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Supply Chain Management OnlineIn today’s interconnected world, goods and services are sourced from all over the globe. Companies selling a product in North America may source supplies, manufactured goods, customer service and other products, raw materials and services from vendors in other countries.

As a Supply Chain Management Professional, you play a key role in the movement of goods and services across the globe. Your duties may include:

  • Developing a plan for securing the lowest price on raw materials or component parts for a manufacturer
  • Finding national or international sources for raw materials or services needed by a company
  • Making recommendations to improve productivity and efficiency in manufacturing

If you are interested in becoming qualified for a fast-paced job with lots of opportunity for growth in the supply chain job market, our online Associate of Applied Science Degree in Supply Chain Management helps you master the three disciplines of supply chain management: logistics, operations and supply management. Our online program provides 1,010 hours of project-based learning integrated with real-world issues and practices consistent with the industry of supply chain management, materials management, purchasing and more.

Professionals in this field need to have a broad spectrum of skills to handle the many components of supply chain work and management. Our program is designed to provide you a foundation in project management, distribution, accounting and the other subjects you will need in your new career.

Learning About Supply Chain Management

The online Associate of Applied Science Degree in Supply Chain Management takes 25 months to complete with successful fulltime enrollment. This program will provide the foundation to help you cultivate the appropriate technical, theoretical and interdisciplinary skills that are essential for a successful career in today’s Supply Chain Management environment.

The goals of our online Associate of Applied Science Degree in Supply Chain Management are to help you:

  • Learn about creating efficiency in logistics, procurement and distribution
  • Learn how to apply the necessary knowledge and skills to solve real-world issues faced in the supply chain management environment
  • Gain a multi-functional awareness of the various activities and issues impacting supply chain performance
  • Understand the importance of business ethics and social responsibility in relation to everyday business operations

Our goal is to provide the education and skills necessary to help you launch a career in the field of supply chain management. We will support you with your job hunt while also providing you with the quality education you need to stay competitive. Our ongoing dedication to these values is why our students recommend us so strongly.

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