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An online marketing degree can put you on a path to a better future in a host of different ways. For one, marketing is a vital, fast-paced industry that’s always hungry for new talent. It’s the kind of career that’s perfect who people who enjoy creative thinking, problem-solving, and challenges that vary from day to day.

Half the challenge of finding a job after you graduate with an online digital marketing degree is figuring out what to look for on job sites. There are hundreds, sometimes even thousands of listings out there, and it can seem like every company has a different title for their career openings. It’s a time-consuming process, sorting through each entry and figuring out if it’s the kind of opportunity you’re looking for, and time is too precious of a commodity to waste.

Part of Vista’s goal and mission is to not just train you for a brand-new career, but also make the job search process simple and more straightforward. We want to narrow down the options for you, so here are six different career paths you could pursue with an Associate of Applied Science in Digital Marketing from Vista College online.


You’ve probably gotten a marketing email before. Maybe several. More likely you’ve gotten a ton, all of them trying to use catchy subject lines or limited time offers to entice you to open them and, even better, to click on the links inside (called a “click-thru”). Everything about one of these emails is strategic — from the list of addresses it’s sent to, to the words used in the subject line, to the images and words used in the email itself. With a digital marketing associate degree, you can learn about what it takes to create a marketing email, hone and test subject lines to see which ones are most effective, and put together vivid content that draws users into it.


You see it all over every marketing site and blog talking about online digital marketing: Content is king. And everything is content. How visible a site is in the maze of the Internet depends a lot on the content of the site itself. Every page must have unique, well-written content, and if you want to be found by the right users, it needs to be geared toward the right key terms without over-stuffing the page. It’s also not enough to set it and forget it with content marketing — you need to make sure you have venues to refresh what you’ve written and produce new content that keeps sites at the top of the heap. An online marketing degree can teach you how to assess content metrics for how they’re performing and create a content marketing strategy that will make the most out of every word.


If you’re on social media, you’ve probably seen it happen: that one company brand that maybe you’ve never thought that much of, but they put out something that goes viral: a clever tweet, an impactful Facebook post, a vivid Instagram photo. And then, suddenly, they’ve become part of the cultural conversation on a new level. Running a client’s social media requires strategy and savvy. It requires toeing the line between maintaining a brand voice and capitalizing on the latest trends and vernacular. A position as a social media strategist is extremely important in the current digital landscape, and an online digital marketing degree can prepare you for the job.


Every time you’ve Googled something (or Bing-ed something, if that’s more your style), you’ve engaged with search engine optimization (SEO). How a page or site ranks in search results can have a massive effect on what kind of traffic it gets. It can be the difference between a brand’s breakout success and slow failure, and knowing the ins and outs of how SEO works is a critical skill in marketing. With our Associate of Applied Science in Digital Marketing, you can learn how to follow changes and updates to search engine algorithms, analyze keywords, and create plans for how to increase page rankings and visibility for all of your clients.


For every company, every organization, every business or non-profit, one of the most important things they can do for their success is to create and develop a strong brand. It starts with things like the name and the logo, but branding and brand strategy is so much bigger than that. It’s about voice and tone, how they interact with users, what causes they support, and where they invest their energy. The smartest organizations hire marketing agencies or in-house brand strategists with a digital marketing degree to keep a steady eye on how they’re coming across to consumers at every level and whether they are making the kind of impact they need in order to maximize their potential.


There are a lot of avenues for companies to utilize digital media and marketing — content, audio and video, social media, search engine optimization — but none of these are worth much without someone running numbers behind-the-scenes. How do you know if that marketing campaign was worth the cost? If the latest search engine marketing strategy is working? If the company is performing at optimal levels across desktop, mobile, social, and more? That’s where digital media analysts come in. The knowledge gained from an online digital marketing degree can teach you how formulate benchmarks and performance indicators for online marketing campaigns and measure them for long-term success.

Take a chance on a brand-new career and all of the opportunities that the digital world has to offer. Vista College online wants to be a partner, both in your education and in your future. Talk to us today about our Associate of Applied Science in Digital Marketing.

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