Associate Degree Benefits

There are a number of reasons to get an Associate Degree from a Technical School. For people that are in search of a technical education, an Associate Degree is what they need.

Technical schools allow you the benefits of a focused education that can give you improved prospects for employment. A career or technical school is fundamentally a shorter and less expensive, career-driven alternative to traditional education. A technical school is attractive to individuals who are interested in careers in business and industry for which traditional learning institutions do not generally provide training. In most cases, a technical school education focuses on a particular program of study with a set of courses aimed at a specific topic, rather than a general educational overview. These kinds of programs are planned for immediate employment after graduation.

After earning an associates Degree in a designated program, you will be qualified to begin a career in that field of study. Achieving this particular training gives you direct entry in to the workforce, which gives you the advantage of starting your career 2-3 years ahead of those who may have chosen a traditional university Degree. When you train for a specific career, no further education is necessary. You will keep on learning more about your profession while on the job.

Compared with workers whose highest level of educational achievement was a high school Diploma, workers with an associate Degree averaged an extra $128 a week in 2001. People with associate Degrees also are more likely to find jobs: the unemployment rate in 2001 was under 3 percent for associate Degree holders compared with over 4 percent for high school graduates.

It’s been noted that 2-year college students show about the same gains in tested cognitive skills for each year of attendance as 4-year College students. Students at 4-year colleges also pay more in tuition and are more likely to have student loan debts than 2-year students. High school graduates of modest ability or uncertain motivation-factors that increase their chances of leaving college before graduation-would be well-advised to consider attending 2-year, instead of 4-year College. If they did, they would probably realize the same earnings and cognitive skill gains at lower cost and with less debt.

Associate of Applied Science Degrees (or occupational associate Degrees) are now preferred by many employers for mid-level technology positions. Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) Degree are designed to prepare graduates for career entry or job advancement after 2 years of college study. AAS Degrees may transfer in whole or in part to 4 year colleges. A.A.S Degrees may also be known by occupational specific titles such as Associate in Engineering technology, Associate in Business, etc. The focus on occupations means that classes are more hands on than are those in bachelor’s Degree programs. According to surveys by the U.S. Department of Education, teachers in associate Degree programs spend more time conducting demonstrations and leading practical exercises. And many of the faculties work in the field in which they teach, so they are able to relate first-hand stories of life on the job.

When pursuing funding for an education, you can always find personalized assistance in the Financial Aid office of your Technical School. Look in your area to see what educational institutions are available to you at

In El Paso, Texas, the Computer Career Center is a technical school that offers Associate Degrees in Business Management and Medical Assisting. They also offer Diplomas and Certificates in Automated Accounting, Business Administration, Legal Information, Medical Assistant, Medical Information Specialist, Network Administrator, Nurse Assistant, Home Health Aide, Vocational/Practical Nurse and Website/Graphic Design Specialist.

The Computer Career Center’s main campus is located in El Paso, TX with an extension campus also located in El Paso, TX. A new extension campus has just recently opened in Las Cruces, NM.

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