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Broaden your career reach with our Electronic Health Records Specialist course

The advent of electronic health records opened up a whole new world in patient information. No longer shackled to just paper, EHR have provided an opportunity in patient care, allowing healthcare providers to more quickly and easily access medical histories, treatment information, test outcomes, and even insurance data. But this process still requires specialists who are trained to be responsible for organizing and maintaining all of these health records, ensuring that they’re accurate, accessible, and secure. They have to be knowledgeable in the classification systems used to code data for insurance and the databases where this information is stored and registered.

They also:

  • Review records to ensure accuracy
  • Track patient outcomes in order to assess quality of care
  • Protect patients’ health data to make sure information stays confidential

About the Course

ERH100 | 90 hours | $500

Vista College’s Electronic Health Records Specialist continuing education seminar provides students with a basic understanding of electronic health records tasks and functional benefits. We reinforce these concepts with actual HER experiences and provide a focus on the rules, regulations, and innovations that govern this area of the industry.

Prerequisites: An individual entering this seminar must provide documentation of completion from an accredited allied health program or work in a medical environment for 6 months.

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