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Diagnose a new career opportunity with our EKG Technician course

The advent of the electrocardiography machine in the late 19th century provided a huge leap forward in the medical field when it comes to assessing and diagnosing heart functions. Using electrodes placed strategically on the torso, the machine produces a readout of the electrical activity of the heart, which can be used to diagnose rhythm disturbances and arrhythmias, heart blocks and conduction problems, electrolyte disturbances and intoxication, ischemia and infarctions, and structural conditions. EKG technicians are the specially trained medically professionals who use these machines to assist physicians in analyzing patient heart functions.

They also:

  • Explain the procedure to patients and monitor their blood pressure and vitals
  • Maintain the medical machinery and keep it in good working order
  • Assess the results to ensure a good reading was captured

This course is designed to help students sit for the EKG Technician Certification (CET) exam offered by the National Healthcare Association (NHA).

About the Course

EKG100 | 99 hours | $500

This EKG Technician continuing education course at Vista College prepares students to perform routine electrocardiograms, assist physicians in diagnoses by teaching them to recognize normal and abnormal rhythms, document rhythm strips for interpretation, and operate the EKG machine.

Prerequisites: An individual entering this seminar must provide documentation of completion from an accredited allied health program or work in a medical environment for 6 months.

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