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Vista College provides and references a number of resources that are helpful for high school students, teachers, and parents. These resources can help with important decisions on education, career opportunities, and financial aid.

As students make these decisions, understanding who they are as people and what they want to achieve in the future is key. Vista College offers many resources to understand how personality type, soft skills, and personal goals play roles in key education and career decisions.

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13 Books To Help You Decide Your Career Path
Explore the top 13 books that can offer you support in deciding what to do with your life. These books are broken down into three categories: career planning, finding your life’s calling and purpose, and maintaining motivation and inspiration.

Best Careers For Each Personality Type
Discover what career paths are a possible fit for your personality type. Our handy PDF will help you research and explore careers based on your unique personality type.

Best Careers For Millennials
Take a look at career paths millennials are choosing in high numbers. You may just be inspired to consider majoring in a career you hadn’t considered before.

Best Careers For Introverts
There are many jobs that are perfect for introverts — and they won’t require you to give yourself a social makeover.

Financial Aid

FAFSA (Official Site)

College Board: Financial Aid 101

With financial aid, many students who can’t afford the full cost of college are able to earn their degrees. In fact, most full-time college students receive some type of financial aid*.

* Financial aid available for those who qualify

Repayment Options For Student Loans
Choosing the right repayment plan is an ideal place to begin and will help make the task of student loan repayment seem more manageable.

Skills Development

Guide To Creating An Effective Resume
There are a few good rules to keep in mind when you are putting together your resume. Here are five core questions — and their answers — to help you create an effective resume.

Hard Skills & Soft Skills For Millennials
Listen to Jim Tolbert, CEO of Vista College, discuss the importance of both hard and soft skills for millennials.

How Do Employers Value Online Degrees?
How employers value online education as opposed to a traditional campus program? Students often wonder whether their degree or diploma will “count,” or whether they will be seen as second-rate.

The Role of Education in the 21st Century
The role of education in the 21st century plays a big part in other aspects of your life, like improving the overall quality of your life, health, and having more opportunities present themselves to you.

6 Tips For Nailing A Job Interview
Even if you’re beyond prepared for your desired role, with training from Vista College, you’re still going to need to go through a job interview or two as you work towards your dream job.

College Prep Tips For High School Seniors
Entering college is one of those life-changing events that will have a profound impact on your future. While starting college is exciting, it is also a time for major adjustments.

4 Tips For Managing a Full-Time Schedule and School
Time management skills are an absolute must when every minute in your day counts. Here are four tips for managing a hectic schedule and balancing school and work responsibilities.

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