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Why choose a career training school over a four-year college?

Four-year colleges receive plenty of media attention, and for good reasons. Tuition rates are soaring; it seems there is never enough financial aid to go around; and high school students are told horror stories of life-long fast-food careers, should they forgo college.

However, less attention is given to career training schools like Vista College. In fact, many students do not know much about these kinds of educational options – or, in some cases, that they exist at all. Career training schools like Vista College have several inherent advantages over their four-year college cousins. This page will explore, in greater depth, some of the advantages of attending a school like Vista College.

Lower Cost

Financing a four-year Degree is no sweat for students who earn scholarships to top schools, or for individuals whose parents or relatives are able to foot most or all of the tuition bills. However, for many members of America’s middle class, attending college for four to six years is just too expensive. With the number of available private loans in decline, and the time it takes the average student to graduate on the rise, tuition prices at many four-year colleges will continue to soar.

However, the tuition costs at Vista College are significantly lower than the price tags on four-year colleges. Because the training programs are quicker, and fewer course hours are required for program completion, Vista College is able to offer quality, job-focused education at a lower cost. The savings are passed on to students and parents.

Faster program completion

The rising cost of four-year college educations affects the time it takes students to graduate from these institutions. Many students must work full- or part-time while attending school to be able to afford their educations. This means that many students cannot take the full course load required each semester to be able to graduate in four years. More and more students than ever before take 5-6 years to graduate from four-year college programs. This means they will pay more money in total: They are required to pay a variety of fees at the beginning of each semester, in addition to paying for individual college credits. They might pay hidden costs, too: Every year they spend completing college Degrees is one more year of post-graduate work experience that they will lose.

The career training programs at Vista College, by contrast, are only 8 months long. This results in much faster training time, with significant cost savings transferred to Vista College students. Less time spent training for a career means more time available to actually pursue a career. After only 8 months of training, students might enter the work force and begin earning full-time salaries with benefits and/or paid time off

Convenience for a variety of lifestyles

One of the greatest assets Vista College offers students is training convenience. Before beginning the academic program of his or her choice, a student will meet with an admissions representative to determine which course schedules fit best into his or her lifestyle. Vista College programs feature both day and evening classes, so full-time career professionals; stay-at-home parents; and young people who work part-time can all participate in the training programs.

Career training schools can be quite beneficial for individuals who have already earned four-year Degrees in other subject areas. For example, a freelance graphic designer with a four-year art Degree might want to become certified in medical billing and coding so that he or she can supplement a sometimes spotty freelancer’s income. Or, a working professional with a business Degree might want to open his or her own massage practice; in this case, taking massage therapy classes at Vista College would be optimal. Vista College enables working professionals to make major career changes without sacrificing their current employment demands, or shortening time spent with family and friends.


Applying to four-year colleges can be a major hassle. Students must have high school transcripts delivered on deadline; must write spotless admissions essays; and must demonstrate academic and extracurricular aptitude and well-roundedness. However, at career training institutions like Vista College, a broader range of students are accepted into the programs. Potential Vista College students need not worry about getting perfect SAT scores or writing impressive essays about all of their accomplishments to date. They can, instead, focus on the process of education itself.

Students who are undecided about careers might also find career training schools such as Vista College to be helpful. The low cost and short duration of the career training programs at Vista College allow students to enter the workforce quickly, so they have more time to explore the plethora of career options in the American economy. Unlike four-year colleges, commitment to long and narrow programs of study is not characteristic of career schools. Schools like Vista College instead focus on the true bottom line: delivering educational excellence that rapidly leads students to rewarding careers.

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