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At Vista College, we work hard to ensure the success of our students and graduates.  Our goal is to prepare students to follow their dreams and achieve their ultimate career goals.

Below are just some of the many testimonials from Vista College graduates. Have one to share? We’d love to hear yours! Simply send us your testimonial to for a chance for your story to be featured on our website.

"All the classes are flexible, so if you have things to do or there are problems going on they'll work around your schedule."
Vista Online Testimonial from Daquarius

Daquarius L. Vista Graduate

"If your considering going to school online I would choose Vista College because they give you confidence, they give you that motivation like they did me the entire duration I was there."
Vista Online Testimonial from Martina

Martina R. Vista Graduate

"The Vista College online program really helped me to be able to do my classes in the comfort of my own home and be able to get my assignments done on certain days. I really felt like I could use everything that I was learning in the real field. The programs are accredited, fast and can give you the life you've always dreamed of."
Vista Online Testimonial from Ana

Ana M. Vista Graduate

"What sets Vista College graduates apart is their training. I know the training that these graduates at Vista College get. I know the director very well, and some of the instructors I know very well as well, and I know that they are being trained the way the dental system should be trained"
Arnolda Chavirria

Arnoldo Chavirria Employer of Vista Graduates

"Vista College graduates have given us opportunity to provide quality care to our patients."
Danny Acosta

Danny Acosta Employer of Vista Graduates

"Last year, we hired 15 Vista College graduates."
Richard Bare

Richard Bare Employer of Vista Graduates

"We will always continue to hire from Vista College."
Goliath Garcia

Goliath Garcia Employer of Vista Graduates

"The Financial Aid Department was very helpful. They walked me through everything step by step, on the computer, and on my side. It only took me 1 week after graduation to find a job."
Sydney Cano

Sydney Cano El Paso Graduate

"Before Vista College, I was in and out of jobs, and after I graduated from Vista College, I feel like I have made more money and I am better able to take care of my family. I feel that Vista College gave me the hands-on experience that I needed to be successful in the field."
Valerie Villalobos

Valerie Villalobos El Paso Graduate

"We choose Vista College graduates because I have noticed the difference between them and other schools and they come very well-prepared. They are very compassionate. They are very caring. They are very respectful. They are very responsible, which is something that is very hard to find sometimes, so when they come, they come ready to work, which is something that we really need in the medical field."
Yesenia Perez

Yesenia Perez Employer of Vista Graduates

"Career Services gave me what I needed to apply and I got hired that same day."
Veronica Meier

Veronica Meier El Paso Graduate

"We work with Vista College because we get candidates that are going to be qualified for the jobs. We get the skills that we are looking for. We know that they are going to have hands-on training where once they are on the job, so they are going to be able to excel and do the job successfully."
Arlene Enriquez

Arlene Enriquez Employer of Vista Graduates

"I felt like my education was top of the line. The instructors helped me every
step of the way. I had my doubts at first, but they helped me through. I got a job offer before I even graduated Vista College."
Billy Froelich

Billy Froehlich Ft. Smith Graduate

"The opportunities in education here at Vista College really helped me out a lot and I was even offered a full-time job before graduation. The thing I love most about Dental Assisting is being able to give people that smile that they have always wanted and helping them out because a lot of people do not have that smile, I could help them out and help their confidence.”"
Bryanna Medinas

Bryanna Medinas Ft. Smith Graduate

"Vista was an easy choice for me for my college decision because Vista made it easy for me to fit in as part of their family. It was a safe environment, very friendly staff,
very easy to maneuver around campus, so altogether it was not that much of a difficult decision for me to make. If you are ready for the next step in your life and you feel like you are going nowhere, you feel like your life is at a halt, and there is nothing else for you do, come on down to Vista College and get the experience of your lifetime."
Delvon Jones

Delvon Jones Ft. Smith Graduate

"I knew Vista College was the school for me because it had the program I wanted, it had very good hands-on training, and it could set me up for my career. Vista College exceeded my expectations because their hands-on training is amazing and everyone is really friendly to interact with you. Coming to Vista College was the best decision I ever made and I would recommend everyone to call right now."

Diego Orellena Vista Graduate

"Everything that I learned here at Vista College helped me be successful in the career that I am in now. I love my job. I get to help people every day. I feel like I go to work and have a purpose."
Jacqueline Walker

Jacqueline Walker Ft. Smith Graduate

"I decided to come to Vista College to be a better role model for my children. Vista College definitely prepared me for the medical field. Everyone cares about each other, every one cares about you graduating; so it is not just a college, it is a family. Career Services helped me with my resume. We did mock interviews and I got offered a job as soon as I graduated."
Jessica Crellar

Jessica Crellar Vista Graduate

"Vista College students that we have had have come very well prepared to work. They room the patient, they take the vitals and medication updates and give injections. Because of the students training at Vista, we are very comfortable letting them be involved with the patient. They have always given the best care and respect to our
Kasi Potts

Kasi Potts Employer of Vista Graduates

"The instructors here at Vista College really have an in-depth experience with
their knowledge and their experience with the field, and so they bring that to the to the classroom and whenever you are being taught, you are being taught as if you were doing a real-world experience. I chose Vista College because it put me in my career a lot faster than a traditional college would."
Levi Mcgill

Levi McGill Ft. Smith Graduate

"The students from Vista College were very prepared for the job and when they start with us, we are definitely going to develop them and make them more successful as they go. Vista College has the technical training programs that we need that are going to be valuable in our plant locations. Vista College is providing us with people who have that knowledge to come in and start working hard."
Lauren Sewell

Lauren Sewell Employer of Vista Graduates

"The Vista College students that I have dealt with first hand have been
knowledgeable, hardworking, and professional. They had the knowledge base to do what we have asked them to do the first time. They bring new life of new viewpoint. From a medical provider standpoint, we get to see their work ethics, their
knowledge base, and so far, they have met and exceeded our expectations."
Robert Dillon

Robert Dillon Employer of Vista Graduates

"The students that we have at our clinic from Vista College have done a great job. They are very professional. They want to be there. They have worked very hard, and we have really enjoyed having them in our clinic."
Luke M

Luke M Employer of Vista Graduates

"If somebody was thinking about coming back to school, I would tell them to
choose Vista College for the fact that the instructors really care and it is very easy as far as the scheduling. It just really works. I would definitely recommend Vista College to anyone that wants to comeback and further their career. It is a great place."
Tanya Hoover

Tanya Hoover Vista Graduate

"One of my goal was to start a business. I had some ideas but i really didn't have the knowledge. Coming to Vista College was an opportunity for me, to know the insights of a business. Not just staying in business, but what it takes to run a business. I was able to learn that at Vista College. And gave me the opportunity to go out there and try my skills, I have the tools. I do have my business now, very successful. We just opened up a branch in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Our business is expanding, and the opportunity came from Vista College. And I'm thankful for that."
George H

George H. Vista Graduate

"Before Vista College, I was working at fast food places. Now I have a job that I love. All the teachers were really nice; they were understanding. You could tell that they actually cared, and they wanted you to succeed."
Danielle Crosby

Danielle Crosby Longview Graduate

"It was very fun and I got very prepared for what I was going to do which was cosmetology. I love my career. It does not even feel like work. I am just doing something that I am passionate about."
Latosha Fitts

Latosha Fitts Longview Graduate

"I would definitely recommend to come here, as long as you can put in the work; it is not an easy road. You are going to be strained. You're going to be pushed, but if you can stand through it, you will be glad you did."
Trevon Alexander

Trevon Alexander Longview Graduate

"The thing I enjoyed most about the cosmetology program was being able to communicate with the clientele and talk to them. They actually trust us, and we are doing what we came to go to school for. We get the hands-on experience. Computer Career Center, a Division of Vista College, opened so many doors for me. Without training I received from there, I would not be where I am today. They gave me so many opportunities, and I am very thankful for that."
Laura Deleon

Laura Deleon Las Cruces Graduate

"Life before Computer Career Center, a Division of Vista College, I was a stay-at-home mom. Now, it has completely changed. I have a beautiful daughter, and I have a career, and she sees that. That is exactly what I wanted. I want her to see that being a single mom, you can still do what you need to do to provide for your child. Seeing her see me is everything I wanted."
Lee Lujan

Lee Ette Lujan Las Cruces Graduate

"Before I came here, I worked dead-end jobs. I did not do much. My kids did not get to play sports. After I graduated, I get to put them in sports. They have whatever they need. I am working a good job, steady paycheck. It's great. I would highly recommend someone to come to Computer Career Center, a Division of Vista College. It changed my life!"
Jessica Fernandez

Jessica Fernandez Las Cruces Graduate

"The first day I came in here, the instructor I had was really nice to me, and she gave me one-on-one time right away. She made me feel like I was home. The education I got here fully prepared me to be successful where I am. The day after I graduated, I got a job!"
Eric Cisneros

Eric Cisneros Las Cruces Graduate

"I enjoyed getting away from the books and seeing how it actually worked in person. Not just being told this is how it is and this is what it looks like, but I got to see it happen and function in front of me. One of my instructors actually got me the job while I was in school and I was able to just jump into my career as soon as I graduated."

Christian Casillas Vista Graduate

"The instructors are awesome. They are there for you. Every time I had any kind of issue or if I had something I just was not quite understanding, the instructors were there for me. They all have an open-door policy. There is not an instructor on staff that would not take the time on a break or before class to get you up to speed."
Robert Mitchell

Robert Mitchell Vista Graduate

"I feel like Vista College prepared me very well to go into my field. My program was not just personal training, not just how to show someone or how to do an exercise, but more in-depth like nutrition and anatomy, and kinesiology. Vista College helped me get a job even before I graduated."
Josie Read

Josie Reid Killeen Graduate

"I think that Vista College is a great fit for veterans because we have a good veterans program here. We have veterans here that are already attending, and some instructing. They understand what we have been through and that we are trying to get into the next period of our life."
Ronald Cohen

Ronald Cowan Killeen Graduate

"I decided to come to Vista because I knew the instructors knew what they were doing. They were going to teach me what I needed to know to succeed in this industry. It took me about 3 weeks from the time that I graduated to the time that I started my job that I am at now."
Jessica Gordon

Jessica Gordon Killeen Graduate

"My sister actually graduated from here, and I saw the way that she loved it. So I came, checked it out, and I fell in love with it as well. Two weeks after my graduation is when I got my real job, and I was able to work within my field."
Sara Velasquez

Sarah Velasquez El Paso Graduate

"Here at Vista College, they are committed to your success and they help you out, like you have a second parent here. They really help you out in the future, no matter what."
Edgar Cacias

Edgar Macias El Paso Graduate

"Before going to Vista College, I did not have an education. I did not have the experience to put on my resume to show a potential employer. As soon as I graduated, I had my Associates Degree. I had that to put on my resume. I had something extra, and it not only made my resume look better, but it made me feel more confident going to a job and a reason having that to present to people."
Misty Gonalez

Misty Gonzalez El Paso Graduate

"The instructors here at Vista College were very amazing, and they made learning easy and fun. I enjoyed attending school every day because I learned something new every day. Vista College helped me fulfill my dream to be a medical assistant and I love my job."
Erika Hernandez

Erika Hernandez College Station Graduate

"I recommend my friends and family to come here to Vista because the classes are short, and the staff and instructors are friendly. They will push you to excel and of course, you get your degree within 2 years."
Kimberly Mathis

Kimberly Mathis College Station Graduate

"I decided to come to Vista College because of the hours - they were flexible for my schedule with me having a younger kid. Graduating from Vista has given me financial security and more opportunities in my career."
Carla McDonald

Carla McDonald Vista Graduate

"If you want to change your life, I recommend you give Vista College a call. The Career Services Department was very helpful. I got a job right before graduation! "
Bonnie Cain

Bonnie Cain College Station Graduate

"I got a job a month after I graduated. I love what I do. I am now an orthodontic assistant, and I could not be happier where I am at. Career Services helped me land my job by preparing me for the interviews and giving me the skills and the right technique I needed. I feel like Vista College prepared me well for my career."

Skylar Flowers El Paso Graduate

"When I decided to go to Vista, I made a phone call. They got me an appointment immediately to come and speak with a representative. he sat me down, told me about the dental program, and showed me around the school and the lab."

Taylor Thomas Longview Graduate

"Working in the food industry, I missed a lot. I missed my baby’s first step, I missed his first words. Now that I have this career, I was able to take him to his first day of school. If he is sick, I am able to tend to him."
Semione Wesley

Semione Wesley Longview Graduate

"Vista College gave me the opportunity to take a lot of the ideas I wanted to put into place and move with confidence. The instructors were very, very supportive of some of my ideas as far as what I wanted to do with my business and they were there with me every step of the way. I could call them at any point in time and get the information that I needed. It has helped me with multiple businesses, as well as different business relationships in expanding my network."
Darryl Leonard

Darryl Leonard Vista Graduate

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