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ISSAVista College – Online Campus is your source for the technical training that may help you find an exciting career in this field. We’re taking advantage of today’s technology to help streamline your studies. You can also complete our entire Associate of Applied Science Degree in Information Systems Security and Assurance program online without having to attend traditional campus classes.

What Does Information Systems Security and Assurance Online Involve?

Information systems security professionals must protect a company’s data. This involves working with security programs as well as hardware. Depending on the position and organization, a systems security professional’s role may include:

  • Testing, implementing, maintaining, and repairing software and hardware that protect data
  • Leading information security teams
  • Designing and implementing organization-wide processes and policies to improve security
  • Managing a technical helpdesk

As technology evolves and hackers adopt new tools and processes, an organization’s data security continues to be threatened. Even the most secure information systems need to update their hardware and software to prevent becoming compromised. Information systems security professionals need to remain current with leading technologies.

Vista College Information Systems Security and Assurance Online Degree Program

Vista College – Online Campus’s associate program in Information Systems Security and Assurance Online will provide the foundation and training you need to seek an entry-level job in the field. After graduating, you can seek employment in the information systems security and cyber security branches of an organization as a systems security analyst, systems security administrator, or other IT network systems position that has security responsibilities.

You can complete the program in as little as 85 weeks. The program covers relevant and cutting-edge topics, including:

  • Information systems, networks, and communications
  • Risk management and recovery
  • Access controls
  • Monitoring and analysis
  • Malicious code and activity
  • Security operations and administration

You’ll learn how to:

  • Analyze security issues, policies, and implementations
  • Audit systems to ensure compliance
  • Control access
  • Configure operating systems and network security
  • Counter hacking ethically
  • Perform systems forensics
  • Respond to incidents

How to Get Started

It doesn’t matter where you are — you can access Vista College – Online Campus’s programming and world-class training online and schedule your studies around your busy lifestyle.

We also have financial aid support for those who qualify that can help you explore your options. As a graduate of Vista College – Online Campus, you also get lifelong access to our Career Services Department.

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