my children that it’s never too late to finish.


What program did you choose?

Medical Insurance Billing & Coding


What were/are you career goals?

My career goals are to work in a position that I can us my degree and also keep learning more as I further my education.


What were the biggest challenges you had in adding school into your daily life?

Challenges that I have faced are trying to balance full-time work, gym, and also being involved in my children’s functions and events. 


How did you tackle those challenges?

I have tried to focus on my school work first and, of course, my children’s events also in-between and then the gym — kind of balance all events as best as possible. I can honestly say that I am and have been very blessed with so much support that I have had from both my husband and my daughters since I have enrolled in school.

Take us through how you fit school in your day-to-day life during a typical week.

Monday: I try my best to read all of the reading that is assigned on Mondays during my work lunch time, and if I am not able to read it completely, I bring it home to read at night.

Tuesday: I try to do all of my assignments and also all my homework during my lunch throughout the week.

Wednesday: I try to do all of my homework during lunch or at night after I make dinner and complete all of my errands for the day.

Thursday and Friday: Still keeping my focus on reading and homework during lunchtime.

Saturday: I try to recap all of my due assignments and also try to complete on this day early morning.

Sunday: Any remaining homework, I complete during lunch.


What advice would you give to someone considering going back to school?

I would advise them to set a goal and make sure that that goal is what you actually want for yourself before enrolling into school. Then try to find a great support system if you have children and work all combined in order to have assistance throughout school. Going back to school is very important for future employment, and we need to better ourselves to be able to move up to other opportunities that are out there.


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