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Many people living in El Paso and Las Cruces aspire to work a regular 9-5 job in an office. This type of workplace setting comes with many perks. The most obvious is the schedule, which is right in step with the rest of the working world. Benefits, job security, and a salaried mode of pay are also reasons why people seek office-oriented careers.

Las Cruces and El Paso management staff are more likely to hire individuals who have already completed training courses for office work. This is especially true in specialized industries, such as accounting, business, and Web design. Our schools in El Paso, Texas and Las Cruces, New Mexico, have a training solution for people with experience gaps – Certificates in the most-wanted office careers from the Computer Career Center. With low-cost courses of study that are quick to complete, Vista College helps to make a difference in students’ working lives.

  • Learn office and personal skills for management careers.
  • Apply your business certification or associates of business Degree in a variety of corporate or not-for-profit settings.

Certificate Programs Grant Great Office Skills…
Computer Career Center offers certifications in business, accounting, Web design, and legal studies. These programs of study instruct students in the fundamentals needed to work in a specialized field. For example, the Web design course of study trains students in working with, creating, and manipulating several different types of images, including photographic and line art. Because desktop publishing skills are required in many office settings, the Web design and graphic arts course of study ensures that students have the layout and design skills necessary to seek entry-level office careers. Students also learn Web design best practices, 3D animation, and logo and banner design for the complete graphical experience.

Vista College’s business administration certification program, also available at the El Paso and Las Cruces campuses, teaches students the hard and soft skills they will need for a successful career in business. The program places an emphasis on the software applications most necessary in the business world, with a focus on the Microsoft group of office products. Students also learn how to interact in business settings, and how to present a business-appropriate, management-conscious image. Graduates can begin with entry-level careers, and, in some cases, ascend to management positions. For a more intensive school experience, Vista College also offers an associates-level Degree in business management.

Students interested in legal careers might find the legal information specialist Certificate concentration to be useful. In legal assistant roles, graduates act as lawyers’ right hands, helping to keep track of legal documents; prepare legal briefs; and assist the legal team in preparations for trial. Similarly, students interested in accounting careers might wish to enroll in the automated accounting Degree program, where they will learn basic accounting concepts, and how to perform accounting tasks on standardized office software. Students can work on company payroll or bookkeeping tasks, or can assist a CPA with his or her daily duties. Both the legal and accounting studies Certificate programs place emphasis on proficiency in industry-standard business software.

Schooling Puts Students on The Track to Career Growth…
After participating in a Vista College certification program, students find themselves prepared to work in office settings in a number of different industries, from large corporations to small nonprofits. Students may find themselves in administrative or executive assistant roles; office manager roles; accounting professional roles; or human resources positions. Many people enjoy working in an office, because this type of work environment affords steady employment, a generally reliable income, and freedom from the workplace hazards of food service and industry. Upon completing a Certificate program from Computer Career Center, students will find themselves prepared to adapt to different roles within an office or management hierarchy.

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