Medical Careers

Allied health careers are great fields to be in right now. The American population is aging, which has a two-fold impact on healthcare careers. First, as Boomers retire, there will be a number of vacancies in various healthcare jobs. Secondly, a large elderly population requires skilled nurses, nursing assistants, and other medical professionals to care for it. The right school and career training program makes the difference between a successful professional beginning and a lack of career direction.

  • Train for healthcare certification at our medical education schools.
  • Choose from El Paso, TX, or Las Cruces, NM education centers.
  • Become a certified nursing assistant or medical assistant upon completing school.
  • Complete your healthcare or medical certification in a short period of time.

Nursing Assistant Careers: Stability and Growth…
At Vista College, we offer a nursing assistant certification at our Las Cruces and El Paso campuses that prepares students for careers in a much-needed helping profession. In the nursing assistant career role, students will help patients to enjoy the most comfortable hospital stay or convalescent care experience that they can. Similarly, the medical assistant certification trains students to perform basic healthcare functions at private practice clinics, as well as in hospitals and nursing homes. A sad reality of modern American healthcare is that its staff shortages cause many doctors and nurses to be overworked and overburdened. Medical career training at a school like Vista College enables students to be vital players on the modern healthcare team.

The healthcare certification program allows El Paso and Las Cruces students who are interested in nursing assistant specialization to explore different career options within this field. Home health aids are a particular class of nursing assistants who work with clients directly in their homes. Their primary patients are elderly and invalid individuals who need assistance with and monitoring of their everyday tasks and activities. Vocational nursing is another option students may wish to pursue at either the Las Cruces or El Paso campus of Vista College. This training program leads to a licensed professional position rather than simply a certification; and, vocational/practical nurses are able to provide more direct patient care. For example, they are able to assist the physician or medical doctor in diagnosing patients and assessing their symptoms. They can also administer treatments for ailments and diseases.

Qualified Medical Office Workers Keep Healthcare Systems Compliant…
Major healthcare regulatory and compliance reforms have created an urgent need for qualified medical office specialists. Through the medical information specialist certification program, students will learn the art of medical transcription, as well as the medical billing and coding practices necessary for healthcare financial management and compliance. Healthcare-records keeping is a valuable process for healthcare consumers and insurance conglomerates alike. Students who wish to pursue a more advanced medical training school program might be interested in Vista College’s medical assistant associates Degree. This career area might appeal to students who enjoy “wearing many hats” on the job. Because of the more intensive nature of this program of study, associates-degree holders in medical assisting can perform more direct patient care duties, including diagnostics, surgical procedures assistance, patient monitoring and vaccination, and laboratory prep and procedures. Additionally, trained medical assistants are prepared to function in a medical office role, which includes medical office administration duties.

Motivated students who want to succeed in the allied health fields must take full advantage of their educational opportunities. Internships and intelligent career research and preparation are mandatory for a good entry-level career these days. With a combination of concentrated studies in a medical or nursing field at the El Paso or Las Cruces Vista College school campus, and student effort, rewarding lifelong careers are possible.

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