Vista College Now Offering Online Associates Degree in Supply Chain Management

Richardson, Texas – February 2, 2017 – Vista College’s new Online Associate Degree in Supply Chain Management provides a convenient educational program for students wanting to enter a growing field. Enrollment has begun immediately for Vista’s newest online associates degree.

The Supply Chain Management degree program is designed to develop skills in managing supply chain delivery by integrating the three legs of supply chain management: supply management, logistics, and operations supported by courses in accounting, project management, and distribution fundamentals. The program provides a combination of academic theory through the general education courses and technical skills through the technical courses that are necessary for today’s workplace environment.

“Supply Chain Management is a multi-faceted discipline that plays a critical role in the competitive success of virtually every business, said Vista College’s Online Director Dr. Art Waller. “The main objective of our program is to teach the student how to plan and secure the necessary supply or resources a company offers, and deliver those goods or services in the most efficient way possible to meet customers’ demands.”

Program objectives include: (1) gaining efficiencies in procurement, distribution, and logistics; (2) applying project management practices to “real world” problems; (3) developing a cross-functional awareness of the different activities driving supply chain performance; (4) coordinating activities with suppliers and customers; and (5) recognizing the importance of business ethics and social responsibility in business operations.

Graduates with a Supply Chain Management degree may find entry-level employment in warehousing, distribution firms, manufacturers, freight forwarders, major retailers, and charities.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the performance of the logistical and supply chain process is an important factor in a company’s profitability. Companies rely on logisticians to manage the movement of their products and supplies. Supply and distribution systems have become increasingly complex as they continue to try to gain more efficiency at minimal cost. Therefore, employment is expected to grow, as companies need more logisticians to move products more efficiently, solve problems, and identify areas for improvement.

Classes Start Every 5 Weeks!

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