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Working in Business Administration

Working in business administration is very different from working as a student.  Although any reputable business school will teach you the skills that you need to know in order to succeed, you will also need to practice these skills in an actual office environment in order to progress in your career.  If you’re looking for a job, or looking to make a career change in the competitive Las Cruces and El Paso job markets, then you need to learn real-world skills while you’re enrolled in business administration courses. You can’t wait until you land an interview!

How is working in an office environment different from getting a business administration education — and how can you learn these skills while still in school?

With few exceptions, in the business administration world you will be working as a member of a team. Although years of school might have taught you that you will be judged on your own work through tests, exams, and projects, in the real world, you will be working with many others.  If you can, be sure to take business classes that teach collaborative skills, such as the art of working on group projects.  This will prepare you for the employment environment you are likely to experience when you interview for a job with any company in Texas or New Mexico.

At business school, you should learn:

  • The value of teamwork in business.
  • Computer skills that are useful in a business environment.
  • Independence and non-guided work.
  • That there may be more than one “right” answer on the job.

Computer skills have gone from an optional job applicant attribute to something that all business administration students need to know.  Business professionals will expect all new employees, even if they’re fresh out of school, to know how to use standard business software.  If you are not already familiar with these programs, it is vital to take classes that teach you to use programs with which you can create spreadsheets, modify charts, and compose professional e-mails.

Another difference between the real world and the school experience is that you will not be watched over constantly on the job.  While taking a business administration course, you may have a homework assignment every night, with a set of directions that specifies exactly what you are supposed to accomplish.  However, in the business world, you may not see your boss for days at a time, and you may be given only vague instructions on how to accomplish your tasks.  Therefore, when taking business classes, be sure not to rely too heavily on the teacher for scheduling your study time.  Always be sure to prepare for your classes on your own, without having to be reminded by your business teacher.

Finally, one major difference between business administration school and working in the real world is that there are many times on the job when there is no “right answer” to a problem.  When taking a business class, you may be expected to come up with the answer that your textbook states is the correct one.  However, real life in the business world is not like that!  Businesses are constantly facing new challenges, and many of these new challenges cannot be solved with textbook answers.  Keep this in mind as you work your way through your business administration program!

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