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When deciding on what to do next in life, many people face a difficult decision: should I put my life on hold for a four-year (or longer!) college Degree program, or get the skills that I need in a shorter Certificate program at a trade, vocational, or technical school?  There are several reasons why a shorter program at a technical school may be the right choice for you.

Depending on the program you choose, you can earn your Certificate in less than a year. That means that you will be able to start your new career quickly, compared to a person who opted for a longer training program. There are a wide variety of career preparation programs from which to choose, including business programs like business management and business administration; and technical fields like network administration. Vista College also offers medical training programs such as medical information specialist, vocational/practical nurse, or medical assistant.

There are a variety of reasons you may want to choose a vocational, trade or technical school over a traditional Degree program:

  • Not having to move away from home
  • More flexible hours than a traditional Degree program
  • Job preparation for the job you want
  • Less time in a Degree program, more time in your new career!

You can attend Vista College’s classes without leaving your family or friends behind. If you go a traditional college, you are more likely to have to move away, incurring more debt, as well as more stress.  In fact, moving is one of the most stressful life experiences, ranking up there with divorce and career changes.  Moving to go a different college would also mean leaving any part-time job you might have, and enduring the stress of finding a new place to live. (One of the major expenses college students encounter is rent.)  By attending classes at Vista College, you can reduce your expenses while going to a trade school.

Technical School:  A money-wise, flexible choice

Technical and trade schools are more flexible.  You can take classes either in the evening or during the day, meaning that you may not even have to take off work while going to school.  Earning enough money to live on might not be an option in a longer Degree program.

You can always be assured of learning up-to-date, concentrated material in a technical school.  This is because the programs are market-driven; they need people to come to them and learn immediate, applicable job skills.  This accreditation can can give employers confidence that you learned the skills you need to compete in today’s competitive job market. You will also find that going to an accredited trade school allows you to apply for financial aid from the government, just like a traditional college.

Finally, every minute that you are in a full-time, four-year Degree program is a minute that you are not in a full-time job.  By choosing a Certificate program at a technical or trade school, you might start your new career more quickly.  The end goal of a Certificate program is securing a job in a specific field, meaning that you might rapidly earn back the money you spent on  technical school.  In other words, you spend more time in your new career making more money, and less time in school — where you might not be making any money at all!

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