Success Stories

Here at Vista College, we work hard to ensure your success!  It gives us a great sense of pride and accomplishment to see our past students go on to achieve great things in their individual lives and in their chosen career fields.

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Below are just some of the many testimonials that we have gotten from our graduates.

Graduate, Medical Assistant ProgramAnalyn Uy
Graduate, Medical Assistant Program, Amarillo Campus

“I had a college degree in biology, and wanted clinical experience to advance my career. I liked the hands-on experience I’d get here. After completing my required courses, the career planning office placed me in a wellness program for on-the-job training, and shortly after that, they hired me!”

Graduate, Business Administration ProgramJohn Bennett
Graduate, Business Administration Program, Amarillo Campus

“I was working as a janitor and wanted something better for me and my family. I liked the way the classes at the Amarillo Campus were set up and that things moved quickly so that I could graduate within a year. Now I have a great job with great benefits and opportunities to move up.”

Amiya Harper
Graduate, Business Administration Program, Lubbock Campus

“Going to school here has changed my life! I chose the Lubbock campus because its small-class environment gave me the opportunity to tutor with my instructors and not have to go to school forever to acquire a skill.”

Graduate, Nursing Aide/Home Health AideJesus Enriquez
Graduate, Nursing Aide/Home Health Aide, El Paso Campus

“The only job I could get was in a call center trying to sell radios. After I received my NA/HHA diploma, I got a job at a medical center working directly with patients. I would encourage anybody to attend here because the teachers take the time to help you understand the skills you will need in the workplace.”

Graduate, Licensed Vocational/Practical Nurse ProgramNak Choi
Graduate, Licensed Vocational/Practical Nurse Program, El Paso Campus
“I was working part-time at a recycling company, so I decided to continue my education. The Vocational/Practical Nurse Program is my first step to a better life. I appreciated all the tutoring I got to help me understand the material. The instructors here are awesome!”

Sarah Zubiate
Graduate, Medical Information Specialist Program, Lubbock Campus

“I was working as a retail clerk with very little future in sight. I learned more than I ever imagined I could learn about the medical field. After I graduated, I was able to obtain permanent employment that is very rewarding to me—all in very short time!”

Graduate, Nurse Aide/Home Health AideRussell Morgan
Graduate, Nurse Aide/Home Health Aide & Vocational/Practical Nurse Programs, El Paso Campus

“When the store I managed closed, I looked into the El Paso Campus. It had a good reputation and medical programs that offered unlimited opportunities. I feel like I got a second chance to make things go the right way and plan to pursue pre-med because of my experience here.”

Graduate, Medical Office/Information Specialist ProgramNikki Mitchell
Graduate, Medical Office/Information Specialist Program, Utah Campus

“I was working at the Internal Revenue Service when a friend encouraged me to continue my education. What I liked most were my instructors and the friendly atmosphere, plus it’s close to home and a fast program.

Jennifer Graves
Graduate, Medical Information Specialist Program, Lubbock Campus

“I wanted a new career and something I could learn fast. I’ve always like the idea of serving people in the medical field, so I decided on the Medical Information Specialist Program. And now I have attained my goal—working in a medical office—and I would definitely encourage others to attend the Lubbock Campus.”

Graduate, Medical Office/Information Specialist ProgramAubrey Berrett
Graduate, Medical Office/Information Specialist Program, Utah Campus

“After I got laid off, I heard great things about this college. I enrolled and found that everyone was so nice that it made my experience a lot of fun and very educational. I now have a career, not just a job!”

Justin Clark
Graduate, Network Administration Program, Lubbock Campus

“I was working nights and going to the Lubbock Campus during the day because I wanted a better career. I enjoyed the small classes and my instructors, and thanks to them I now make a good living working from home fixing computers for customers, family and friends.”

Graduate, Medical Office/Information Specialist ProgramTeresa Corbell
Graduate, Medical Office/Information Specialist Program, Utah Campus

“I decided on the Medical Office/Information Specialist Program because of the fast track that allowed me to graduate in 7 ½ months. I liked it so much that I enrolled in the Medical Assisting Program after receiving my first diploma.

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