Success Stories

Here at Vista College, we work hard to ensure your success!  It gives us a great sense of pride and accomplishment to see our past students go on to achieve great things in their individual lives and in their chosen career fields.

If you are ready to improve your life and experience your own success through an exciting and rewarding career, simply complete the contact form in the right hand column and an Admissions Representative will contact you.

Below are just some of the many testimonials from our graduates. See what our employers are saying!

El Paso Campus
“Vista College gives you a strong foundation in that they give you a mixture of not only theory, but also hands on training.”
- Kim Martin, El Paso Campus

El Paso Campus
“I thought the education that I got here was great. It was everything that I asked for. In my current position, we basically do the things with the same equipment, the same ways; exactly how I learned it here. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience education wise.”
- Mario De Avlia,El Paso Campus

El Paso Campus
“The education here is great. It’s a lot of hands-on. And they teach what is out there; what you need to learn.”
- Denise Maesse, El Paso Campus

Las Cruces Campus
“It was fun. I mean, all the students, we just had a good time. It was never like aww, I have to go to class. It was like, I can’t wait to go to class.”
- Keri Lee, Las Cruces Campus

Las Cruces Campus
“I chose to come to Vista College because I wanted to have a smaller class size. The financial aid made it easier to come back right away. And they had more flexible times, so it was easier for me to still work.”
- Erin Coyazo, Las Cruces Campus

Las Cruces Campus
“I chose Vista College because the teachers. I talked to a lot of friends that said it was a good school to come to. It had good reviews online, and it had a lot of different programs I was interested in.”
- Rodell Ray, Las Cruces Campus

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